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Chapter 1-1 : Prologue



I was lost for words after seeing the sight in front of me.

A rotten wooden fence.
A garden that was overgrown with tall grasses.
The walls of the building that might collapse at any moment.
And cloudy glass windows.

The sighboard that said,『Alchemy』, which indicated the most distinguished elite in the country, was tilting and looked like it would fall off at any moment.

「So… This is the place where I’ll start new chapter of my life…?」

I finally passed many difficult exams and got the national qualification as an alchemist.
I also got the right to open my own shop from Master.
It took me a month of traveling to come all the way here from the royal capital.

「…..This is terrible…」

Hold on… This is weird…

Although this shop was in a remote area, I think it was worth more than 10,000 reas.

That amount was only enough to rent a small room in the royal capital for about two months.

The actual price should be a little higher because there were subsidies from the country, but even if there was no price reduction from the subsidies, the total price was still too cheap…


“My own shop”.

I couldn’t say that I wasn’t lured by such a wonderful phrase.

But, I didn’t actually plan to come to this place to open my shop.


I was hired at a shop in the royal capital and trained there while saving money for a while.

After I had enough money, I was planning to open a small shop that had a pleasant atmosphere somewhere in a provincial town.

I didn’t plan to be very rich and live luxuriously.

It would be enough for me as long as I could make a decent amount of money and return the favor of people who took care of me with that money.


So, why am I standing in such a remote townー no, in such a small remote village with only a small amount of luggage in my hands?

The story will go back about a month from now……



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