Chapter 5-5 : Suspicious Guest Ⅳ


「Lorea-chan, are you okay? What happened?」(Sarasa)

I approached Lorea-chan and asked her about the circumstances.

「I’m fine. Kurumi-chan protected me. I don’t know why they came here but these people entered and started rampaging all of a sudden.」(Lorea)

I looked around and found the table and chairs that we usually use for tea parties were lying upside down on the floor.

I wonder who they are and for what purpose they came to my store, but more importantly, I’m glad that Lorea-chan is fine.

「You don’t seem hurt. I’m glad you’re okay.」(Sarasa)

As I said that, I put Kurumi on the counter and hugged Lorea-chan to calm her down.

Unlike fighters like Iris-san, Kate-san, and me who are used to violence, Lorea-chan is just a village girl. She must be scared by those men.

「Lorea, how about the damage they caused?」(Iris)

Iris-san asked Lorea-chan while fixing the chairs and table’s positions with Kate-san.

「Don’t worry. They only kicked those chairs and the tea table. You guys came before they could destroy anything else.」(Lorea)

After Lorea-chan said that, Sir Ferik came out of the drawing room and looked around while wondering what just happened.

「Whoa… Miss Sarasa, did you beat these men?」(Ferik)

「No, it wasn’t me, but our lovely little bear here.」(Sarasa)

I pointed at Kurumi who was sitting cutely on the counter.

「That… little bear…? Ah, is it a Homunculus?」(Ferik)

「Yes. She’s the Homunculus I made.」(Sarasa)

「As expected from Ophelia Milis’ disciple. You made a strong Homunculus despite its cute appearance. Nord said that you’re a talented alchemist and now I can see why. Seems like I can leave the Hair Growth Agent to you with peace of mind.」(Ferik)

「Thank you for the compliments. You can count on me.」(Sarasa)

「Store Owner-san, do you know these people?」(Kate)

「Hmm… I have no idea…」(Sarasa)

Ever since I opened this store, there have been a few ill-mannered Collectors who complained about how expensive my products are, but no one suddenly rampaged like these men.

I’ve never seen their faces, so they’re probably not from this area.

「What are we going to do with them?」(Kate)

「Anyway, let’s throw them outside. They’ll just get in our way if they keep lying on the floor like this.」(Sarasa)


「Roger that!」(Iris)

After Iris-san and Kate-san finished tidying up the tea table, we opened the door and started to move the unconscious men outside.

They might catch a cold sleeping on cold snow but why should I care? They deserve it.

They’re lucky because Lorea-chan is unharmed. I would have buried them in the snow if they hurt Lorea-chan.

Ahh~ I’m proud of how kind I am.


◇    ◇    ◇


「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」(Sarasa)

「I don’t mind. By the way, do people like them often come to your store?」(Ferik)

After Iris-san, Kate-san, and I moved the men outside and left them a little away from my store, I joined Sir Ferik who had been waiting in the drawing room.

「No, this was the first time. There are Collectors with bad personalities but none of them have ever rampaged in my store. I’ve never seen those men’s faces, so they’re likely not from here.」(Sarasa)

「I see… Please don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s anything I can do to help.」(Ferik)

「Thank you, Your Highness, but I think we’ll be fine. As you know, we have a reliable Homunculus. Moreover, Iris-san, Kate-san, and I are capable fighters. We can protect ourselves.」(Sarasa)

The royal family’s power is so great that it can solve almost every problem in this country.

Honestly, I’m too scared to borrow that power to solve this small problem.

When I declined his help, Sir Ferik gave me a funny expression for some reason.

「I see. Alright then. Anyway, let’s talk about my Hair Growth Agent. You need my hair to make it, right?」(Ferik)

「Yes. I need a few strands of your hair. I also need to check the condition of your scalp and the quality of your magical power to make the perfect Hair Growth Agent for you.」(Sarasa)

「I see. I will cooperate with you so, please do what needs to be done.」(Ferik)

「Of course.」(Sarasa)

After receiving a few strands of Sir Ferik’s hair, I began the examination while questioning him to get the information I needed to make a special Hair Growth Agent for him.

The composition of the ingredients will change depending on the result of the examination, so I need to do this before gathering the ingredients.

Making a special potion for someone really is more difficult than making potions for general people, so I need to be careful.

By the way, the most expensive special potions that are made with individualized formulations aside from Hair Growth Agents are those that are related to women’s beauty.

After all, the cost of women’s beauty products is outrageous.

「Your Highness, thank you for waiting. The examination is finished. I’m deeply sorry, but… According to the examination results, I think it will take several weeks of collecting all the necessary materials to complete the special Hair Growth Agent for you…」(Sarasa)

「Several weeks… I thought it would only take a few days.」(Ferik)

「Pardon me, but, Your Highness, your magical power and scalp are different from most people, so it will take longer than normal.」(Sarasa)

「I see. Alright, I understand. I will come again when it’s done. I’m counting on you.」(Ferik)

「Thank you for your understanding.」(Sarasa)

「Well then, I think I’ll take my leave now.」(Ferik)

「Let me take you to the exit.」(Sarasa)

As Sir Ferik stood up from his seat, I also stood up and then guided him to the exit by myself.

Where are Iris-san and Kate-san, you say?

Well, they ran away, saying that there was nothing they could do for our special guest now.

I don’t mind though.

When Sir Ferik and I got to the shop floor, I didn’t see Lorea-chan at the counter.

She is probably with Iris-san and Kate-san in the kitchen, having tea.

I understand why a commoner like her doesn’t want to see a member of the royal family.

After all, you don’t want to get too involved with people in power.

Well, you can say that Iris-san is also that kind of person since she is a daughter of a noble, but she’s already like family to us.

As we got to the entrance, I opened the door and deeply bowed to Sir Ferik, sending him out.

「Please be careful on your way. I will be waiting for your next visit.」(Sarasa)

「Thank you, Miss Sarasa.」(Ferik)

I kept bowing my head until I could no longer hear the sound of Sir Ferik stepping on the snow.

I slowly raised my head and took a deep breath, feeling relieved that he was finally gone.



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  1. Um…they just chucked the bandits outside? They didn’t tie them up? Report them to the village? What if they attacked someone else (I get that this was likely targeted, but still…Lorea has family in the village, so if you want to threaten someone connected to the store)?

      1. Okay, assumedly-hired goons, then…but point still holds, wouldn’t you at least tie them up and report them to the village? Just to alert the village the goons are in the vicinity?

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