Chapter 5-4 : Suspicious Guest Ⅲ


I spent a lot of money to rescue Iris-san, Kate-san and Nord-san from the cave a while ago.

Nord-san spent almost all the remaining money he had to pay for Iris-san and Kate-san’s fees and all the medicines, potions, and rations they had consumed while in the cave.

Even so, it wasn’t enough to pay back the money I spent to rescue him. That’s probably why he felt indebted to me and asked his best friend, Sir Ferik, to help me in his stead.

「He is a weird person who always prioritizes his research. I’m sorry for all the inconvenience he caused you.」(Ferik)

「Nord-san was the one at fault. It’s not something you should apologize for.」(Sarasa)

「Still, let me apologize in his stead. I want to help you but I can’t just give you money. I think it would hurt your pride as an alchemist. That’s why I came with a request. Of course, I won’t pay you the normal price. I will pay you a thousand and two hundred gold coins for a Hair Growth Agent.」(Ferik)

「「A thousand and two hundredー!!?」」(Iris & Kate)

「Yes. I’ll give you two hundred gold coins as the advance payment and a thousand gold coins when I see the effect of the potion.」(Ferik)

Iris-san and Kate-san were surprised by the amount of money Sir Ferik offered.

Of course, I was also surprised. After all, a thousand and two hundred gold coins is too much for a Hair Growth Agent.

「Your Highness, are you sure about that? It’s more than twice the market price.」(Sarasa)

「Only twice!? I thought it was about ten times the market price! Just how expensive are Hair Growth Agents!? Oops.」(Iris)

Iris-san who shouted in surprise immediately covered her mouth with her hands.

I understand why she was shocked. The special type of Hair Growth Agent that Sir Ferik wanted is a luxury item after all.

「Of course, I’m sure. It’s the least I can do to thank you for rescuing my friend.」(Ferik)

「Understood. However, before I can start making the potion, I need to collect the necessary materials first, so it will take some time.」(Sarasa)

「No problem. I can stroll around and enjoy this village while waiting.」(Ferik)

Sir Ferik nodded at me as he said that. He then pointed her index finger at his bald head.

「By the way, according to my doctor, it seems that I began losing hair because of stress. This is actually one of the reasons why I came here. I wanted to leave the royal capital and forget about my work for a while.」(Ferik)

「I see.」(Sarasa)

If he wants to go on vacation, then I think he has chosen the wrong place.

There’s nothing to see in this village. It’s a remote region after all.

He might find a lot of things he has never seen before in the Great Sea of Trees, but it’s too dangerous to go there, especially in this season.

Well, how he will spend his time in this village is not my problem. The only thing I need to do now is to focus on making a special Hair Growth Agent for him as soon as possible.

「Well then, I hope you enjoy your time in this villaー」(Sarasa)

「ーPlease stop it! Kyaa!」(Lorea)

While I was talking with Sir Ferik, I suddenly heard Lorea-chan’s shout from the shop floor.


ーGan! ーGasha! ーDon!

*crack! crash!

I then heard the voice of a man and the sound of someone kicking and punching things.


I spontaneously stood up from my seat and turned around, looking at the door leading to the shop floor.

I wanted to go check on Lorea-chan so badly but I couldn’t just leave my guest alone. He’s a prince of this kingdom, not a normal guest after all.

Iris-san and Kate-san were looking at each other. They seemed worried as well.

Seeing our worried faces, Sir Ferik looked at us with a serious face and let us go.

「Don’t mind me. Just go see your friend!」(Ferik)

「P, Please excuse us!」(Sarasa)

I bowed to Sir Ferik and hurriedly approached the door.

Iris-san and Kate-san did the same and followed me from behind.

When I opened the door, I saw four men who seemed to be thugs, Lorea-chan who was standing behind the counter with a frightened face, and Kurumi who was standing on the counter while spreading her arms, trying to protect Lorea-chan from the thugs.

I don’t know what’s going on but I know that these men are bad guys judging from Kurumi’s reaction.

Kurumi was so brave but seeing her small appearance, the thugs laughed at her.

「The hell is that? A moving stuffed animal?」
「Is it trying to protect this girl?」
「How stupid! Gahaha!」(thugs)

Certainly, Kurumi’s cute appearance doesn’t look intimidating at all.

But still, she’s a Homunculus whose job is to protect her masters.

「Move away, you little shit! Oraa!!」(thug 1)

One of the thugs raised his hand, trying to blow Kurumi away with his muscular arm.

「Hmph. What a fool.」(Iris)

At the same time as Iris-san, who was standing behind me, muttered so, Kurumi jumped forward and landed a dropkick on the thug’s stomach.


「Guhaa!!」(thug 1)

The thug stepped backward once and held his stomach. He looked like he was in intense pain.

Meanwhile, Kurumi did a backflip in the air once and landed on the counter where she was standing. She then jumped again toward the thug’s face, spun her body, and landed a powerful corkscrew kick on the thug’s chin.


*Kurumi’s version of Bruce Lee’s “Watahhh!”

「Gaahh!!」(thug 1)

The thug was launched in the air for about fifty centimeters from the ground, fell to the floor, and passed out.

Meanwhile, Kurumi gracefully landed back on the counter.


The remaining three men were looking at their unconscious friend on the floor with their eyes wide open.

They couldn’t believe the stupid-looking stuffed animal they laughed at a moment ago would be able to knock out their friend.

Actually, Kurumi could have badly injured that thug with her sharp claws. After all, her claws are so sharp that she could easily draw patterns on hard rocks when she was trapped in the cave.

However, she chose not to use her claws probably because she didn’t want the floor that Lorea-chan had worked so hard to clean to get stained with blood.

What a good girl.

「Wh, What the hell just happened!?」
「That fucking stuffed animal knocked him out!?」
「No way…」(thugs)

「She’s not a stuffed animal. She’s this store’s watchdog! More importantly, who are you people and what are you doing in my store!?」(Sarasa)

「A watchdog, you say…? It’s clearly a bear! Don’t fuck with me!」(thug 2)

The thug who responded to me took a step forward and raised his leg, trying to kick down a shelf with valuable potions.

However, that was clearly a bad move. That was something you shouldn’t do in this store.

Just before his foot hit the corner of the shelf, Kurumi bent her small legs and launched herself from the counter toward the man like a small yellow rocket then punched the man’s leg right in the shin bone.

「Khh! My leg!」(thug 2)

While the man was bending forward, holding his broken leg, Kurumi landed on the floor, launched herself upward, and delivered a strong uppercut on the man’s chin.


「Guaahh!」(thug 2)

The man then collapsed and lay down on the floor unconscious next to the first guy.

「Wh, What the…」

Realizing how dangerous Kurumi was, the remaining two thugs tried to run away from the store.

However, there’s no way I’d let them go.

「Kurumi, stop them!」(Sarasa)


Kurumi nodded at me as if saying, “Leave it to me!”

Before the thugs could turn around, Kurumi jumped toward one of them and hit his stomach with several quick, consecutive hits.

「Wagau, wagau, wagau!」(Kurumi)

「Aagh!」(thug 3)

Right after the man spit blood from his mouth, Kurumi grabbed his cloth and launched herself upward. She did a half-front flip on her way up and kicked his chin from below.

「Gahgh!」(thug 3)

「Hiiiiyy!!」(thug 4)

The man had been knocked out, but before he collapsed, Kurumi used his head as the footing to jump toward the other man who turned around and tried to reach the doorknob.

However, before he could even touch it, Kurumi landed a rolling thunder front flip kick right at the back of his neck and instantly knocked him out.


「Kahh…!」(thug 4)

While the men were lying on the floor unconscious, overlapping each other, Kurumi landed on top of them and made a cool martial arts stance as the winning pose.

「That’s my girl! Well done, Kurumi!」(Sarasa)


While stepping over the unconscious men, I approached Kurumi, crouched down, and picked her up.

「Kurumi-chan, you’re so cool!」(Lorea)

「What a fight!」(Iris)

「She’s like a martial arts master!」(Kate)

As I held Kurumi up high, Lorea-chan, Iris-san, and Kate-san applauded her.

She is truly the hero of the day.


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