Chapter 5-35 : Dealing With The Rest Of The Problem (part 2)


Baronet Kirk’s mansion in the Town of South Strugg had been quiet since he was gone.

Most of the workers who worked in the mansion were not as busy as when the lord was home. Only security soldiers and office workers were still busy.

When a feudal lord loses their position, normally their relatives will come to their mansion to claim the position and their property, but none of Baronet Kirk’s relatives did because they were afraid of being accused of complicity in Baronet Kirk’s crimes.

In a corner of the quiet office in the mansion, there was an old man standing by the window. He was the chief of the steward who had been serving the Kirk Family since the first generation. He looked extremely tired as if he had been suffering for years.

While he was looking at the town through the window, someone knocked on the door, entered the room, and called out to him.


Being called by his name, the old man turned around.

The person who called out to him was the man who created the gloomy situation in the mansion. However, as soon as he saw the man’s face, the old man approached him and kneeled before him.

「Your Highness, I’ve been waiting for you. It’s been a long time since last I saw you.」(Clancy)

The one who entered the room and talked with the old man was His Highness, Prince Ferik.

「Please raise your head and listen. Your lord, the current Baronet Kirk, is now being detained by the government.」(Prince Ferik)

Hearing the bluntly spoken words from Prince Ferik, the old man, Clancy, closed his eyes tightly and fell silent for a moment before exhaling a deep breath.

「Anyway, let’s have a seat. It’s hard to talk with an elderly man like you if you are kneeling in front of me like that.」(Prince Ferik)

Prince Ferik sat on the sofa and pointed at the sofa in front of him, telling the old man to sit there.

However, Clancy shook his head and bowed deeper.

「Your Highness, I’m one of the people you should punish. I don’t deserve the honor of sitting at the same table as you.」(Clancy)

「That’s not true. The people who deserve punishment are those who are willing to commit evil deeds themselves. Those who were ordered by force will not be punished, including you.」(Prince Ferik)

Prince Ferik was asked by Sarasa not to punish Madison and his men since they obeyed Baronet Kirk because he took their families hostage.

Because of that, Prince Ferik had no choice but to divide the subjects according to whether they helped Baronet Kirk commit the crimes voluntarily or by force.

「I see. Your Highness, I’m very grateful for your kindness, but… are you sure about that? I’ve been working for the Kirk Family for decades, and I’ve carried out many orders from Yokuo-sama.」(Clancy)

*/TL : It seems that the current Baronet Kirk’s name is Yokuo Kirk.

「Indeed you have, but you managed to arrange it so that no one was harmed every time you fulfilled his unreasonable orders. I was honestly impressed with you. I think you’ve been doing a great job, so please have a seat.」(Prince Ferik)

After Prince Ferik urged him once again to sit on the sofa, Clancy got up and took a seat facing the prince.

Seeing the old man taking a seat, Prince Ferik continued talking.

「Normally, along with the revocation of Yokuo Kirk’s noble status as a baronet, the Kirk Family will be demoted from a baronet household into a knighthood household. However since the Kirk Family has no trusted relatives who can be the head of the house, the government has no reason to allow the Kirk House to exist. I hope you can understand.」(Prince Ferik)

「The first and the second Lord Kirk had governed this territory very well. I was proud to work for them. I think they were the only good people in the Kirk Family. Yokuo-sama, the current lord, is totally different from the previous lords of the house. Not only did he make his own people suffer, but he also ruined the first and the second lord’s hard work. He and his relatives were all corrupt people. They will only tarnish the family name even more if they become the head of the family.」(Clancy)

「So, you agree with me?」(Prince Ferik)

「I do.」(Clancy)

Before confronting Baronet Kirk, Prince Ferik did an investigation on the Kirk Family.

From the results of his investigation, he learned that the Kirk Family began to become a corrupted clan when Yokuo Kirk became the lord.

Prince Ferik thought that the Kirk Family might cause problems again in the future if the government decided to allow their continued existence.

Clancy had the same thoughts as Prince Ferik. He had been serving the Kirk Family since the first generation, but he thinks that it will be better if the Kirk Family ends now before they trouble the kingdom again in the future.

「I wish Yokuo-sama was a great lord like his predecessors, but…*sigh* Haahh…」(Clancy)

「The previous lord was an excellent person who knew how to govern a territory, but he didn’t seem to know how to educate his successor.」(Prince Ferik)

「He was a busy person. He spent most of his time developing the Town of South Strugg, so he didn’t have time to do anything else. It would have been nice if we could have hired an excellent educator, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any in this remote region. I tried to teach Yokuo-sama things myself when I was free, but he never listened to me.」(Clancy)

「I see. That must have been tough for you.」(Prince Ferik)

「Not really. It was nothing compared to fulfilling his unreasonable orders after he became the lord.」(Clancy)

「I’m sorry to hear that. So, Yokuo Kirk had been living without someone to educate him since he was young, huh? That’s probably why he became a selfish lord.」(Prince Ferik)

「I couldn’t agree with you more.」(Clancy)

「Having an educator is important for nobles so that they have an educated successor. Still, it doesn’t guarantee that your successor will become a good lord. I was lucky to have an educator who scolded and struck my head with her iron fist when I made mistakes or was being disobedient. Ahh~ I miss those days.」(Prince Ferik)

「Educators who dare to scold nobles’ children are rare, but I’ve never thought there was one who dared to hit a prince’s head.」(Clancy)

「She is special after all.」(Prince Ferik)

「Your Highness, may I know who your educator was?」(Clancy)

「I’m sure you know this person or at least have heard her name. She is a famous person in the royal capital after all. Her name is Ophelia Millis.」(Prince Ferik)



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