Chapter 5-35 : Dealing With The Rest Of The Problem (part 3)


「I see. So that famous master-class alchemist, Ophelia Millis, was your educator. I think she is the best educator you can find in this kingdom. Unfortunately, a baronet household like the Kirk House will never be able to convince her to work for them as an educator matter how hard they try.」(Clancy)

「I can understand. She is quite stubborn after all. Even my father, the king, had a hard time convincing her to become my educator back then. She agreed in the end, but then she said, “I won’t be easy on your son. If you’re unhappy with the way I’m educating him, you can fire me anytime”.」(Prince Ferik)

「But even though she always hit you, His Majesty never fired her for the entire duration of her contract.」(Clancy)

「Exactly. I remember I told my father that I was dissatisfied with her because she always hit my head. I told my father to fire her, hoping that I would be free from that demonic educator, but I got one more bump on my head from my father instead.」(Prince Ferik)

Prince Ferik remembered her father, the king, hit his head and said, “See? It’s just a tiny bump on your head. Not a big deal. Besides, it’s your fault. You deserve this much punishment!”

He was hoping that his father would help him, but then he learned that the king was as strict as Ophelia Millis.

Prince Ferik glanced at the ceiling and smiled, reminiscing about that time.

「Aa-ahh… I probably have a big bald spot on my head because they always hit me on the head back then…」(Prince Ferik)

「Bald spot…?」(Clancy)

「Ah, it’s nothing. Please forget what I said.」(Prince Ferik)

「U, Understood…」(Clancy)

「By the way, I also remember she gave me various impossible assignments. It was hell back then, but it certainly helped me grow to be a strong person.」(Prince Ferik)

From Ophelia’s point of view, educating Prince Ferik was just a waste of time. She spent less time on alchemy because she had to take care of Prince Ferik after all.

In order to reduce the time required for lecturing Prince Ferik, Ophelia came out with the idea of giving him difficult tasks, thinking that the prince would never be able to finish them.

However, despite always complaining about how difficult the tasks were, Prince Ferik unexpectedly was able to complete each one of them.

「I see… Yokuo-sama might have grown into a better person if he had Millis-sama as his educator when he was young… I still can’t believe he became an evil man who tried to kill a young alchemist and her friends…」(Clancy)

「You know, that young alchemist was Ophelia Millis’ disciple. Her name is Sarasa Feed. She is a commoner but she is an excellent alchemist.」(Prince Ferik)

「Oh, god… So he almost killed a disciple of a famous master-class alchemist… But, why? Why it had to be Miss Sarasa?」(Clancy)

「It all started when he tried to get his hands on the Lotze Family’s territory by scamming the head of the Lotze Family, Adelbert Lotze, into a large amount of debt. However, Miss Sarasa thwarted his plan.」(Prince Ferik)

Prince Ferik knew about the Lotze Family’s debt problem, but since he is a member of the royal family, he can’t take sides in the problems between nobles.

Therefore, he looked for another way to stop Baronet Kirk back then, but before he came up with a plan, Sarasa showed up and helped the Lotze Family solve their problem.

「I couldn’t charge Baronet Kirk back then since he technically didn’t commit any crime because the Lotze Family’s debt problem was solved peacefully. Therefore, I decided to wait for another opportunity. However, I made a big mistake. I wasn’t keeping an eye on him. I didn’t expect he would try to kill Miss Sarasa.」(Prince Ferik)

Baronet Kirk’s sudden attempt to kill Sarasa was truly unexpected.

Prince Ferik thought that Baronet Kirk would only offensively harass Sarasa and her friends by sending thugs to her shop.

「I never thought Baronet Kirk would go that far… If Miss Sarasa ended up losing her life due to my mistake, Master Millis would kill me for sure…」(Prince Ferik)

Prince Ferik fully understands that Ophelia likes Sarasa.

He wanted to know what kind of person the disciple of her educator was. That’s why he visited Sarasa even though her shop was in a remote village far away from the royal capital.

Dealing with Baronet Kirk was his second goal in going to the Yok Village.

「I never thought he would go that far either… Please forgive me. I’m his steward. I should have known that he had such a horrible plan, but I…」(Clancy)

「Please don’t mind it. He knew that you would stop him, so he must have hidden it from you.」(Prince Ferik)

「Still, I want you to accept my apology…」(Clancy)

「It’s alright. People make mistakes, even I did.」(Prince Ferik)

「You are so kind… So, Your Highness, what will happen to this town now that it no longer has a master?」(Clancy)

「I’m thinking of leaving the government of this town to Miss Sarasa for a while. I’m sure it will be interesting. She is a talented person, so I think she would be able to do the duty. Fufu.」(Prince Ferik)

Prince Ferik was giggling while saying that, so Clancy wasn’t sure whether he was serious or joking.

However, he decided to answer seriously.

「Miss Sarasa is a graduate of the Royal Alchemist Training School and a disciple of Ophelia Millis, so she is indeed a talented person. However, she is a commoner, isn’t she? I’m afraid it will cause a backlash from nobles.」(Clancy)

「Perhaps, but as you might have known, talented nobles who can develop the territory they govern are rare nowadays. Most of them only think about themselves. I’m not saying that they can’t govern a territory, but I want them to study more and improve their skills until they are at least as capable as me and Miss Sarasa.」(Prince Ferik)

「Hahaha… To become a person as excellent as the two people who were educated by Ophelia Millis is surely not easy.」(Clancy)

Clancy let out a dry laugh knowing it’s not easy for ordinary people to reach Sarasa and Prince Ferik’s level.

「At least they can make an effort, can’t they? I don’t think our country is weak, but it’s hard to call it a strong country either. We need to increase the quality of our nobles. Anyway, speaking of Miss Sarasa, she is not completely a commoner, it seems.」(Prince Ferik)

「She’s not? Forgive me. I don’t see what you mean.」(Clancy)

「I heard from the Lotze Family that they are willing to give the inheritance of the family to Miss Sarasa because she saved them many times. They want Miss Sarasa to marry the heir of the Lotze Family. If she joins the Lotze Family, she will automatically become a noble, right?」(Prince Ferik)

「I see… But…」(Clancy)

Commoners can be nobles if they marry a noble. Clancy knew that, but he tilted his head because he thought that there was something off.

「If I’m not mistaken, the Lotze Family has no sons. Am I right?」(Clancy)

「They don’t. They want Miss Sarasa to marry their oldest daughter, Miss Iris Lotze.」(Prince Ferik)

「Eh? So… It will be a marriage between two women…?」(Clancy)




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  1. Path of noble is thorny.
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  2. Thank you for the chapter!
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