Chapter 4-36 : Thinking Of A Way Out Ⅱ


「These green rations might not taste good but at least we can survive for a few months.」(Kate)

When Kate said that as she closed the paper box containing portable rations in her hands, Nord made a serious expression.

「…Certainly, we don’t have to worry about water and food, but do you guys really think we can survive for months in this cave? I’m not really sure about that.」(Nord)

Seeing Nord’s face, Iris felt a bit anxious and irritated at the same time.

「Of course, we understand that we might encounter monsters along this passageway, but…」(Iris)

「Not only that. There’s another problem…」(Nord)

「Another problem?」(Iris)

「You guys don’t seem to be aware of it but this place is pretty hot.」(Nord)

「Eh…? Aa!」(Iris)

After Nord said that, Iris yelled as if she just realized something.

Heat Proof Coats that Iris and Kate were wearing were of such high quality that they didn’t feel the heat even when they were right next to the river of lava where the Salamander spawned.

Compared to that place, the temperature of the passageway they were currently in was quite low, but Nord, who was wearing a normal Heat Proof Coat, could feel the heat a little.

When Kate and Iris looked closely at Nord’s face, they could see sweat kept running down his forehead.

He didn’t show it when he was doing his experiments next to the river of lava because he was too excited but now he looked somewhat tired.

In such a state, he needed to rest but it would probably be difficult for him to recover his physical strength even if he rested. He would also need a high amount of water.

「Nord-san, are you okay?」(Iris)

「I’m alright. I trained to survive in this kind of situation. Luckily, the Floating Tent I bought from Sarasa-kun has a temperature control function, so I can just rest if I can’t take any more heat.」(Nord)

「I see. If heat is not a problem, then what is “another problem” you were talking about?」(Iris)

Iris nodded in relief, but then she tilted her head curiously.

「If we don’t find an exit soon, we might run out of magical power. For example, my Heat Proof Coat keeps consuming magical power. If the surrounding air is getting hotter it will consume even more magical power.」(Nord)

Heat Proof Coats are made of heat-resistant materials. However, the users still need to supply the coats with their magical power to boost their heat-resistant performance to repel most of the heat coming from the surrounding air.

The amount of magical power consumed depends on the surrounding temperature. The higher the surrounding temperature is, the higher the amount of magical power needed.

However, even if you’re not in a very hot place, your Heat Proof Coat will still consume your magical power although it’s not much.

「You guys don’t seem to be aware of it probably because you have high-quality Heat Proof Coats, but still, they keep consuming your magical power as long as you’re wearing them.」(Nord)

Heat Proof Coats that Iris and Kate were wearing were on a whole different level from normal Heat Proof Coats because Sarasa made them in order to fight a Salamander. Not only could they perform much better than normal Heat Proof Coats but they also had good efficiency as well. Even Iris, who doesn’t have much magical power, was able to supply her Heat Proof Coat with enough magical power to endure Salamander’s Breath when she fought a Salamander with Sarasa a while ago.

However, no matter how efficient they were, they still kept consuming Iris and Kate’s magical power as long as they were wearing them. For that reason, they might not be able to keep wearing their Heat Proof Coats for more than one or two weeks in a hot environment.

Realizing the problem, Iris and Kate made serious expressions.

「Certainly, that’s a big problem…」(Iris)

「Yeah… Moreover, we also need magical power to use the Spring Water Bottle to produce water. 」(Kate)

「Right? Furthermore, we need to keep our stamina in case we encounter monsters.」(Nord)


Iris thought for a moment and took off her Heat Proof Coat to feel how hot it was there.

「Ugh… It’s very hot… I tried to find out if I can survive without this coat but… Nope. I won’t be able to last even for a day without it.」(Iris)

Feeling the heat from the surrounding air, Iris quickly put her Heat Proof Coat back on.

Iris said that but the temperature was actually not too hot that it could kill her in a day. Still, if she wasn’t wearing her Heat Proof Coat and didn’t drink for an entire day, she might die of heatstroke the next morning.

「So… Does it mean that we’re done for if we run out of magical power…?」(Kate)

「Yeah, you can say that. We still have magic stones, but Sarasa-kun needs them to keep our little friend alive. Well, I think we can use some of them but the moment we run out of them, as you said, we’re done for. Unless…」(Nord)


「Our magical power recovery ability can keep up with our magical power consumption. But… I don’t think it’s possible. At least for me because I don’t have much magical power and my magical power recovery ability is low.」(Nord)

「I don’t have confidence either in terms of magical power… Kate, how about you?」(Iris)

「Hmm… I’m not sure, to be honest…」(Kate)

If they could recover the same amount of magical power as the amount they needed to keep their Heat Proof Coats working and produce water with the Spring Water Bottle, then there would be no problem.

However, even Kate, who has the highest amount of magical power among them, wasn’t sure that her magical power recovery ability could keep up with the magical power consumption.

On top of that, if they encountered monsters, they had to fight, and their physical strength would be consumed in battles. That could affect the amount of magical power they could recover. Moreover, they would need water after the battle, resulting in an increase in magical power consumption.

「Anyway, let’s decide what to do and make a plan, shall we?」(Nord)

Nord, who had a slightly tired expression on his face, smiled as he wiped the sweat on his forehead, trying to give Iris and Kate some hope.

After that, the three of them exchanged their opinions and discussed for a while, but there were almost no options available for them.

As long as they couldn’t open the blocked path, they had no other choice but to follow the unknown passageway.

They could stay where they were and wait for Sarasa to help them, but thinking that they couldn’t just keep relying on Sarasa, they decided to do something.

Following the passageway might lead them into danger but they have no choice but to move forward to find a way out.

Even if they couldn’t find a way out, the temperature might drop if they follow the passageway.

With that in mind, Iris, Kate, and Nord picked up their belongings and began to move forward.



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