Chapter 4-35 : Thinking Of A Way Out Ⅰ (part 2)


I’ve mastered basic spells used for transmuting materials and some offensive spells because I learned them at school. Moreover, I’ve started practicing magic more often since Hellfire Grizzlies attacked this village and managed to learn some new spells. However, I still don’t know most of the other spells, especially the complicated ones.

There’s an artifact that can help Iris-san and the others find an exit but of course, I can’t use the spell that has a similar effect with that artifact unless I learn its magic formula.

Unfortunately, that artifact is listed in volume 6 of the Encyclopedia of Alchemy which I can’t read yet because I haven’t completed volume 5.

「Since we have no time, completing volume 5 is not an option. It will take quite a long time for sure. Hmm… I guess I have no choice but to depend on my master…」(Sarasa)

「Are you going to ask your master for help?」(Lorea)

「Yeah. I’ll ask her to make a copy of the magic formula of this artifact.」(Sarasa)

You can’t read certain volumes of the Encyclopedia of Alchemy unless you complete the previous volumes.

However, there’s a way to know the content of the book you can’t read. It’s simple. You can just ask someone who can read to make a copy of the book.

「Eh? But Isn’t that illegal?」(Lorea)

「Umm, you can say that it’s cheating but it’s not completely illegal, actually.」(Sarasa)

Alchemists open shops for business. They will eventually take apprentices to work at their shop. However, not many alchemists let their apprentices make all the items listed in the Encyclopedia of Alchemy volume 1 because it’s not very profitable for their shops.

For this reason, many alchemists teach their apprentices to make items listed in volume 2 and 3 even though their apprentices still can’t read those volumes yet because items in volume 2 and 3 are more profitable.

When I worked part-time at Master’s shop, I also didn’t make artifacts and potions in order from the first volume because Master taught me to make items in volume 2 and 3.

However, to be able to read the later volumes, I still needed to complete the first volume. Therefore, I made all the items listed in the first volume in my spare time or during classes at school.

「I see. I think depending on your master is not a bad idea.」(Lorea)

「Yeah, but… She taught me to make some items in volume 2 and 3 because I was her apprentice. Now I’m no longer her apprentice, so I don’t know if she will help me with this, to be honest. Still, I’ll try asking her anyway.」(Sarasa)

Immediately after saying that, I took a piece of paper from the nearby drawer and started writing a letter to Master.

While I was writing, Lorea-chan asked me a bit hesitantly.

「Umm… Sarasa-san, is there anything I can do to help?」(Lorea)

「Hmm, I know you’re worried about Iris-san and the others but it will be helpful if you can tend the store as usual.」(Sarasa)

「Ah, I’m sorry! I should be at the counter.」(Lorea)

「No, it’s okay. I’m not blaming you or anything.」(Sarasa)

「Of course, I will work as usual, but… Is there anything else I can do?」(Lorea)


I understand that she wants to do something at times like this.

Lorea-chan is smarter and can learn faster than other people her age. She is an amazing girl but I can’t think of something she can do to help in this situation…

No, wait… There is one thing she can do!

「That’s right! Lorea-chan, can you supply that Seedling Growth Aid Tool with magical power from time to time for me? I want to save my magical power to link with Kurumi.」(Sarasa)

For a person with a lot of magical power like me, supplying magical power to a Seedling Growth Aid Tool is not a difficult task but I want to save my magical power as much as possible thinking that a slight amount of my magical power might be able to save Iris-san and the others.

Moreover, supplying magical power to a Seedling Growth Aid Tool can be a good magic practice for Lorea-chan.

「Understood! You can leave it to me! If there’s anything else I can do, please tell me.」(Lorea)

「Alright. Thank you, Lorea-chan.」(Sarasa)

As Lorea-chan went to the shop floor, I continued writing the letter.

In the letter, I told Master about Iris-san and the other’s situation and asked her if she could help by sending me a copy of the instruction to make an artifact in volume 6.

After finishing the letter, I immediately sent it to Master using the Transfer Device.

A few hours later, I got a reply letter from Master along with the details of how to make the artifact called “Passage Exit Detector” and its magic formula.

It was earlier than I expected considering that Master had to copy the entire instruction and formula into a stack of paper while doing her work. I’m very grateful to her.

In the letter, she said, “If your friends fell into a hopeless situation, feel free to contact me again. There might be something I can do for them.” but if possible, I would like to avoid that.

The reason is that the services provided by master-class alchemists are not free. Asking a master-class alchemist to do something for you costs a fortune. The debt that Iris-san’s family owed to Baronet Kirk a while ago was nothing compared to it.

But… Master is a kind person. She did what I asked for free even though I’m no longer her apprentice.

Even if she ended up helping Iris-san and the others directly, I believe she wouldn’t ask Iris-san to pay a ridiculous amount of money.

She has never met Iris-san and Kate-san but she knows that they are like family to me, so she might make it totally free. However, it would influence the business of the other master-class alchemists. They wouldn’t be happy if Master provided her service to help others for free.

「Anyway, I’m gonna try to do everything I can. But… If something went wrong and Iris-san and the others’ lives were in danger, I should consider begging Master for help again…」(Sarasa)

Iris-san and Kate-san are irreplaceable people in my life. I don’t want to lose them no matter what.

“What about Nord-san”, you say?

You may think that I’m a cold person but to be honest… I don’t really care about him.

I do hope that he will be able to come back alive but it’s not because I care about him. It’s because I want him to take responsibility for putting Iris-san and Kate-san into such a grave situation.

No matter how well he will pay Iris-san and Kate-san when they get home, I don’t think it’s worth the dangers they have been through.

「Hahh… There’s no point in thinking about that crazy researcher now… I have to analyze this artifact and learn the spell as soon as possible.」(Sarasa)

I shook my head lightly and started reading the stack of paper that Master sent.

Detailed instructions on how to make an artifact called a “Passage Exit Detector” were written on the paper.

First of all, I need to know the materials needed and how to put them together, and then I have to study its magic formula to learn the spell that has a similar effect with it.

Normally, people use artifacts as tools to perform magic but now I’m trying to use an artifact as a spell, so the process will be the other way around but it’s not that difficult to do actually.

After all, dissembling things is easier than assembling things.

The problem is how to get Kurumi to be able to use the spell once I learned it…

「Hmm… I think Kurumi needs to draw the magic circuit before using the spell. I also need to take the amount of magical power Kurumi can hold into account, so magic stones will be essential. I hope they have enough magic stones for this… Ugh, it’s much more difficult than using a spell myself…」(Sarasa)

I kept racking my brain thinking of several possible methods in order to rescue Iris-san and the others and get them home in one piece.



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  1. i really hate that researcher, plus he doesn’t really take responsibility he just says im a researcher it’s what i do but on a better note lorea is such a good girl as always

    1. I agree Nord is reckless, but I still think a lot of the blame lies on Iris and Kate for giving him carte blanche to do whatever he pleased…if they had set guidelines in the beginning they could have refused to go along with the craziness, or set an extreme penalty if Nord caused danger then expected them to protect him…instead they were like, “Money! Do whatever you want!”…

  2. what? her Master never met Iris and Kate?
    I may forget about early chapters in novel, but i still remember in anime her Master come to her house when the transfer magic circle destroyed by Kate,, and they are also staying in the house when her Master came..

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