Chapter 3-14 : Herb Field Ⅱ


「By the way, the ones who will take care of this field are Michael-san and Izu-san, right?」(Sarasa)

「Yes. My brother is here just to help us for a while. There’s still a lot I need to learn but I’ll do my best!」(Michael)

「Me too. I’ve never worked in a field before but I’ll try my best!」(Izu)

Michael-san bowed at me while Izu-san held her hands tightly to her chest.

From her appearance, somehow I could tell that Izu-san had never worked in the fields, but…

「Izu-san, you were not born in an agricultural village, were you?」(Sarasa)

「Yes, I was born and raised in South Strugg. This will be my first time living in a rural village like this.」(Izu)

「I see. Michael-san, unlike Izu-san, you used to work in the fields, right?」(Sarasa)

「Umm… Actually…」(Michael)

Michael-san is Gatt-san’s young brother, so he must have helped his brother with field work at least while he was in this village.

However, he doesn’t have a tan and doesn’t have a physique like a farmer.

I don’t know what his job was when he was in South Strugg, but it doesn’t seem to be a job that requires physical strength.

Honestly, I’m a little worried.

Although I can teach them how to cultivate a herb field, I’m not an expert at agricultural work, so I might not be able to teach them much.

When I was thinking, Gatt-san talked to me. Perhaps he noticed that I was worried.

「Actually, this guy didn’t help me much with my work while he was in this village. He left right after he became an adult after all. Neither my brother nor his wife have much experience working in the fields, but don’t worry. I will teach them what they need to know. They may not have much knowledge about agriculture but they’re not lazy. I promise you they will be useful, so can you let them work here?」(Gatt)

「I see. Yes, of course.」(Sarasa)

I like people who want to learn, so I have no reason to drive them away, but now I’m worried about them…

Even though I will spend money to buy seeds and other necessities for the field, I won’t be in trouble even if the harvest fails because I make money from my store, but… How about Michael-san and Izu-san…?

「Michael-san, if the harvest fails, can you still buy food and pay the rent somehow…?」(Sarasa)

「Ah, we don’t have to pay rent because my wife and I are now living in my brother’s house. As for living expenses, we will receive a salary from Erin-san for a couple of months, so we won’t have a problem with money at least for a while.」(Michael)

「In other words, they are freeloaders in my house, but they will need their own house when they have a child. I hope they will have enough money to build one in the future. I think building a house around here is a good idea because it’s close to the field.」(Gatt)

While saying that, Gatt-san looked at the empty area on the other side of the field.

Erin-san said that if this herb field is going well, she may make more herb fields in this village, and it will surely make this village more prosperous.

「I see… Taking care of the family is a big responsibility after all. Alright, I will also help then.」(Sarasa)

「No, no. You don’t have to. It’s their job after all. Even if the harvest fails, it will be their responsibility… Oi, Michael, I want you to refrain from making a child until your income is stable. You understand?」(Gatt)

Saying that, Gatt-san grinned at Michael-san and slapped his back.

「Aww! I know but, Nii-san, you don’t have to say that here!」(Michael)

Michael-san replied in panic while Izu-san smiled bitterly with a slightly blushed face.

What Gatt-san said is true. They better have a stable income before they have children.

But… I kinda feel sorry for them…

「Ahaha… But Gatt-san, I can’t just leave the field to them completely without doing anything. I will help them.」(Sarasa)

「I see. You’re so kind.」(Gatt)

「Sarasa-san… Thank you!」(Michael)

I will gladly help if it can speed up the progress even for a bit.

The sooner this field is completed, the sooner I get the income and the sooner Michael-san and Izu-san can live happily together in a new house.

「Alright, I will remove the remaining weeds and shrubs and soften the soil for you so that you can work way easier.」(Sarasa)

「That will help us a lot but… How will you do it?」(Gatt)

「Like thisーー」(Sarasa)

When I stretched out my arms, trying to use magic, Lorea-chan stopped me.

「Wait, Sarasa-san, are you trying to blow away the bushes with magic at once? You may destroy the soil and make it harder to be cultivated!」(Lorea)

「Lorea-chan, what do you think I am…? I won’t make such a mistake.」(Sarasa)

「Really? Remember when you destroyed the ground in the forest behind your house?」(Lorea)

While saying that, Lorea-chan pointed to the open space at the back of my house.

That area used to be a forest with a lot of trees until a while ago, but now it’s an open space where Iris-san and Kate-san usually do their combat training.

As I recalled the cause, I turned my eyes away from Lorea-chan.

「W-Well, that’s… I was practicing my offensive magic at that time, so…」(Sarasa)

「So you want to say the result will be different this time?」(Lorea)

「Y-Yes, of course. Anyway, watch thisーー」(Sarasa)

Gatt-san, Michael-san and Izu-san were looking at me with worried faces after Lorea-chan brought that up, but I turned my back to them and stretched out my hands again.


◇    ◇    ◇


「So, did you do it properly, Store Owner-dono?」(Iris)

After she returned from Erin-san’s place, Iris-san asked me that.

「Of course I did! I won’t fail at magic!」(Sarasa)

…Well, at least recently…

When I was working at Master’s store, I failed at using magic almost all the time and caused trouble for other people.

However, I keep practicing magic every day, so it’s only natural that I’ve gotten better.

「Gatt-san even praised me. He said that I can make a living by cultivating people’s fields. I won’t do that though.」(Sarasa)


「Expanding agricultural land is the best way to provide people with food in many regions after all. So, yeah, you surely can make money from that kind of job.」(Kate)

Iris-san and Kate-san were looking at me with impressed faces.

「But, Sarasa-san, what kind of spell was that? Is that a spell specifically for cultivating land?」(Lorea)

「No, no. It’s an offensive spell called “Earth Spear”, but when I used it on the field earlier, I used less magical power, so I didn’t destroy the ground.」(Sarasa)

It was actually an offensive spell where you solidify the soil and turn it into many spears that pierce your enemies from the ground.

However, I modified it a little so that I could soften the ground instead of solidifying it. I also made the impact less powerful so that I could blow away bushes and weeds without destroying the ground.

「I see. That spell is amazing! You can finish the work that takes farmers a couple of days to complete in an instant!」(Lorea)

「Hee… If you can learn that spell, you can work as a magician specializing in cultivating lands and make a lot of money, huh…? Store Owner-dono, is it a difficult spell to learn?」(Iris)

Iris-san asked me with a serious face.

Don’t tell me… Does she seriously want to become that kind of magician…?

「Well, it’s quite hard to learn, and it will be even harder if you want to modify it like I did because you need to be able to control your magical power precisely, otherwise, you will blow up the whole field.」(Sarasa)

If you can control your magical power, you better aim to become an alchemist rather than a magician, but of course, you need to learn a lot more other things before you can become an alchemist.

「I see… It’s not easy, huh…?」(Iris)

「I’ve never heard of magicians who specialized in cultivating lands though.」(Kate)

「There may be some somewhere. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it because such magicians are not popular.」(Sarasa)

「Speaking of magicians, the ones who can use powerful offensive spells are more popular after all. Ahh… I remember I used to want to be that kind of magician when I was little…」(Iris)

When Iris-san said that while looking at the distance, Kate-san sighed and shook her head.

Honestly, I understand Iris-san’s feelings. I also remember I was pretending to be a magician when I was a kid.

「Umm… Sarasa-san, do you think I will be able to use that spell if I focus only on practicing that?」(Lorea)

「You mean the spell I used on the field earlier?」(Sarasa)


「Hmm… I can teach you but it depends on how hard you work as to whether you can use it or not. But why do you want to be able to use it? I can teach you other cool spells like fireball and wind blade if you want.」(Sarasa)

「No. The thing is… I think it will be wonderful if I can help the villagers with magic, so…」(Lorea)

「Whoa… You’re so mature… Alright. I don’t mind teaching you that spell, but prepare yourself because it won’t be easy to learn.」(Sarasa)

「Un. I understand.」(Lorea)



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  1. I know Sarasa is kind and all, but she should be at least a little pissed. I mean, they want her to teach how to grow herb fields so they can grow their own, but most of the risk is taken by Sarasa (cost of the seeds and training), and to top it all, instead of sending an experienced farmer to learn, they bring a lazyass who’s never worked in a field.

    1. I think the future benefits she got out of the whole experience will be more worthwhile than any upfront payment she could’ve gotten out of them. The experienced hunters will teach the newbies about how to collect new materials to work with or sell to her master, she’ll eventually have a decently sized herb field to grow with dedicated workers and the village’s debt towards her has grown even larger.
      The Feudal Lord is a bastard for not doing his job though.

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