Chapter 2-8 : Magic Stove Ⅳ (part 2)



Alright, my job to deliver Diral-san’s magic stoves safely is complete!

Now all I need to do is to check if these magic stoves work and explain to Diral-san and her husband how to use them.

「Thank you, Sarasa-chan. I’m sorry for troubling you too much.」(Diral)

「Don’t worry about it. This is my job after all. Thank you for ordering these magic stoves. Now, I’ll explain how to use them.」(Sarasa)

I explained to the two of them how to fill the stoves with magical power, how to adjust the temperature, how to turn them off, how to clean them, ect.

Unlike Diral-san who nodded in response, Dudley-san was just touching his chin with his fingers while watching me explain.

I don’t know if he understands or not. He’s hard to read after all.

I put a pot filled with water on one of the stoves and showed them how to adjust the temperature.

「You can adjust the temperature this way. Try it.」(Sarasa)

The first one who tried it was Dudley-san, and he did it pretty well.

Looks like he was paying attention to my explanation.

「Ohh~ It’s very convenient! I can now adjust the heat easily. Adjusting the heat with firewood was a hassle, you know?」(Diral)

「Haha, I can understand. Ah, but reducing the temperature from strong to weak takes a little time because you need to wait until the iron plate cools down.」(Sarasa)

Although magic stoves have a heating function, they don’t have a cooling function.

Therefore, switching to a lower temperature will take time for the hot iron plate to cool down naturally.

After I explained that, Diral-san nodded.

「I see. Got it. But don’t worry, I will lower the heat several minutes before using it. I’m sure there will be no problem if we get used to it, right, Dud?」(Diral)

Asked by Diral-san, Dudley-san nodded at her.

He really doesn’t talk much…

Luckily, he has a talkative wife like Diral-san.

By the way, if you use an ordinary stove, you can adjust the temperature by taking out or adding more firewood, but since it’s so troublesome, some people just cook without adjusting the temperature.

If you’re that kind of person, you have to remove the food immediately before it burns.

Making stewed dishes with a low risk of being burnt is safer.

Therefore, many people who don’t want to take trouble to adjust the temperature of their stoves usually make stewed dishes in their houses.

When I was at the orphanage, most of the meals were variants of soup and bread.

Even though a lot of ingredients were used to make the soup, it didn’t taste good, but didn’t taste too bad either.

That was then, now, I’m really grateful to Lorea-chan who cooks delicious food for us everyday!

Thank you, Lorea-chan!

After I explained to Diral-san and Dudley-san how to use the stoves, my job was finally done completely.

Diral-san went to the room at the back and returned with a leather bag in her hand.

「Sarasa-chan, thanks again for delivering these stoves and explaining to us how to use them. And, this is the payment. Please check if the amount is correct.」(Diral)

「Okay, please wait for a second.」(Sarasa)

I received the leather bag, opened it, and looked inside.

There were a lot of coins inside.

The price of the two magic stoves is 270,000 reas.

It could be paid with two large gold coins and seven small gold coins, but large gold coins are rarely used, especially in the countryside.
No, even small gold coins are rarely used in a dining hall for common people like this.

However, I found several small gold coins inside the leather bag.

Other than those, there were only large silver coins and small silver coins.

That’s why this leather bag is kinda heavy because it is mostly filled with silver coins.

I borrowed a table in the dining hall, spread the coins on the table and counted them carefully.

「Un. The amount is correct. Thank you for your purchase!」(Sarasa)

「You’re welcome! Thanks to you we can buy magic stoves cheaper than the market price. From now on, we don’t have to chop wood anymore! Ahh~ Our life will be a lot easier, right, Dud?」(Diral)

Dudley-san who was behind Diral-san, cooking with his new magic stoves, nodded deeply several times.

I don’t know exactly how much firewood is needed to cook meals in a dining hall like this for a year, but it’s definitely not little.

And they always cut that huge amount of firewood every day.
It must be tiring for them…

Ahh, now I see why Diral-san’s slapping power was really powerful when she slapped my back.

She always trained her body by cutting firewood.

「Magic stoves are really convenient, but I don’t think there will be someone ordering them from me again.」(Sarasa)

「Well, they are too expensive for the people in this village. But, if you make cheaper yet very convenient items, I think the villagers will buy some since they got a lot of money from the village mayor.」(Diral)

「Hmm, maybe you’re right. I’ll think about it.」(Sarasa)

I have made basic antidotes for the villagers to buy but I haven’t made any artifacts for them.

However, I have to be careful in selling items in this village.

If they bought too many items, I’m afraid it would slow down the development of this village.

「Please tell me if you sell something good! I’ll definitely buy them if I can afford it!」(Diral)

「Yes, of course! Thank you, Diral-san! Well then, I’m going home now.」(Sarasa)

「Okay, see you later!」(Diral)

After thanking Diral-san one more time, I bowed, left the dining hall, and returned to my home.



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