Chapter 2-3 : Pelts And Meat Ⅱ (part 2)


「After this, I just have to stir while pouring my magical power…」(Sarasa)

The most important point is, stir slowly while pouring your magical power without pushing yourself too hard.

It would be completed after there were no more items other than fur in the alchemy pot.

After stirring for a whileー

「Yosh, it’s done!」(Sarasa)

After this, I have to wash it clean and dry it.

「Sarasa-san, I’m backー」(Lorea)

When I was washing the fur, Lorea-chan returned.

「Welcome back. Have you given him the money?」(Sarasa)

「Yes. The village mayor was surprised because it was more than he expected. No, not only him, I was also surprised to be honest. I didn’t know that the pouch I was carrying contained that much money! Sarasa-san, why didn’t you tell me!?」(Lorea)

Certainly, it was a really huge amount of money for a child like Lorea-chan to carry around.

「But if I told you, you would feel uneasy on the way, right?」(Sarasa)

「Ahh… You’re right. I would definitely feel uneasy and might behave suspiciously…」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan’s face turned a little pale.

Perhaps she was imagining herself carrying a lot of money.

「Right? I didn’t say anything for your sake, Lorea-chan!」(Sarasa)

Well, actually, I just forgot to tell her.

But now I’m really glad that I didn’t tell her.

Umm, maybe I will ask Iris-san or Kate-san to escort Lorea-chan when I will ask her to deliver a huge amount of money again in the future.

It might not be that dangerous now, but if the number of Collectors kept increasing, it might become dangerous later.


I don’t know why but I feel like Lorea-chan was looking at me with cold eyes.

Maybe it was only my imagination?

「So… is that the bears’ fur?」(Lorea)

「Yup. Do you want to look at it closely?」(Sarasa)


Lorea-chan nodded.

I took the fur that has been washed and dried, and handed it to Lorea-chan.

She made an amazed face as she received it.

「Waahhー It’s so soft and feels really good on my skin. It also has no odor… And… It feels warm somehow.」(Lorea)

「It has a warming effect. If you wear it in winter, it will keep your body warm.」(Sarasa)

「It’s so convenient! But… it must be really expensive, isn’t it?」(Lorea)

「Well, it’s not cheap. The money you brought to the village mayor earlier is the money to purchase the raw materials, the pelts.」(Sarasa)

「Wawa! The raw material is already that expensive!? And now that you have processed it with alchemy, the price will be even higher… Uwaah…」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan imagined the price with her eyes wide open.

She then stopped stroking the fur and gently returned it to me.

「Fufu. The gloves and hats made from the scraps are not that expensive, though.」(Sarasa)

「Uuu, still, I don’t think I can buy them with my salary… But, Sarasa-san, why did you start making them now? It’s just going to get hot, you know? I think you should start making it when fall comes.」(Lorea)

I smiled at Lorea-chan who looked a little confused, and shrugged my shoulders.

「Well, it’s because I just wanted to process it as soon as possible. Besides, I can sell it as a material for clothes for now.」(Sarasa)

People usually buy fur coats at the beginning of autumn, but the clothing stores usually buy fur for material far before autumn.

Normally, they will buy it around summer, but for the big clothing stores, they normally buy fur materials in spring.

Unfortunately, I don’t have connections with any clothing stores.

But, I wonder if Master has any…

No, she definitely has connections with clothing stores in the royal capital.

There’s no way she could sell the pelts I sent her quickly if she didn’t have connections with clothing stores.

Maybe I could ask her to introduce me to some of the clothing stores she is familiar with.

Anyway, I should focus on washing all this fur for now.

「……..Alright, it’s all finally clean now.」(Sarasa)

After washing and drying all the fur, I started folding them one by one.

「Ah, let me help you fold it.」(Lorea)

「Thank you, Lorea-chan. Can you help me put them in the warehouse after this?」(Sarasa)


After folding them, we put the fur in a special wooden box that prevents items from deteriorating, and then we put the wooden box in a corner of the warehouse.

I have to decide what to do with the fur before autumn.

Well, I still have a lot of time.

Now that I have finished processing the pelts, I decided to do something with the kitchen.

「Well then, Lorea-chan, let’s do something about the kitchen!」(Sarasa)

「Ah, yes! I’m looking forward to cooking here!」(Lorea)

Lorea-chan smiled. She looked so happy.

Looks like she really can’t wait to cook some dishes here.

「Un! But first, we have to think about what to do with the kitchen.」(Sarasa)

「Yes, I’ll do my best!」(Lorea)



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