Chapter 2-3 : Pelts And Meat Ⅱ (part 1)


After Andre-san left, several villagers came with five more leather bags.

The total number of Hellfire Grizzly pelts I received in the end was twenty eight.

「I can tell there are some people who are good at peeling animal skin, and some who are not…」

Some of the pelts were peeled off cleanly, but most of them still had residual fat on the surface.

Jasper-san was probably the one who peeled the clean pelts.

Although most of them weren’t peeled cleanly, none of them were torn.

Of course, some of them were damaged in the battle, but there was none that had a hole due to human error.

A hole in the pelt would drop its value, so maybe that’s why the villagers peeled them off really carefully.

「Alright, let’s start processing them. Even though I’m already used to it, stinky stuff is stinky.」

I stuffed 28 pelts in my huge alchemy pot.

And then I added the one that I got from the first Hellfire Grizzly that attacked Iris-san and Kate-san.

Since I have already processed it, I don’t need to do it again from the beginning, but I just feel like it.

「Put some water~♪ Put some chemicals~♪ And light the fire~♪」

I put the alchemy pot on the furnace and started stirring it.

After I stirred for a couple of minutes, the unpleasant odor from the pelts gradually disappeared.

「Un. It’s looking good.」

I put the pelts out from the alchemy pot and washed them with water while checking their condition.

The only one that was completely in a perfect condition was the one from the first Hellfire Grizzly.

However, the rest of them were not that bad.

「There are seven ‘excellent’ grade, ten ‘good’ grade, and the rest are ‘decent’ grade.」

Although there’s not much difference in how they will be used, their price will differ depending on their quality.

The pelts with ‘excellent’ grade are the most expensive ones.

The pelts with ‘good’ grade can be used like the ‘excellent’ grade but only after they’re repaired.

The pelts with ‘decent’ grade can be good, but not all of them.
It depends on how you process them.

Even though I only processed them for a while in my alchemy pot, the hair on these pelts will become fluffy once I dry them, and they can be processed into durable leather, so I think they can be sold just like this.

However, I want to add an effect on them first.

「Because it’s Hellfire Grizzly skin, I think the fire attribute effect will be perfect, but… considering the season, maybe it’s not a good idea.」

This is the season where the air gets hotter as time goes on.

There will be no one who wants a ‘warm and fluffy fur’.

But… processing while ignoring its characteristics is not good either… hmm…

「Maybe I should store these pelts until winter…? Oh, right! Let’s contact Master first!」

I wrote down the details of what happened in this village and how I got a lot of Hellfire Grizzly pelts in a memo and sent it to Master with the transfer device.

And then, I went to dry the pelts while waiting for the reply.

After a while, a piece of paper appeared in the transfer device.
It was the reply from Master.

「Let’s see… “I’ll buy eight of them. Send them to me.” Oh, nice! As expected from Master, she’s so reliable!」

That means Master will buy it at the market price in the royal capital, right?

That’s really great.

I still have to pay the village mayor for all these pelts.

Well, I can pay him with my money right now, but I will be penniless after that.

So I’m grateful that Master wants to buy some of these pelts.

I put eight ‘excellent’ grade pelts and one ‘good’ grade pelt.

And then I wrote a memo.

「Umm… “Please send me the money for the eight pelts and some ‘warm grass’ seeds for that one pelt”… Alright.」

She just asked me to send eight pelts, right? She didn’t say which quality, right? Right?


I sent her the most expensive ones!

Well, I’m sure Master will have no problem reselling them in the royal capital.

But here, there’s no buyer who wants to buy the expensive pelts with ‘excellent’ grade.

I decided to repair some ‘decent’ grade pelts while waiting for the reply.

After a while, two leather bags and one piece of paper appeared on the transfer device.

One bag was filled with money and the other one was filled with seeds I requested.

「And the letter says…. “Not bad”, huh? That’s it…?」

Looks like it’s easy for her to sell those pelts in the royal capital.

I thought she would say, “Don’t send me only expensive things!” or something.

Well, she’s my master after all, so there’s no way she would say that, huh.

Now that I got the money, I asked Lorea-chan to go to the village mayor’s house to pay for the pelts.

After that, I continued processing the pelts.

I put the remaining pelts back into the alchemy pot and put some ‘warm grass’ seeds and magic stone fragments in it.

「…This much will be good, right? Next, put a Hellfire Grizzly ‘fire bladder’ and eyeballs… No, hold on. Let’s skip the eyeballs. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use them now.」

If I add the eyeballs, the effect will be stronger, but the selling price will rise accordingly.

And if the selling price ends up really expensive, I will have difficulty selling it.

「Oh, right! Let’s sell the eyeballs and the fire bladders to Master!」

These are eyeballs of Hellfire Grizzlies that were in a frenzy state.

Compared to normal Hellfire Grizzly eyeballs, these are very, very rare.

Defeating a frenzied Hellfire Grizzly is way harder than defeating a normal Hellfire Grizzly after all.

And of course, the price is very expensive.

….Well, whether you can sell it or not is a different matter.

However, despite its expensive price, its usage is limited.

I’m sure no one would buy it if I lined it up in my store.

No… In my case, not only can’t I sell Hellfire Grizzly eyeballs, but I can’t sell any other expensive materials as well…

Leonara-san might want to buy them, but I don’t think she can buy all of them.
She would go bankrupt if she did.

I don’t think I need to sell them as soon as possible.

I may need them to complete the Encyclopedias of Alchemy since I have only finished 4 volumes.

Alright, let’s just store them for now.

Keeping rare items for better use in the future is not a bad idea after all.



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