Chapter 1-7 : Greeting The Neighbors Ⅱ (part 2)


From the village mayor’s house, Ells-san and I returned to the general store to pick up my things, and then returned home.

I separated from Ells-san in front of my house, then I entered the house and put the things I bought in the corner of my room.

「Alright! I have a lot to do. Let’s quickly get it done!」

First, the laundry.

I moved to the bathroom and threw the laundry that had accumulated during a month of travel, into the new basin I just bought.

I bought a bucket to draw water from the well, but it was kinda troublesome now, so I used magic to produce the water.

……Yeah, actually, I might be able to manage almost everything without using the well.

The difference isー if I drew water using a bucket from the well, my stamina would be consumed. And if I used water magic, my magic power would be consumed.
Since I have a lot of magic power, the latter is easier.

Then, why did you buy a bucket, you ask?
Well, don’t you think a well MUST have a bucket?

Nah, kidding.
The real reason isー for growing herbs, making potions, as well as crafting things using alchemy, it’s better to use ordinary water than magical water.
So, yeah, I need a bucket.

「Hmm… where can I dry the laundry? I can’t use the front or back yards yet…」

The backyard is a jungle, and hanging the laundry in the front is kinda awkward…

「Guess I have to use magic for this too…」

Actually, I wanted to dry it in the sun because it was easier, but let’s do it with magic for now.

I squeezed the washed clothes tightly, spread them neatly, and then dried them with magic.

Because it didn’t automatically remove wrinkles, I had to be careful and spread them properly before drying them.


After the laundry, next would be cleaning the house.

Thanks to the『Cleaning』seal, it wasn’t that dirty, but there was still a little bit of dust here and there.

I opened all the windows in the house and chanted the elementary wind magic,『Breeze』, a.k.a『Dusting Magic』.

This is the beginner wind magic you have to learn before learning other wind spells, but it’s actually quite difficult.

Originally, it should be easy, because all you have to do is to make a little wind.
It’s elementary magic after all.
But still, in reality, it’s kind of difficult.

As the other name implies, in order to use it for dusting, a high degree of magic control is required.
If you made it too strong, it would blow away your stuff, so you had to control the wind and limit it to moderate strength so that it blew only the dust.

Because of that, this magic was ideal for practicing magic control.
When I was living in the dormitory, the students would use this magic to clean up the dormitory while practicing.
I remember that every year, there would be papers and sheets blown away from the new students’ rooms through the dormitory windows.
Ahh~ How nostalgic.

Actually, what an alchemist needs is not strong magical power, but the ability to control it.
If you can’t even control your magical power, you pretty much can’t graduate from school.

In general, people always recognized that a magician ≠ an alchemist, but in fact, an alchemist could also be a magician.

Because an alchemist only needs the ability to control magical power, even people with a little magical power can be an alchemist.
In other words, alchemists can also be magicians, but not all of them will be strong ones.

Fortunately, I have a lot of magical power, so actually I can also be a magician, but… I’ve never practiced magic with that in mind.

For me, instead of becoming a magician, becoming an alchemist is safer and more profitable.

The magic that I practiced was only magic that is useful for everyday life such as『Breeze』to clean dust.
It was very helpful when I was cleaning my dormitory room back then, but I also had to be careful not to blow my papers away.

But now, there are no papers, no sheets, nothing, so I didn’t have to control the wind that much.

「Hmm. Maybe this is clean enough.」

As far as I could see, the dust had disappeared.

It would be better to mop the whole house, but… nah, let’s just leave it to the『Cleaning』seal.

「Maybe I’ll only seriously clean the room where I’ll be sleeping today.」

Because I didn’t have a bed and mattress yet, I would be sleeping on the floor with a cloak and a blanket tonight, so I wanted the floor to be completely clean.

「Alright, I need water and… Uhh, I don’t have a mop.」

I could use the cloth I bought to make a futon, but… No, I don’t want it to get dirty.

I opened my backpack, looking for something I can use…

「Hmm… I can still wear this. This… yeah, I can still use it… Then… maybe I can use this?」

I took out a dress that was already a little too tight for me to wear.

Normally, you sell such clothes to second-hand clothes stores, or use the cloth to make other things.
If the fabric was worn out, you can just use it as a rag.

But… I have memories with this dress.

I got this dress when I was about to move to the dormitory from the orphanage.

That time, the orphanage director, who sent me to the school, said to me, “Your clothes are a little shabby for an important day like this. Why don’t you wear some better clothes?”

The director knew that I had received money from the scholarship, so she thought that I might have a lot more clothes than just the one I always wore in the orphanage.

However, I didn’t have many clothes because I had no intention of buying anything other than essentials.
And I was actually wearing the best clothes I had that time. Still, the director said it was shabby.

But the director was right. It would be awkward if I wore shabby clothes on my first day at school, so I asked the director to go shopping with me, and we hurriedly went to the clothes store.

She chose a dress that was a little big for me, because I would grow fast at this age.
And that dress was the one I’m holding right now.

「I was still wearing this dress just a little while ago… To use this as a mop is just…」

No no no. Sarasa, it’s too small for you now! No point in keeping it!
It’s the dress you bought when you were 10 years old, you know!
Besides, it’s a little worn out, so you can’t wear it outside.

But… I can still wear it as sleepwear….. Nah, never mind.
Yes, you’re right, me. It’s too small for me now, because I’m growing properly!

Wait… even though it’s a little tight, why can I still wear clothes that I bought when I was still a child…?

I’m… growing properly, right?…. right!?

I’m sure my body is the body of an average girl my age!

ーーSpeaking of which, I didn’t ask Lorea-san her age but… I wonder how old she is?

Compared to her, I feel like I have a little slower growth than her… Just a little! A little!

「I wonder if there’s an alchemy drug for growth…」

While thinking about silly things like that, I decided to cut my old dress to the appropriate size, moisten it with water, and then wipe the walls and floors.

Thanks to the『Cleaning』seal, I could finish it quickly.
Even so, the sun was quite low by the time I finished cleaning up my room.

After that I ate the meal Diral-san gave me for dinner, and then I decided to sleep early.

I wrapped my body up with a blanket and closed my eyes.

With this, my first day at my new home was over.



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  1. ah i know that dilemma of having a hard time letting go of something. you have fond memories of it but you have no use for it and lack space for it. eventually you know you have to get rid of it or use it, but the memories it invokes make it hard to get rid of it or give it away. the thought of giving it away feels akin to throwing away the memories you have with it. the stronger and more fond the memories attached to the item in question the harder it is to let it go.

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