Chapter 1-11 : Selling The Materials Ⅰ (part 3)


「There are two alchemist store in this town, right?」

I heard about it from a Collector who came to my store.

One was near the town gate that led to Yok Village.
The other one was in the area that was a little off from the town square.

According to the Collector, those two stores have no difference, but the Collectors from Yok Village often chose to go to the one that was near the gate.

「Since I’m close to the gate, let’s go check out that one first.」

After walking for a few minutes, I could see the store.

It was about the same size as my store, but of course, it wasn’t as cheap as my store because the price of the land in a village was different from a town.
Considering that, the owner must be an independent alchemist who was training at someone’s store and earning money there first before they opened this store, unlike me who opened a store as soon as I graduated.

But, umm… why is the area around the store a little dirty?
Or is it normal for a store in a town?
No… Master’s store is always clean. If she sees this store, she might yell at the owner and make them clean it.

After observing the store building, I pushed its old door and went inside.


When I entered, a slightly unfriendly voice of a man welcomed me.

It seems the man was about 30 years old or younger.

His gaze bugs me, but anyway, let’s take a look at this store’s products.

The items sold were basically potions.
The line up wasn’t much different from my store.

There were also artifacts, but not many.
Maybe this store basically made artifacts by order?

There were no products that required advanced skill and technology to make.
Perhaps because they don’t sell very well, or… the store owner’s skill as an alchemist is not that good?

……Oh well, let’s talk to him.

I decided not to think too much about that and walked to the counter.

「Excuse me, sir. Would you like to buy my materials?」(Sarasa)

「Hm? Show me.」(store owner)

I took out a bottle containing an Anger Bear’s heart from my bag and put it on the counter.

He grabbed it and looked at it closely.
Then, he squinted and with a dissatisfied look he saidー

「It’s old and not well processed. 12,000 reas.」(store owner)

Old, he said? Not well processed, he said!?

Ho, hooー I see now.
He’s messing around with me, huh?

I held my dissatisfaction and put the next item on the counter.

「ーーHow about this?」(Sarasa)

This time was the liver.

「This one is worse than the heart. 8,000 reas. So 20,000 in total. Is that okay?」(store owner)

Of course not!

This man…
Is he seriously messing around with me?

I took both bottles quickly from his hands and put them in my backpack.

「Sorry to disturb you. Excuse me.」(Sarasa)

Then, I hurriedly left the store.

「Aa! Oi, wait!」(store owner)

As if I’ll wait!

After walking quickly on the street for a while, I looked back.

ーーFiuh… Looks like he’s not following me.

「The heck is that store!? That was the worst store I ever visited! …… I don’t think there are still Collectors from my village who sell their materials to that store anymore since they can sell them to me now. Still, I think I should warn them about that store…」

I can’t let that man cheat the Collectors!
I’ll tell them how bad that store is!

It’s not that because he irritated me, it’s for the Collectors’ sake, okay?

「But… I never thought there are still bad alchemists nowadays… Did he think I’m stupid, huh?」

Maybe he thought that I’m just a girl who happened to find an Anger Bear’s heart and liver somewhere.

If he knew that I’m an alchemist but still had that attitude, then he was just a fool.

And his gaze… Was he trying to intimidate me a little with that gaze?
He didn’t make me nervous at all, tho.

Jasper-san (Ells-san’s husband) is many times more intimidating than him.

When Ells-san introduced him to me, I stepped back without realizing because of his intimidating aura.

If Ells-san had never introduced her husband, I would probably run away if I happened to meet him on the street at night.

He is actually a nice person, tho.

Wait, why am I thinking about Jasper-san now?

「Anyway, I have to go to the other one… But… According to Collectors, the two stores in this town aren’t any different from each other, right…? So… the other one is also a bad store? Uhh… Still, I hope it will be a nice store…」

Feeling a little depressed, I started walking toward the other alchemist store.



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