Chapter 1-8 : To The Market (part 1)


「…Mmm………. Hmm…? Why am I lying on the floor…?」(Kako)

The first thing I realized as soon as I woke up the next morning was that I was lying on the wooden floor of the inn room.

I slowly raised my body and looked at the bed.


I immediately understood why I was lying on the floor.

Right now, Nyat is lying on the bed with his four limbs all stretched to the side, occupying the bed all for himself.

It seemed that he kicked me off the bed without realizing it and took over the bed while I was sleeping.

Nyat is a male, but since we are totally different races, I thought it would be fine even though we were sleeping in the same bed.

Well, the main reason why I suggested we sleep in the same bed was because… I wanted to sleep while feeling his warm, fluffy fur!

However, I was naive…

I never expected to be treated like this!

「Damn Nyat… It’s time for the counterattack! Prepare yourself!!」(Kako)

I jumped onto Nyat’s wide-open stomach and buried my face into his warm, fluffy fur as deep as possible.

「Aaaaahhh~… This is heaven!!」(Kako)

Now I understand why my classmate, Negishi-san, was addicted to pushing her face against her cat’s stomach.

While I was enjoying this fluffy heaven, I suddenly smelled something delicious coming from downstairs.

Soon after, Nyat quickly raised his upper body, throwing me away onto the floor.


「I smell food! It’s to eat-nya!」(Nyat)

He immediately got off the bed and opened the door.

「Kako, what are you waiting for? Let’s go eat-nya!」(Nyat)

He turned his face to me for a second and then left the room.

「Nooo…! My fluffy heaven…!!」(Kako)




I had no choice but to give up on the fluffy heaven and went down to the dining halls on the first floor with Nyat.

It seems that inns in this world normally have dining halls on the first floor. It reminds me that in my previous life, you could find restaurants in some luxury hotels.

After we took a seat at an empty table, Nyat called out to the waitress by raising his paw.

The waitress noticed it and immediately approached our table.

「Good morning. Can I help you?」(waitress)

「We are guests in room 4-nya. It’s a bit too early, but we’d like to have breakfast now-nya.」(Nyat)


The waitress replied with a cheerful voice and immediately brought the food from the kitchen to our table.

Apparently, the breakfast menu is set. You can’t choose the food you want.

Well, I can understand. It’s hard to make various dishes in the morning after all.

Today’s breakfast menu is black bread and vegetable soup.

There are quite a lot of vegetable pieces in the soup but they are not that varied. It’s like instant soups you can buy in supermarkets.

「Uhh… I want to eat meat-nya…」(Nyat)

As expected, Nyat doesn’t like it.

He is staring at me, expecting me to cook food for him, but there’s nothing I can do. I can’t just make fire inside this building.

Anyway, this is my first time trying another world cuisine, so I’m a little excited.

It smells good, so I think it will taste good too.

*bon appétit!

I scooped the soup with the wooden spoon and brought it into my mouth.


Hmm… How should I put it…

It’s not bad. It’s just a bit tasteless…

I took another spoonful of the soup with a few vegetable chunks and put them in my mouth to make sure.


No. It’s actually bad. The soup is tasteless. It just tastes almost like water.

It’s not that it’s inedible, but… I feel reluctant to take another spoonful.

Well… That’s kinda disappointing…

Now let’s see how the bread tastes.

I grabbed the knife and tried to slice the black bread. Howeverー

「One… slice!! …Two… slices!!… Three…ー」(Kako)

The black bread was extremely hard and difficult to cut. I used so much energy just to cut it into a few slices.

Of course, it was hard to chew too.

My jaw a bit hurt just from chewing it a few times.

It required a lot of effort to eat it, but it didn’t taste good at all. It was just as tasteless as the soup.

I think I should have dipped it into the soup first, but still, it doesn’t taste good even with the soup…

Seeing my disappointed face, Nyat smiled at me.

「Now you know why I asked you to be my chef-nya.」(Nyat)


And that’s how my first another-world cuisine experience ended up with very disappointing results…




After we finished our breakfast, we decided to discuss our plans for the near future.

「So, what are you going to do today? You said you wanted to live in this town. Are you going to buy a house-nya?」(Nyat)


I put my thumb and index finger on my chin and started thinking.

This town seems to be a good place to live, but I still don’t know anything about this town.

There’s a huge wall surrounding this town, making me think that it might be a safe place to live in. However, the reality is different.

The receptionist lady from the merchant guild said that monsters kept coming from the forest and strong adventurers were badly injured.

Well, it’s probably too quick for me to decide whether this town is safe or not. I better go outside and gather information first.

「I think I’m going to take a walk around this town and gather information before deciding.」(Kako)

「That’s wise-nya. It would be really bad if you got lured by candy and got abducted, so I’m going with you-nya.」(Nyat)

「Geez, stop treating me like a child!」(Kako)

While pouting, I stood up from my seat and walked toward the exit.



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