Chapter 1-7 : I’m Getting Rich! (part 2)


「Miss Kako Mayama, thank you for waiting. Here’s your money. One gold coin, fifty silver coins, and fifty copper coins, and this is your merchant guild member card. You can use it to prove that you are a Blue Merchant in any merchant guild around the world.」(female employee)

Saying that the receptionist lady put a cloth pouch containing money and a blue card made of steel on the desk.


「If one day you run into trouble in town, this guild member card can also be used to prove your identity. This card is very important, so please don’t lose it.」(female employee)

「Umm, what if I lost it?」(Kako)

「Well, you will have to pay the penalty fee for losing your card. After that, you can get a new card by paying the replacement fee.」(female employee)

「I see. Thank you, Onee-san.」(Kako)

「You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to your next visit.」(female employee)

I have to keep the card safe so it doesn’t get stolen!

As I thanked the receptionist lady, I put my guild member card in the inside pocket of my clothes and the pouch containing money in my bag and then stepped away from the reception desk.

「Ugh, the pouch is quite heavy…」(Kako)

I should have asked for ten silver coins instead of a hundred…

Oh well, I can just store my money in the inn’s room. I’ll be outside a lot after all.

「Are you done-nya?」(Nyat)

While I was walking toward the bench, Nyat, who seemed to have just arrived, called out to me.

Perfect. I don’t have to wait for him.

「Yeah, it’s done. Ah, here’s your money.」(Kako)

Nyat paid for my entry fee to this town, but when I was about to return his money, he stopped me.

「You don’t have to pay me back-nya.」(Nyat)

「No, it’s okay. I got a lot of money today! Here you go.」(Kako)

「If you insist-nya.」(Nyat)

Nyat took the money and put it in his… fur?

H, Hold on… Did he really… No way…

「N, Nyat… Where did you put the money…?」(Kako)

I was thinking there might be a small bag covered in his fur, so I just couldn’t see it from here.

However, if you put coins in your pocket, there will be the sound of coins hitting each other, right? But I didn’t hear such a sound at all, as if the coins were sucked into his fur.

Is this cat a magician or something…? I wonder how the trick works…

「Hey, stop it! You’re staring at me too much-nya! It’s embarrassing-nya!」(Nyat)

「Ahaha… I’m sorry.」(Kako)

Ugh… I’m so curious…!

「Let’s go to the inn-nya. Follow me-nya.」(Nyat)

Saying that, he beckoned me, telling me to follow him.

For a split second, he reminded me of a beckoning cat figurine in the general store near my house in Japan.

After leaving the guild and walking down the main street for a while, we stopped in front of a building with a signboard depicting a picture of a cat holding a fish in its mouth.

「This is the inn where we will be staying at-nya.」(Nyat)

「I see…」(Kako)

I can understand very well why he chose this inn…




*This part uses the receptionist lady’s perspective.*

-In the merchant guild-

「I see. Thank you, Onee-san.」(Kako)

「You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to your next visit.」(female employee)

After handing the girl her money and guild member card, I went to the back room where my boss was waiting for me with a complicated look on his face.

「Did you buy her herbs?」(boss)

「I did. Fortunately, she was willing to sell all of her herbs to us.」(female employee)

「I see. That’s good.」(boss)

My boss let out a sigh of relief and raised the corner of his lips.

It’s rare to see him smile like that.

「Since you returned sooner than I thought, I bet that girl agreed with the price we offered right away.」(boss)

「She did. She didn’t even complain at all, instead, she looked so happy with the amount of money she got.」(female employee)

「That’s great.」(boss)

Currently, our town is not as safe as it was before.

In fact, you could even say that we are in a dire situation.

The reason is that the number of monsters in the forest surrounding this town has increased lately.

In order to keep this town safe, the knights, the town guards, and the adventurers joined forces to fight the monsters.

As a result, many of them were injured.

Because of that, the price of medical herbs in this town, especially those of high quality, was skyrocketing.

Of course, the price we offered to that girl was the current fair price in the market, but normally, if you know the situation of this town, you would ask for a higher price, right?

Herbs collectors should know it, but that girl didn’t ask for a higher price, meaning that either she is a kind person or she is a novice collector who doesn’t know the situation at all.

However, if she is a novice collector, how could she find so many fresh high-quality herbs while many monsters are invading the forest…?

While I was wondering, my boss continued talking.

「I never expected that Izack of all people would get badly injured…」(boss)

Izack is the most skilled adventurer in this town and the leader of the top-class adventurer party, Wings Of Steel, based in this town.

He and his party members were seriously injured in a battle with a group of monsters a few days ago.

Now that they are bedridden, no one can deal with high-rank monsters in the forest. Only they can defeat them.

「I still can’t believe how unfortunate they were. How would have thought they would be surrounded by strong monsters without them even realizing it?」(boss)

The members of Steel Wings are top-class adventurers. It’s hard to believe that they were defeated by monsters. They might have gotten very unlucky back then.

Strong monsters rarely flock together, but strangely, they gathered in the area where Izack and his party members were.

High-rank monsters are dangerous, and it would be a disaster when they flock together. Even a top-class adventurer party like Wings Of Steel couldn’t handle them when they flock together.

Izack and his party members couldn’t do much when they were outnumbered in that fight. The best they could do was protect themselves to prevent further injuries.

Fortunately, the monsters recognized each other as enemies, so Izack and his party members were able to escape while they were attacking each other.

Although no one was killed, everyone in the party was seriously injured. It would take a long time for them to recover.

One of the reasons why the price of medical herbs is skyrocketing is because the nearby forests are invaded by monsters and no one dares to go there to collect herbs.

Because medical herbs have become increasingly rare, healing magic became the only reliable recovery method.

However, there are only a few magicians who can use healing magic in this town. Moreover, most of them can only use basic healing spells. It’s difficult to heal people with serious injuries in such a situation.

Sometimes, traveling merchants and alchemists come to sell medical herbs, but they only have low-quality ones that can’t be used to heal heavy injuries.

We thought we were done for, but fortunately, a girlー No, a goddess called Kako Mayama brought the highest-quality medical herbs to us.

「In any case, We will be able to save Izack and the others with these medical herbs. As long as they can fight the monsters in the forest, we still have the chance to fix this terrible situation.」(boss)

As my boss said, if Izack and his party members are healed, we can leave the high-rank monsters to them, and the other fighters will be able to focus on fighting the weaker ones with peace of mind.

My boss turned his gaze to the girls’ document on his table and muttered.

「Kako Mayama… I don’t know who she is and where she comes from, but we should be grateful to her.」(boss)



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