Chapter 1-21 : Protect The Walls! (part 2)


「That’s right! There’s something I can do! I think I can save everyone!」(Kako)

Without wasting time, I immediately ran through narrow alleys toward the closest wall.

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but I have to hurry before those monsters break the wall.

As soon as I got to the wall, I looked around at my surroundings.

After confirming that there was nobody around and all the windows of nearby buildings were closed, I executed my plan.

First, I used my Synthesis Skill a few times to create a unique Ball Slime magic stone out of ordinary ones.

「Synthesis! Synthesis! Synthesis!」(Kako)

After I successfully created it, I held it with my left hand and touched the wall with my right hand.

Unique Ball Slime magic stones have the effect of softening impact. I have only tried it on my armor, so I don’t know if it’s gonna work on other things such as a wall.

「Please work, please work, pleeease!! Synthesis!」(Kako)

The moment I activated my Synthesis Skill, the unique Ball Slime magic stone in my left hand shone and was sucked into the wall.

「Alright… It’s time for the moment of truth…」(Kako)

I appraised the wall and then a half-translucent description board appeared in front of me.

〈Town’s Wall : A wall made of stones and bricks to protect a town. It has the additional effect of softening 10% of the incoming impact.〉

「Oh! I did it! It has the additional effect from the magic stone! But… Only ten percent?」(Kako)

This wall is huge. It’s surrounding the entire town, so that’s probably why the effect is not that strong.

I wonder if it will be enough to withstand those Wallbreakers’ attacks…


「Ugh… It’s still shaking really hard!」(Kako)

The effect was so weak that I didn’t feel like the vibration had gotten any smaller.

It was not enough at all, but I still had so many Ball Slimes magic stones in my magic bag, so I decided to keep creating unique magic stones and using them to reinforce the wall.

「Synthesis! Synthesis! Synthesis! Synthesiiiis!!」(Kako)

I repeated the process until I could barely feel the vibration.


「Ohh! It works!!」(Kako)

The rumbling sound that was heard every time the Wallbreakers hit the wall had changed. It now sounds like they are hitting a giant wall made of rubber.

I can’t see those monsters because I’m inside the town but judging from the sound, I think the wall bounces them back when they hit it.

I touched the wall and appraised it.

〈Town’s Wall : A wall made of stones and bricks to protect a town. It has the additional effect of softening 99.99% of the incoming impact.〉

「Dang! I just turned it into an impenetrable wall!」(Kako)

I’m really glad I did it! Now I don’t have to worry about the monsters destroying the wall anymore.

「Now, I think I’m going to check the wall on the other side of the town and see if it also has the same effect. Those monsters might attack the other side too after all.」(Kako)

After finishing my mission here, I decided what to do next.

However, before I could turn aroundー



ーSuddenly, someone hugged me tightly from behind and covered my mouth with a cloth.

「Hmmph!? Hhmmmmphh!!」(Kako)

Who is this!? What is happening!?

Am I being kidnapped!?

Ughh…! I can’t… breathe…!!

I also feel….. very…….. sleepy…………….




ーNyat’s POVー

After leaving the town, I and the other adventurers headed for the plains where the knights were fighting the monsters.

We were planning to join them and fight together with them. Howeverー

「Oh, no! There are monsters ahead!」(adventurer)

ーWe encountered a group of monsters that seemed to have separated from the main group that was fighting the knights in the plains.

「This is bad! It’s too close to the town! Maitena-san, what should we do!?」(adventurer)

「I don’t think we can lure them away since they’re coming for the town! We have to fight them here! Everyone, prepare for battle!」(Maitena)

The person who was leading this group was Kako’s Master, Maitena.

She shouted and raised her spear.

「You guys heard her! We can’t let them get into the town!」(Izack)

Wherever Maitena is, there will definitely be Izack.

He unsheathed his sword and raised it as he shouted.


Responding to him, the other adventurers also unsheathed their weapons and charged into the swarm of monsters.

「Alright! Let the party begin-nya!」(Nyat)

As for me, I ran straight to the line of strong monsters, ignoring the weak ones.

Seeking out battles against strong enemies is something we, catto warriors, always do after all.

As I kept avoiding attacks from weak monsters at the front line, I spotted a five-meter-tall ogre.

「Oh! Found my first victim-nya!」(Nyat)

That guy will definitely give other adventurers a hard time if I don’t kill it quickly.

With that in mind, I increased my running speed.

This monster is tall, but its tall body means nothing for a catto like me.

I jumped into the air, aiming for its upper body.

It noticed me, but it was too late!

「Nya nya!!」(Nyat)

I slashed its neck with my claws, removing big chunks of its neck meat.


The ogre whose throat was slit was unable to breathe and fell to the ground.

「Whoa! That catto is amazing!」
「He defeated that ogre in one blow!」
「As expected from a catto warrior!」(adventurers)

While hearing the voices of the impressed adventurers around me, I kept hunting strong monsters.

I have no problem defeating them so far, but the problem is…

「There are so many of them-nya!」(Nyat)

The number of monsters was too many compared to us adventurers. It would take a long time for us to defeat them all.

「Don’t fight alone unless you’re confident about your abilities! Work together with the people around you and help the injured ones if you can!」(Maitena)

While I was fighting, I saw Maitena supporting the struggling adventurers around her.

Meanwhile, Izack charged toward me while defeating the monsters in his way one after another.

「Haa!! Hya!! ーYo, Mr. Catto, you’re hunting for the strong ones, right? Can I join you?」(Izack)

「Of course-nya. As expected from a high-ranked adventurer. You’re very strong-nya.」(Nyat)

「Haha! Look who’s talking. You’re very strong too. That’s a catto warrior for you! Let’s go deeper and aim for the strongest ones, shall we?」(Izack)

「Roger that-nya!」(Nyat)

Izack and I charged deeper into the back line, aiming for the strongest monsters in this swarm who were acting as the commanders.

However, before we could spot those monsters, we heard an adventurer shouting from the other side of the battlefield.

「Everyone, be careful! Wallbreakers are coming!!」(adventurer)

「Nya nya!?」(Nyat)

「Wallbreakers he says!? This is bad!」(Izack)



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