Chapter 1-21 : Protect The Walls! (part 3)


「Wallbreakers he says!? This is bad!」(Izack)

Suddenly, an adventurer came with bad news.

It seemed that there was a big swarm of Wallbreakers a few hundred meters from the battlefield. They seemed to be aiming for the town’s wall.

「No way! Why didn’t anyone notice such a big group of Wallbreakers-nya!」(Nyat)

「It seems like those monsters got separated from the main swarm in the plains, but… Why didn’t they join this swarm and choose to go separately instead as if they were planning to distract us?」(Izack)

「So you say… they planned all this so that they can destroy the wall while we, adventurers, are dealing with this swarm-nya?」(Nyat)

「Yeah, but… Do monsters even have the intelligence to do that?」(Izack)

「Now that you mention it… It’s weird-nya… Is someone controlling all these monsters-nya?」(Nyat)

「I don’t know… Either way, Mr. Catto, we should prevent them from destroying the wall!」(Izack)

「You’re right! We can think about it later-nya!」(Nyat)

Izack and I decided to leave the battlefield to stop the Wallbreakers.

We can deal with this swarm of monsters later. Now, our priority is to stop the Wallbreakers. We can’t let them destroy the wall and let these monsters invade the town.

「You guys, follow me! We have to stop those Wallbreakers!」(Izack)


「Maitena, I leave this place to you! I’ll be right back!」(Izack)

「Okay. Be careful!」(Maitena)

While running, Izack commanded several adventurers to go with us. They then immediately joined us without hesitation.

We ran as fast as we could toward the group of the Wallbreakers. Howeverー


ーWe could feel a huge vibration before we could even see them.

「Nya!? They have started hitting the wall-nya!」(Nyat)



「Khh…! I hope we can reach them before they destroy the wall!」(Izack)

While running, suddenly we spotted a light from inside the town on the other side of the wall.

「Hm? What is that light?」(Izack)

I know that light, but I can’t tell him.

It’s the same light I see every time Kako uses her Synthesis Skill.

The light shone a few times. Is Kako trying to do something with the wall?

「Look! We can finally see them!」(Izack)

When we could finally spot the group of Wallbreakers, they had already made a huge crack in the wall.

They would break it in two or three more hits.

「Dammit! I don’t think we can make it!」(Izack)

He’s right…

Even if we could reach them before they could destroy the wall, I don’t think we would be able to defeat all of those high-ranked monsters in a short amount of time especially when their number was twice as large as ours.

I could run faster than the other adventurers, but as a matter of course, I couldn’t handle that many Wallbreakers by myself.

This is bad! Those monsters are going to break the wall!

Kako… I’m worried about her…

Should I just give up on those Wallbreakers and climb over the wall to protect her?

While I was thinking of leaving those monsters to these adventurers and going to save Kakoー


「What theー!?」(Izack)

「Nya nya!?」(Nyat)

ーI saw the Wallbreakers bounce back when they hit the wall.

「What the hell is happening!?」
「The wall bounced them back…?」(adventurers)

Izack and the other adventurers looked confused. No one understood what was happening.

No one but me.

I don’t know exactly what she did, but it seems that Kako did something to the wall with her Synthesis Skill.

Normally, I should scold her for using her Skill in public, but I guess I’ll just keep my eyes shut this time.

Kako, good job-nya!

「I don’t know what happened, but this is our chance! Chaaaarge!!」(Izack)


Now that we no longer have to worry about the wall, we can focus on defeating the Wallbreakers.

These monsters have strong heads that are as hard as diamonds. They are good at destroying things with their heads, especially the town walls. That’s why people call them ‘Wallbreakers’.

They are high-ranked monsters that can easily destroy the entire bones in your body in one hit. However, their movements are easy to read and they’re not that difficult to defeat.

All they do is charge toward their targets. You can counterattack them as long as you can dodge their simple attack patterns.

It took us about ten minutes to kill all of the Wallbreakers. A few adventurers got injured in the battle, but fortunately, no one died.

After we took care of the Wallbreakers, we returned to Maitena’s group to help them deal with the swarm of monsters we previously fought.

Izack and I immediately aimed for the high-ranked monsters who acted as the commanders of the swarm.

They were strong, but they were no match for us. It only took us about fifteen minutes to kill all the commanders.

「Phew… My work wouldn’t have been much easier if you were not fighting alongside me. Say, Mr. Catto, would you join the Steel of Wings?」(Izack)

「Nah, I’ll pass-nya. I don’t normally join a party-nya.」(Nyat)

「That’s too bad.」(Izack)

「Anyway, there don’t seem to be any strong monsters left-nya. There are still so many monsters but they are too weak and I have no interest in fighting them-nya. Can I leave now? You guys can handle them by yourselves, right-nya?」(Nyat)

「Haha. Fighting weak monsters is boring. I can understand. Alright, you can go back to the town. Let the lower-ranked adventures handle the weak ones.」(Izack)

「Thank you-nya.」(Nyat)

The battle is not over, but there are only weak monsters remaining.

I feel like fighting them is the same as bullying weak ones, and I don’t like it, so I decided to leave the battlefield.

When I reached the closed gate, I looked up at the guard on the top of the wall and shouted.

「Let me in-nya!」(Nyat)

「Let the catto in! He’s an adventurer!」(guard)

The guards opened the gate a little bit just enough to let me get inside and immediately closed it again.

「Adventurer, how’s the situation?」(guard)

「Don’t worry. The situation is under control-nya. Izack and I have defeated the strong ones-nya.」(Nyat)

「I see. Glad to hear that.」(guard)

「I’m tired so I’m going back to my inn-nya.」(Nyat)

「Alright. Thank you for your hard work!」(guard)

Now that I was allowed to go home early, I decided to go see Kako. I was kinda worried about her.


She couldn’t be found at the inn or anywhere else in town…

Where is she…?




ーKako’s POVー

ーMeanwhile, somewhere in the townー


My body hurts…

And I feel sluggish…

It’s cold… and hard… Am I lying on the floor…?

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the surroundings, butー

「Where… am I…?」(Kako)

It was pitch dark here so I couldn’t see anything.

Where exactly is this?

If I recall correctly, I went to the Merchant Guild to sell herbs, and on my way back, I used my Synthesis Skill to strengthen the wall.

After that…

Ugh… I can’t remember what happened…

「Hello, little missy. Are you awake?」(??)

Suddenly, I heard the voice of someone I didn’t know.

「…Who…? I’m not… little… Ugh…」(Kako)



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