Alchemy? Nope, It’s Called Item Synthesis! ~I Keep Creating Extraordinary Items From Trash Piles Using Item Synthesis Ability!~

Kako Mayama is a girl who likes playing fantasy games, especially alchemy-themed games because she likes to craft items in games.

One day, she died after saving an animal that was actually the pet of a goddess from another world.

The goddess gave Kako a chance to be reincarnated in another world in return for saving her pet. She would also give her the ability of her choice from a list if she accepted her offer.

Without hesitation, Kako accepted the offer and chose Alchemy ability from the listー No. To be exact, she wanted the Alchemy ability from the list, but because of some kind of careless mistake, she got Synthesis ability instead.

Kako was disappointed at first but then she realized the greatness of her ability.

Synthesis ability is kind of similar to Alchemy ability, but they have differences.

To make an item using Alchemy, you need to collect the required materials first, but to use Synthesis ability you only need multiple items to be combined together into a higher grade item.

When Kako realized the usefulness of her ability, she started to combine cheap items to create high-quality items and achieve a successful life.

After a while, she became completely addicted to her game-like ability. She kept creating extraordinary items one after another and making a sensation around the world.



Chapter 1-1 : I Saved The Goddess’ Pet



ーーHm…? Where am I…?ーー

I was in a white space when I woke up.

I could see nothing but the color of white here.

『Kako Mayama, are you awake?』

Suddenly, I heard a gentle voice of a woman coming from somewhere.

ーーWho are you…?ーー

『I’m a goddess.』

As soon as she answered my question, a bright light with the shape of a woman wearing a dress appeared in front of me.

ーーA goddess…?ーー

I didn’t know that goddesses shine. I thought they would look like extraordinarily beautiful women.

『We do. Unfortunately, we can’t show our true form to humans because it will destroy their souls. That’s why I appear before you as a light, which humans’ souls can endure. It’s like lowering the resolution of a video so that your low resolution monitor can handle it.』

ーーI, I see…ーー

I was surprised that the goddess could read my mind, but I was more surprised that she talked about mundane things such as monitors and video.

I wonder if there are electronics in the realm of gods…

『Now then, Kako Mayama, do you remember how you died?』

Aa, that’s right. I died…

If I’m not mistaken, I was on my way home from school and I saw a… cat…? dog…? ferret…?

I don’t remember what animal it was, but I saved it from being hit by a truck when it tried to cross the road.

Yeah… I remember vaguely, but I’m sure I did save it, whatever animal it was.

ーーI remember I was trying to save an animal, and then… I died…ーー

『That’s right. And you know what? The animal you saved is my pet.』

ーーYour… pet?ーー

Eh? So it was a goddess’ pet…?

『Hahh… I told him not to go to the outside world because it was dangerous, but he didn’t listen… A, Ahem! …Anyway, my pet escaped from the realm of god and descended to your world to take a stroll. You saved him when he carelessly crossed a road.』

So… It descended to the human world just to take a stroll…? That’s a pet of a goddess for you.

Since her pet could escape easily, I bet this goddess’ house has poor security.

Leave that aside, I’m aware that I already died, but I’m surprisingly calm. I wonder why…

I didn’t notice it but perhaps I’m an unflappable type of person?

『No. It’s because I used my power to calm your mind. Otherwise, you would have gone insane from the shock of death. Humans’ souls are fragile after all.』

ーーEh!? I, Is that so?ーー

Again. She read my mind.

But… I think she’s serious about going insane from the shock of death.

I’m not the type of person who can keep my cool after all.

I should thank her for this.

『Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. Kako Mayama, you saved my pet. I really appreciate that. To return your favor, I will reincarnate you.』

ーーReincarnate me…?ーー

『Yeah. To be exact, I will reincarnate you into my world. You will be reborn in a different world.』

ーーA different world…? So… You can’t bring me back to life in my world?ーー

『I’m sorry. Unfortunately, your world is under the jurisdiction of another god, so I can’t bring you back to life or reincarnate you there.』

ーーI see… So, there are multiple gods and each of them has their own world, huh?ーー


ーーUmm, can’t you ask the god who is in charge of my world to reincarnate me there?ーー

『Uhh… It… will be hard… Y, You see. It’s like your pet broke into someone’s house and destroyed their expensive bonsai. You know what I mean?』

ーーEeehh… You just don’t want to get scolded, do you?ーー

『S, Shut up! Anyway, I can reincarnate you into my world. That’s the best I can do for you.』


『However, my world is harsh because monsters exist, so it would be a suicide if you come to my world as you are now. Therefore, I will give you my blessing!』

Goddess’ blessing, huh? That sounds great, but…

ーーWhat kind of blessing?ーー

『Hmm, to put it in human terms, it’s like abilities or skills in video games. You can choose the one you like.』

It’s like abilities in video games? Wow, that sounds interesting!

The goddess approached me and stretched her arm toward me. Soon after, a list that looked like a game user interface appeared in front of me.

There are so many abilities or skills listed on the list. It even has a scroll bar that I can move at will.

There are abilities that can be used in battle, such as Sword Mastery, Spear Mastery, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Recovery Magic, ect.

There are also abilities that are useful in daily life, such as Blacksmithing and Cooking.

I feel like I’m going to go inside a game, and it makes me a little excited.

Talking about games, today is the release date of the new game I’ve been waiting for a long time.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m quite a gamer. I play a lot of games.

Well, since I don’t have a good reflex, I rarely play action games. I mainly play strategic turn-based RPGs, and among thousands of RPGs available in the world, my favorites are the ones about alchemy, especially the Workshop series.

The game I was planning to buy was the latest game of the Workshop series with the title of “Elise’s Workshop”. Just like its predecessors, it’s a great alchemy game where you can craft various unique items.

By the way, I got hooked on alchemy games after I played the first game of the Workshop series, Merry’s Workshop, which was my dad’s, when I was still at elementary school. Yeah, my dad used to play games too.

Merry’s Workshop was a fun game. I was so excited to see how Merry mixed useless materials together and turned them into various useful items.

I got so hooked on that game back then. I even tried to make a ‘potion’ by mixing soy sauce with orange juice.

You don’t need to ask. It tasted awful, obviously…

My mom scolded me when she found out that I wasted the soy sauce and juice. I remember she slapped my butt real hard because of that. It was so painful…

Since then, my mom locked the refrigerator to prevent me from wasting food ingredients just to play alchemy.

I wonder if Mom and Dad would be sad when they found out that I could no longer be with them…

It’s strange that I still keep my calm while thinking about my parents. Is it also because of the goddess’ power?

In any case, today, when I was on my way home from school, I planned on buying the latest game of the Workshop series, Elise’s Workshop, but I ended up being in this mysterious space instead of a game shop.

Well, since this goddess will reincarnate me in a fantasy world with a game-like ability, I guess I will enjoy my next life.

I kept scrolling down the list of abilities, trying to find an ability I like.

It’s kinda exciting because it’s like creating a character in an MMORPG.

Actually, I already have an idea which ability I should choose.

Yup. There’s only one ability I want!

Let’s see…

Tracking… Appraisal… Future Sight… Stealth… Herbalism… Synthesis… Alchemy.

Aa! Found it!

ーーMa’am, I want this ability!ーー

I pointed at the “Alchemy” ability on the list.

If I go to another world, I definitely want to be an alchemist who can create various items just like Merry-chan!


I’m so excited to think that I will be able to create potions, elixirs, magic items, and many other things that only exist in games!

Fighting monsters in games is fun, but I don’t think it will be fun in reality, so I think I will open an alchemy shop in a peaceful town and live there.

『Oh? Have you decided?』

ーーYes! I want this one!ーー

『Alright then. In addition to the ability of your choice, I will also give you the knowledge about the languages and letters in my world so that you can communicate with others. Also, I will not reincarnate you as a baby, but as a teenager girl based on your original age and body so you can immediately get used to living in my world. Ah, I will also fix your cavities, so you don’t need to worry about it anymore, but please take a good care of your teeth this time, okay?』

ーーAhaha… Thank you, but can you make my breasts a little bigger?ーー

『Well then, enjoy living in my world in good health, Kako Mayama. I wish you a good luck.』

ーーW, Wait! How about my breasts?ーー

Before I could fully convey my last request, my consciousness sank into darkness.





『Phew… Finally, my work is done~ I’m glad she accepted my offer to reincarnate into my world instead of telling me to bring her back to life in her former world… It would be a pain if I had to apologize to that god… Ngghhhh~!』

As soon as Kako disappeared, the goddess stretched her arms up as if she had just finished a tough job.

She then opened the list of abilities and looked at the row where Kako was pointing at. However…

『Let’s see… Hm? Hold on… Which one did she choose again? Was it Synthesis? Or… Alchemy…? Hmm… I think she pointed at… this one. Yeah. it must be the one. A goddess’ intuition is never wrong after all~』


*TL : As you might have noticed.
Workshop Series -> Atelier Series
Merry’s Workshop -> Atelier Marie, which is also the first game of the series



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