Chapter 98 : Rozelia Is Nothing But Harm (part 2)


「Say, Roze… Is it true that you’re bullying a girl from our class…?」(Cecil)

「Aha! Are you talking about Hanna~? You said there was something important you wanted to talk about, so I thought you were going to confess your love to me~☆」(Rozelia)

「Don’t dodge my question. Roze, are you really bullying that girl? Depending on your answer, I might stop being your friend!」(Cecil)

「………..Huh? What are you talking about, Cecil?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia looked at Cecil coldly.

「You wanna stop being my friend? Who do you think will be troubled with that!? …..Alright… If that’s what you want, let’s end this friendship then…」(Rozelia)

Seeing Rozelia’s threatening attitude, Cecil’s heart beat faster and her palm began to get wet with cold sweat.

Because this is Cecil’s point of view, I can feel her emotion directly. I can’t really describe it but it seems like she is upset, mad, disappointed and sad at the same time.

「R, Roze… Did I make you angry…? I’m sorry…」(Cecil)

Cecil was interrogating Rozelia with a harsh tone earlier, but now her tone sounded like she was begging for Rozelia’s forgiveness.

「I was just thinking that you were definitely not a person who likes to bully others… I should have trusted you instead of believing that rumor… Please don’t be angry, Roze. I’m sorry for doubting you…」(Cecil)

Just… What kind of spell did Rozelia use to make Cecil bound to her this much in just a year!?

「Fine. It’s okay, as long as you understand.」(Rozelia)

Rozelia smiled satisfyingly.

「But I’m actually not a good girl like you think, you know~? It’s true that I’m bullying a girl from our class☆」(Rozelia)

「Eh? So the rumor was true…? But why? You must have a reason, right?」(Cecil)

Aa-ahh… How disappointing…

The number one student in the Adventurer School, The Silver Flash, is so afraid to be hated by her best friends that she convinced herself that her best friend has a good reason for bullying an innocent girl…

「Of course! I think that students who don’t have the talent to become adventurers should be expelled from this school☆」(Rozelia)

Uwahh… This dark elf said something unreasonable again…

「W, Why…? Everyone has been working hard in this school in order to become adventurers, right? Why do you want to have them expelled…?」(Cecil)

「Because they’re just a bunch of hypocrites, don’t you think?」(Rozelia)

「Hypocrites…? What do you mean?」(Cecil)

「Look. People without talent will most likely fail the exam no matter how hard they practice, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is if those people pass the exam and become adventurers. They will definitely DIE as soon as they fight monsters! What I’m actually trying to do is saving lifes. Do you understand?」(Rozelia)


I know Rozelia bullied me just because she enjoyed it, but she confidently said that it was to save my life? Hah! She really knows how to make bad things look good in front of people. What a cunning dark elf.

Cecil wasn’t smart enough to see through Rozelia, and because she was afraid to be hated by Rozelia, she couldn’t oppose her.

「Cecil, even your mother, The Blue Saint, died as an adventurer. You and the chairman must have suffered from her death, right? If an adventurer died just because they were incompetence, can you imagine how sad the family they left behind would be?」(Rozelia)

What a sophistry… This woman is good at playing with words.

Cecil’s mother didn’t die due to her lack of ability. If I were here at this time and heard this conversation, I’m sure I would have opposed Rozelia and beat her thoroughly with my argument!

I wonder where I was at this time.

「That’s why, I think the ones who deserve to be adventurers are only those who have talents and capabilities. For that purpose, I’m willing to get my own hands dirty, you know?」(Rozelia)

Rozelia said that with a sorrowful face as if she was willing to suffer for the sake of goodness.

She has been acting really well so far. What an actor.

「…I see. Now I understand what you’re thinking… If you do that for good, then I will help you! I can’t just let you act as the bad guy by yourself…!」(Cecil)

Listening to what Cecil said, Rozelia smiled at Cecil with shining eyes.

「Un! I knew you would say that!」(Rozelia)

After that, Cecil began to help Rozelia by telling her father to expel students who were not serious in taking lessons, students who skipped classes, and students who caused trouble to surrounding people.

As a result, all the students began to behave in order not to be expelled from school.

However, on a certain dayー

「W, Why…? Why do I get expelled…?」(Hanna)

Yep. This is the day when the chairman expelled me.

I was now kneeling on the ground while holding my stomach after the chairman kicked my torso. I was looking at him with desperate eyes, refusing to back down.

Ughh… It’s weird seeing myself from Cecil’s point of view…

「P, Please! I haven’t done anything wrong! So, why…!?」(Hanna)

When you look back on memories, you tend to forget the pain and struggles you experience at that time… It’s so strange…

At this time, I admit that I was far from being capable and dependable enough to become an adventurer. As Rozelia said, I looked like a person who would likely die on her first adventure.

「You fight with Cecil. If you can hit my daughter with your sword once…… No, even if you only graze her, I’ll allow you to stay in this school.」(Bazel)

「Don’t worry father. It’s impossible for her to graze me.」(Cecil)

While saying that, Cecil took out her sword.

I felt like she talked like a bad person on purpose.

She was planning to beat me to a pulp in order to make me give up on my dream of becoming an adventurer.

「Even Sword Princess Laney can’t keep up with my speed, you know? It’s gonna be easy. Obviously.」(Cecil)

After that, Cecil kept beating me, who recklessly challenged her into duel, and after a while, she released her favorite sword skill,【Wind Aria】, as the finishing blow.

I was blown away by the strong gust coming from the tip of Cecil’s sword, fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

The duel was over.

I was lying on the ground weakly, while Cecil put her sword back in its scabbard while standing gallantly.


As she heard my desperate moan, Cecil turned around and followed Bazel leaving the school yard.

At that moment, Cecil muttered to herself with a low voice so that no one could hear it.

「…I’m sorry……」(Cecil)



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  1. Wait so this gonna be some kind of redemption arc for Cecil?
    Or a Arc to made her and Hanna more like sister/friends?

  2. This doesn’t make sense at all, after that fight took place, no way in hell Cecil was showing any kind of remorse of her previous actions. But man Roze hands down is one crazy manipulative vixen, I do believe she conditioned Cecil to be that way more than a so called remorse plot, she is one scary girl that dark elf.

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