Chapter 98 : Rozelia Is Nothing But Harm (part 1)


「You’re Cecil Sortlarc, right? I’m Rozelia Schultz! In the Elven Forest, everyone usually calls me Roze! Nice to meet you~☆」(Rozelia)

One week after the entrance ceremony of Sortlarc Adventurer Academy, Cecil had already attracted a lot of people’s attention because she was the daughter of the school chairman.

When she went to the backyard because she got tired of people, Rozelia called out to her and introduced herself.

「….Hmph. You want to get close to me because my father is the chairman, don’t you?」(Cecil)

Cecil, who was sitting on an iron bench, turned her face away from Rozelia. She looked so annoyed.

There were many students who wanted to get close to Cecil because she was the chairman’s daughter. They thought they would get various benefits by getting close to Cecil.

However, it was so obvious that even an insensitive person like Cecil could see through those people.

Cecil was sick of people who wanted to make use of a relationship for their own benefit, that’s why she wanted to be alone and went to the backyard, but unfortunately, the most annoying girl in the entire school found her.

I can understand why Cecil was so annoyed. If I were Cecil now, I would have hit this dark elf’s head with my hammer before she can speak any further.

「I want to get close to you because your father is the chairman, you said? Yada yada~ that’s ruuude~☆ That’s completely not my intention. People want to get close to you because they believe they will be noticed by the chairman and get benefit from it, but I don’t care and I don’t need such a thing because I’m very smart~☆」(Rozelia)

「Hee… Then is it because you envy my talent? You won’t become as talented as I am by simply getting close to me, you know?」(Cecil)

「Ahaha! Of course I know. That’s not it. I want to get along with you because you・are・cute~♡」(Rozelia)

Cecil was surprised by Rozelia’s words.

She had been looking away from Rozelia, trying not to make eye contact with her, but then she turned her face and looked at Rozelia’s face for the first time.

「H, Huh…? Cute? Me?」(Cecil)

“You’re so cool!”, “You’re so beautiful!”. Cecil was accustomed to being told that way, so she was quite surprised that someone told her that she was cute.

Rozelia, who finally got Cecil’s attention, smiled and sat next to Cecil.

「Yup, you’re so cute~ You’re so desperate to be recognized by the chairman, right? Why?」(Rozelia)


Cecil was shocked because Rozelia unexpectedly could see through her nature. She tried to get up from the bench but Rozelia immediately grabbed Cecil’s arm, preventing her from running away.

「Everyone is misunderstanding you, but Cecil, I know you’re strong not only because you’re talented, but also because you trained a lot, more than anyone else in this school.」(Rozelia)


「Look. There are so many blisters on your hand. Just how many times do you swing a sword every day? A thousand times? Ten thousand times?」(Rozelia)

While holding Cecil’s arm, Rozelia gently turned Cecil’s hand and looked at her palm.

Cecil’s palm looked like a snake’s old skin that was left after the snake shed.

「Cecil, you don’t have a mother, right? Even though you worked so hard, no one praised you. Not even your father. It must be painful, isn’t it?」(Rozelia)

「…It…. It is…..」(Cecil)

「I see, but don’t worry. You don’t have to feel that way anymore because I will be the one to praise you from now on. I will always be by your side. You can think of me as your mother and depend on me.」(Rozelia)

Rozelia said that with a voice of a mother comforting her baby.

「H, Huh!? Don’t be silly! I never said I want to be praised nor I want someone to depend on!」(Cecil)

「Fuーn~ Then why are you crying?」(Rozelia)

When Rozelia said that, I just realized that my sight was getting blurry. Apparently, Cecil’s eyes were filled with tears.

「E, Eh…? This is… weird…… Why am I…」(Cecil)

She tried her hardest to look tough, but she couldn’t hold tears from flowing out of her eyes.

I kinda know how Cecil is feeling right now.

She has been enduring loneliness for years.

A girl appeared and said she wanted to get along and always be there for Cecil even though she knew that Cecil wasn’t as strong as people expected. Moreover, she would recognize all Cecil’s hard work, unlike her father. Of course, Cecil was so happy that her heart melted.

However, unfortunately, that girl was Rozelia… I know how rotten Rozelia is…

If only the girl was an actual kind girl instead of Rozelia, this would have been a touching scene, but no… I feel like watching a weak person who is being tempted to join a suspicious religious group or something… It’s not a very pleasant feeling.

Rozelia gently pulled Cecil’s hand and let her sit on the bench again. She then wiped Cecil’s tears and embraced her body while gently stroking her head.

「Cecil, my cute little baby. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m here for you.」(Rozelia)

「U, UuUuuUuuu… Ma… Mama….」(Cecil)

Ahh, Cecil must be seeing Rozelia as an angel or something.

She didn’t realize that Rozelia is actually a devil wearing a mask of an angel.

She completely opened her heart for Rozelia.




Two years later, their relationship had become stronger.

They were always together wherever they went.

When they were getting closer and closer to each other, Cecil heard a bad rumor about Rozelia.

「Say, Roze… Is it true that you’re bullying a girl from our class…?」(Cecil)

Cecil took Rozelia to the same place when they first met and interrogated her.

Cecil originally had a strong sense of justice, so she didn’t want to accept the rumor saying that her best friend was bullying someone.

By the way, I’m pretty sure that the girl who Rozelia bullied is me. There’s no doubt about it.

「Aha! Are you talking about Hanna~?」(Rozelia)

Yup. I knew it.



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