Chapter 97 : The Little Cecil Is Cute…! (part 1)


After I saw Bazel smiling, the scene changed.

I was holding a wooden sword in my hand before I noticed. It was a short and rounded wooden sword.

As I swung the sword, I heard a voice of a little child. “Yaa! yaa!”, like that.

The ceiling of the room was very high, more than enough to swing a sword freely. At a glance, I knew that this wasn’t an ordinary house. This was a room of a big mansion or castle.

There was a mirror in front of me. Apparently, I was confirming how I looked when I swung a sword.

And… As I expected… The one who was reflected in the mirror wasn’t me.

It was a little girl with short blue hair, sharp-looking eyes and smooth-looking baby skin.

Yes, it was Cecil when she was little.

Judging from her height, I guess she is about four years old now.

I thought that she had been a bad child with a rotten personality since childhood, but after I saw her swinging a small wooden wood like that, I started thinking that she was surprisingly cute.

I never knew that there was a time when that hateful Cecil was this cute.

「How’s your practice? Hmm, looks like you’ve gotten stronger.」(?)

Hearing someone calling from behind, Iー No, Cecil turned around.

「Aa! Father!」(Cecil)

Needlessly to say, the one who called from the door of the room was Bazel.

When Cecil ran toward him, surprisingly, he looked over here with an insanely gentle expression.

Umm… Is he really Bazel Sortlarc who kicked me out of the school and tried to kill Marian-chan…?

I’ve already seen his gentle face in the previous memories, but… Is he really the same cruel man…?

He was smiling and praising Cecil. No matter how I look at him, he really looked like a kind father.

This is so weird… I can’t imagine that he will abandon Cecil in the future…

「Father, watch me, watch me! Wind Aliaー!」(Cecil)

After Cecil stuck out her wooden sword forward, a gust of wind came out from its tip.

Whoaa… Being able to swing a sword at such a young age is surprising enough for me, and now she can even use a sword skill!? Are you kidding me!?

I had been learning to use a sword for two years in the Adventurer School, but I can’t even swing a sword properly until now!

Ahh… What’s with this difference in talents…?

「Hohoー You can already use a sword skill? That’s incredible! You’re such a talented girl just like Laney.」(Bazel)

「I love the stories about Laney’s adventures you always tell me!」(Cecil)

「Is that so? Then, I will tell you a new story about her next time. Look forward to it.」(Bazel)


Yada yada~ She’s so adorable~

I knew that Cecil admires Laney, but I didn’t know that it was because Bazel always told her stories about Laney when she was little.

If only I had met Cecil when I was little and talked about Laney’s adventures with her, we might have become good friends.

I couldn’t help but feel sentimental. After all, we used to be raised by Laney together in her house.

「I want to be an adventurer like Laney when I grow up! I will help Father defeat evil god!」(Cecil)

When I heard little Cecil’s words, I recalled that I used to say the same thing to Laney a long time ago.

Uhh… Are we actually quite similar to each other…?

「I’m sure you will be a great adventurer in the future! With that being said, I have to do my best as well. I’m The Sword Fighting King, I can’t afford to lose to my own daughter after all.」(Bazel)

Bazel stroked Cecil’s head as he said that, and then he left the room.

After that, Cecil continued her practice in front of the mirror with a happy face.

Suddenly, Cecil’s appearance started to change little by little as if the memories were advancing at a high speed.

Her blue hair grew longer, her body grew taller, her fingers became supple, and her legs grew slender and long.

She is probably around 10 years old now.

After swinging a sword for a while, she wiped her sweat on her face with a towel, and then left her room.

「Father, Fatherー Would you like to see my new sword techniqueー?」(Cecil)

Cecil shouted while running through the hallway of the mansion. Apparently, she was looking for Bazel to show him her sword technique.

I’ve gone through this hallway with Mira-san before, so I know that the room ahead must be the drawing room where we confronted Bazel and Cecil to talk about bad rumors about our store. (chap 32)

The door of the drawing room was half-open, and Bazel’s voice was heard from inside.

「Fatheー… Hm?」(Cecil)

Before opening the door, Cecil realized that Bazel was currently talking with someone. She then decided to quietly peek into the room from the small gap of the door.

「Really…? Is that really true!? ……Cecilia will… But…」(Bazel)

Bazel’s voice was shaking for some reason.

「Of course it’s true~! I’ll be the producer of your reunion with your wife and daughter~ I’m so awesome, aren’t I~!?」(?)

From the voice, it seemed like the one who was talking with Bazel was a girl.

She had an annoying way of talking just like Rozelia, but she had a high-pitched and ear-piercing voice, so she sounded more annoying than Rozelia.

I didn’t know what she looked like because Cecil was looking at Bazel.

「Can I believe you? If you’re lying, I will…!」(Bazel)

「Nyahahaha! I’m not lying, I’m not lying~ Look, you have the sacred ball, right? Lying to you is impossssible~☆」(?)

Bazel was now holding one of the three sacred treasures, the sacred ball, just like the one Aspis had.

In the previous memories, Bazel told Laney that he had collected all the sacred treasures, so it was only natural that he would make use of them.

Aspis said people couldn’t tell lies under the power of the sacred ball including the owner themself. Perhaps that’s why Bazel looked very nervous. After all, it was impossible to resist the power of the god of swords, Zodia.

「But… Even if what you said was true, I don’t think I can fulfill your request. Laney will never agree. We can’t use that magical weapon without a Sword Priestess.」(Bazel)

It seemed like that girl asked Bazel to activate the forbidden magical weapon in exchange for fulfilling his wish.

Bazel said, “Laney will never agree”, so that means that girl probably wanted to use that magical weapon for an evil purpose.

「Oya oyaaa~? Are you trying to fool me~?」(?)

Cecil turned her eyes slightly to the side and glanced at the mysterious girl. Now I can finally see her.

She was dressed like a clown, and had a somewhat wicked smile on her face.

「You don’t have to ask Laney to do it because there’s a girl who is also fit to be the Sword Priestess~」(?)

「What are you…. D, Don’t tell me…!」(Bazel)

「Nyahahaha! Why are you making such a face? It’s for your beloved wife and daughter, riiight~? Well then, I leave it to you, Sword Fighting King-san~☆」(?)

After listening to what the mysterious girl said, Bazel sat down on his chair lifelessly while holding his head.

On the other hand, the mysterious girl made an ecstatic expression as if she had fun making Bazel confused.

That girl was most likely a demon. Moreover, I could feel an incomparably strong malicious aura from her, so she was definitely way stronger than Doubt.

However, young Cecil didn’t seem to be able to feel her aura. She decided to enter the room without hesitation.

「Father, who is that weird girl? What have you been talking about with her?」(Cecil)



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  1. So lest me guess: the entire premise have to be”The God of blunt and construction is good, but the God of sword is jealousy because she can’t use her power to make things, so they enter in some kind of battle she got defeat and try to destroy the world, they fight again but in this time they got into pieces, so the real evil go here is the sword God”

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