Chapter 96 : I Don’t Know These Memories… (part 2)


「I see… Now I know why you came to me.」(Laney)

「You’re sharp. Of course I didn’t come all the way here to warm up and chat with an old friend. The one who can use that magical weapon is the Sword Priestess who manipulates the three sacred treasures. I don’t know anyone who is more suitable than you for this.」(Bazel)

Eh…? So Bazel wanted Laney to become the Sword Priestess…?

Laney is the strongest female swordfighter with the nickname of “The Sword Princess”. Certainly, she is probably the most suitable person to be the savior who inherits the will of the god of swords, Zodia.

However, I could tell that Laney had no intention of accepting Bazel’s proposal.

After all, she knew all along about the existence of that magical weapon, so if she had intention to do so, she would have become the Sword Priestess with her own will long ago.

「I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be the Sword Priestess.」(Laney)

Somehow, it looked like Laney wasn’t very happy with the existence of that magical weapon. She even looked like she saw that weapon as an object of disgust.

She called that weapon as elvens’ dark history so perhaps something bad related to that weapon happened in the past.

「Bazel, your heart has broken. Stop fighting with a broken heart. What you need now is not a burning flame of revenge, but a gentle fountain that heals your heart.」(Laney)

「Don’t talk like you know everything about me!」(Bazel)


Bazel hit the table and stood up.

「A gentle fountain that heals my heart, you say!? You know that I’ve lost it, don’t you!? Cecilia… She probably wouldn’t have died if only you were with us at that time!」(Bazel)

Being frightened by Bazel’s threatening attitude toward Laney, I started crying.

I mean, the baby me, okay? It’s only natural that a baby will cry after seeing such a scary, angry old man, right?

「Arara, don’t worry~ There’s nothing scary here~ Berobero… Bwaaaー」(Laney)

Laney, your face looks weird…

Seeing Laney trying to calm the baby me down, Bazel stopped making a scary face and sat down on his chair again.

「…Hmph… She’s one of the creepy twins you picked up in that ruined village, huh? It’s still not clear if they are humans or not, but you’re raising them well, I see.」(Bazel)

Hey, old man, that’s rude!

Well, I would freak out too if I found a baby inside a jar, so I think I can understand but…

Wait a minute…..

Did he say, “one of the creepy twins”…?


「We still don’t know if they are twins or not. Just because we found them at the same place, that doesn’t mean that they are twins, right? Besides, they don’t look alike at all. Their eye color, hair color, faces, all look different.」(Laney)

After Laney said that, I realized that there was a cradle placed at the edge of the room…

And inside the cradle… there was another baby who was currently sleeping…

Eh…? There’s another baby in my and Laney’s house…? Moreover, did Laney just say that we were found together in the ruined village…?

I didn’t know this! When I was in the underground labyrinth, Slad-san didn’t tell me anything about this!

As far as I can remember, my only family member was Laney.

I never knew that I had a sisterー No, I’m not even sure if I can call the other baby my sister, but…

Why did Laney never tell me about her existence…?

What the hell are these memories!?

「Say, Bazel. Are you interested in raising this baby?」(Laney)

Suddenly, a surprising proposal came out of Laney’s mouth.

Wait, what!? “This baby”, she says? Does she mean me?

No, no, no, no, no! Laney, are you crazy!?

I would rather die than be raised by that man!

「Hmph, how foolish. Do I look like a man who can raise a baby?」(Bazel)

Well said, old man! Yes, yes! Keep refusing!

Just like you said, there’s no way someone like you can raise a child well. Cecil is the proof!

「Let me give you advice as a senior who has lived for hundreds of years. Bazel, hatred will eventually destroy you. Don’t grow hatred in your heart, grow love instead. Otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat the Evil God.」(Laney)

No! Laney, stop encouraging him!

Ughh… Does she not want to live with me anymore…?

No, no. I have to calm down… I’m seeing my past memories now.

Yes, these are just memories, not real. The fact that I was raised by Laney will never change.

That means… the one who Laney will entrust to Bazel is not me but the other baby?

While I was thinking that, Laney lowered her gaze and looked at me, the baby in her arms.

「This baby’s name is Cecil. I named her after my best friend and your wife, Cecilia.」(Laney)

Cecil…? Eh? Why did Laney say Cecil’s name while looking at me?

Could it be….. Now I’m not seeing my memories but Cecil’s memories…?

Then… the baby who is sleeping in the cradle was me?

That means… Cecil and I once lived together!? Moreover, Cecil might be my sister…!?

EEEEHHHHHHHHHー!? Are you kidding me!?

Gaaah! This is too shocking! This is too much!! I’m really confused now.

Please don’t tell me that Cecil and I are really sisters… Ahh, I really don’t wanna be her sister!

No, calm down, Hanna… We might have been found at the same place, but Laney said that it didn’t mean that we were twins.

Besides, not only our appearance but our nature is also completely different.

Even our talents are the opposite of each other.

Cecil can use any weapon, especially swords, while I can only use blunt weapons.

Gods are really unfair!

Anyway, what is the meaning of this whole thing? Aspis said that the sacred mirror would show me my past memories, but what I’m seeing now is Cecil’s. Did she lie to me? But why?

I had so many questions, but no matter how surprised and confused I was, there was nothing I could do.

If only I could speak, I would have asked hundreds of questions to the two adults in front of me, but unfortunately, I couldn’t because these were just memories…

「So her name is Cecil, huh? What a coincidence… Before we left the Demon Land, Cecilia and I named our newborn child that name…」(Bazel)

「Is that so? I think this is fate… Bazel, you are the man who is called The Sword Fighting King. You should be able to raise this child to be a strong and beautiful woman.」(Laney)

After listening to what Laney said, Bazel snorted.

「Hmph… do you seriously think that I can do that?」(Bazel)

「I’m sure of it. If raising Cecil with love doesn’t heal your heart, I will help you get your revenge. I will become the Sword Priestess or do whatever you ask. How about that?」(Laney)

Laney, what are you talking about!?

It seemed that Laney trusted Bazel a lot… Ahh, I wish Laney knew what kind of man he really was.

Even though Laney declared that with a provoking tone, her face showed that she had sympathy for Bazel.

Bazel would have been living peacefully with his wife and real daughter in Tiaret if they didn’t run into misfortune.

Therefore, it looked like Laney wanted to share the happiness she got with that poor man as much as possible, and perhaps she also did that as the atonement for not being there when he and his family needed her.

「…Do I have your word?」(Bazel)

「You have my word. I promise.」(Laney)

After promising, Laney handed meー No, the baby Cecil to Bazel.

When Bazel held the baby Cecil in his arms, I was surprised…


I was surprised because Bazel looked over here with a smile on his face.

I never thought that a man like Bazel could make such a gentle facial expression.

He was really different from Bazel I know.

His egocentric and arrogant attitude was the same but he didn’t look like a man who had rotten nature and evil intentions like he is now.

Now I understand why Laney trusted him a lot. If other people saw his face now, I’m sure they would think that he was a good man and think that Laney’s decision to trust him was right.

Laney must be sure that the day when Bazel asked for her help in getting revenge wouldn’t come because she thought that raising Cecil would really heal Bazel’s heart.

But Laney… You have made a mistake… because I know the ending of this parent and child relationship…

I’m sure something will happen after this… Something terrifying that turned the gentle-looking Bazel Sortlarc into an evil man…



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  1. Now this is shoking even if I had some minor theory about it, ehhh it makes me wish that Hanna tell all that to Cecil, and latter actually got her brain together instead of some strange promises, but I really don’t have any hope for that stupid girl… Maybe a chance to have a Family again will change something…

    1. I was suspecting that Hana was, but now that I know that there were two babies I think you may be on to something.

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