Chapter 79 : Steel Shoes Are Better Than Glass Shoes (part 1)


「Prince Elion, why do you want to dance with someone like her!?」(Cecil)

Saying that, Cecil stamped her feet with frustration as if her prince was taken by me.

I didn’t mean to steal him from her, though. Not at all.

Dancing with Marian-chan would be a million times better than dancing with him!

「Maa, maa. Calm down, Cecil. I just want to greet her.」(Elion)

After he treated Cecil lightly, Prince Elion reached out to me.

「Who the hell is that girl?」
「I heard that she is the adventurer who helped Princess Marian recreate the barrier.」

Aa-aah… I didn’t want to stand out but thanks to the Prince I got a lot of attention now…

「That little girl is an adventurer!? Moreover, she carried on such an important mission!? I thought she was a maid apprentice or something.」
「That’s surprising… I wonder if the underground labyrinth is not that dangerous.」
「Hee, so that little girl is Princess Marian’s hero, huh?」

….Hero….. Ahh, I see now…

Now I know why Prince Elion invites me to dance.

So that’s what he’s aiming for, huh?

Prince Elion is trying to do something to damage Marian-chan’s reputation.

The chairman must have told him that I suck at dancing.

And then Prince Elion thought that if I, who helped Marian-chan clear the mission in the underground labyrinth, in other words her hero, couldn’t even take simple steps in dancing and fell like a fool, it would embarrass Marian-chan.

「You won’t decline my invitation, will you? Well, it can also hurt my sister’s reputation if you do that, so it will work too, I guess.」(Elion)

I knew it…

The way he talked and looked at me was like the chairman.

These filthy humans…!


Mira-san looked at me worriedly.

I smiled at her, trying to tell her not to worry, and then I glared at the Prince.

「Alright, I’ll accept your challenge. Let’s dance!」(Hanna)

After I took Prince Elion’s hand, he pulled me, brought me closer to him, and put his hand on my waist.

The music started right after.

By taking steps rhythmically along with the music, we were dancing while moving from the corner to the center of the hall.

Everyone in the hall stopped talking all at once and looked at us who became the protagonist of this ball.

The King, Marian-chan, and even the chairman who were at the higher platform were watching us.

My hand movements… My feet movements… Un! I feel like I can do this perfectly!

My body was moving as I wanted just like last night’s practice session.

My effort to make these beautiful steel shoes was not in vain!

「She dances well for an adventurer.」
「We wouldn’t have known she was this good at dancing if she declined Prince Elion’s invitation.」

I began to hear the voice of admiration from the people around us.

「Kyaaaa~♥ Hanna, since when did you become really good at dancing!? Marvelous! Wonderful~! I’ll be your next partner, okay☆」(Rozelia)

Even Rozelia gave me a compliment.

I don’t need her compliment, but it doesn’t feel bad at all.

「H, Hmph! I’m not impressed at all! I can definitely dance better than her…!」(Cecil)

Ahh, the joy of making Cecil irritated… It feels good…

Looks like she was pissed off also because Rozelia complimented me.

I hate to say this, but good job, Rozelia!

「…This is weird….. I heard you’re not good at dancing…」(Elion)

Prince Elion glared at me, looking unpleasant.

His face reminds me of when I first met Marian-chan who was still acting like a bad-mannered woman.

「Is this not going the way you wanted, Prince Elion? Well, that’s too bad. Looks like your plan to embarrass Princess Marian will end in failure.」(Hanna)

I’m able to protect Marian-chan thanks to Slad-san’s ridiculous idea to make these shoes.

Thank you, Slad-san!


ーLast nightー

「Hanna-chin, listen. Try to start thinking in a different way.」(Slad)

After I made the steel shoes and put them on my feet, Slad-san said that to me.

「Thinking in a different way…? What do you mean?」(Hanna)

「What are you wearing on your feet now?」(Slad)

「Hm? Steel shoes, of course.」(Hanna)

He’s the one who told me to make them, so why is he asking something obvious like that?

「You’re wrong!」(Slad)


「They’re not shoes! They’re blunt weapons! Hanna-chin, you’re now wearing a pair of shoe-shaped blunt weapons on your feet!」(Slad)

「Shoe-shaped blunt weapons…」(Hanna)

What the heck is this person talking about…?

Did he get crazy because my dance didn’t improve at all?

「Alright, now say “these are shoe-shaped blunt weapons” ten times!」(Slad)

「Th, these are shoe-shaped blunt weapons, these are shoe-shaped blunt weapons, these are shoe-shaped blunt weaponsーー」(Hanna)

I didn’t even know why I did exactly what he told me to do…

「Let me ask you one more time. Hanna-chin, what are you wearing on your feet?」(Slad)

「Shoe-shaped blunt weapons!」(Hanna)

「Good…. Next question. What are you gonna do now?」(Slad)

「I, I’m going to… dance…?」(Hanna)



「You’re going to hit the floor with those blunt weapons on your feet!」(Slad)


「What’s your answer!?」(Slad)

「Y, Yes, sir! I’m going to hit the floor with the blunt weapons on my feet!」(Hanna)

「Good. It’s important to always think that you’re wearing blunt weapons on your feet. If you can do that, you will surely be able to dance!」(Slad)



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