Chapter 78 : The Invitations I Didn’t Wish For (part 2)


「Aa! Hanna, found you~!」(Rozelia)


When I was thinking about my dress, Rozelia found me.

She then quickly walked toward me.

I don’t wanna see her, but hiding from her at this party seems impossible after all.

Her pink dress really stands out, but to be honest, it fits her character perfectly and looks good on her.

She has her hair tied up and looks really different than usual.

However, she looks erotic rather than elegant thanks to her black glossy skin.

「I think the dance is about to start. Hanna, as promised, let’s dance together~☆」(Rozelia)

「Huhh? I don’t remember making such a promise with you.」(Hanna)

「Maa maa, don’t sweat about small things. Let’s go! I’ll take the lead~」(Rozelia)

Looks like she really just wants to dance with me, but she always made fun of me in the past, so I’m not really sure about that.

Mmm… I don’t know what she’s thinking…

There’s a possibility that she would make fun of me after all, so I think I will decline her.

「Sorry butー」(Hanna)

「ーHanna is mine. She will dance with me.」(Mira)

Suddenly, Mira-san stood in front of Rozelia and said that.

Although she was expressionless, her voice was clearly mixed with hostility.

「Yada yada~ You’re so cute☆ Do you really think I’ll take Hanna from you? Don’t worry, I won’t do that.」(Rozelia)

「You can’t be trusted. I can feel evil from you.」(Mira)

Ohh! It’s rare to see Mira-san talking back to anyone other than Galle-chan.

Rozelia glared at Mira-san. Perhaps she snapped.

「Hahh!? How dare you say I’m evil!…… Can you just go away? I wanna dance with Hanna!」(Rozelia)

「The one who should go away is you.」(Mira)

Uwaa…. I can see sparks between their eyes.

I have to stop them before it gets any worse.

「Wait, wait, waaait! Both of you, calm down!」(Hanna)

I hurriedly pushed them away from each other.

It would be awkward if they start fighting in this festive mood.

「Rozelia, why did you come here? Why don’t you just dance with Cecil?」(Hanna)

「I wanted to dance with her at first, but she already has a dance partner!」(Rozelia)

Saying that, Rozelia pouted.

She already has a partner? Who?

When I was wondering, the music playing in the room changed from slow to upbeat.

At the same time, women’s voices that were as loud as the music were heard from Prince Elion’s seat.

「Prince Elion, would you like to dance with me?」
「No, he will dance with me!」
「Women from low-ranked families like you are not worthy to dance with the Prince!」(aristocratic women)

Prince Elion is popular as expected.

I took my eyes off the Prince and looked at his twin sister.

Let’s see how Marian-chan is doing…

Eh? Is she very unpopular…?

No man approached Marian-chan.

「You, go ask her!」
「No, no. Why don’t YOU go ask her!?」(aristocratic men)

There were many men in the princess faction, but none of them had the courage to ask Marian-chan to dance with them.

Well, knowing her personality, I’m pretty sure she always refused invitations to dance.

That’s why no man wanted to approach her.

When I was thinking like that, I saw a familiar man dared to approach Marian-chan.

Eh? Slad-san!?

Slad-san, who dressed like a gentleman, invited Marian-chan to dance.

However, Marian-chan refused without hesitation.

Ahahaha! As I expected. Poor Slad-san.

Prince Elion, on the other hand, kept ignoring the women surrounding him.

He didn’t give any response at all.

What an unpleasant attitude.

Suddenly, there was a woman who dashingly approached the Prince.

It was Cecil.

「Prince Elion, would you like to take my hand and dance with me?」(Cecil)

Now that a beautiful rival had appeared, the aristocratic women surrounding the Prince stepped back all at once.

They seemed very disappointed.

Well, of course. Cecil, who looks beautiful even in armor, is now wearing a blue dress.
She looks like a mermaid princess who came to land.

She looks so beautiful, and that pissed me off.

The aristocratic women stepped back not only because they lost confidence after they saw Cecil’s beauty, but also because Cecil is the daughter of the chairman who is now Prince Elion’s guardian.

I see. Cecil’s partner is Prince Elion, huh?

People who follow the chairman have a common sense of values after all.

They are a perfect match.


「I’m sorry, Cecil. I have someone I want to dance with tonight.」(Elion)

「Thank you very much! It’s an honor to be able… to dance… with… you…….. Eh?」(Cecil)

Cecil, who thought that she had won, looked really shocked after Prince Elion declined her.

However, Prince Elion didn’t even care about her. He stood up and walked down toward the lower seats.


Is it just me or is he walking this way…?

Could it be… the Prince’s target is Mira-san!?

He can notice Mira-san’s beauty even though she is sitting in a corner like this!?

He has good eyes!

No, who’s really amazing is Mira-san.

She can make the Prince come down from his seat to a place like this without even doing anything!

But, Prince Elion, I’m sorry.

Even though you’re the Prince, I will never let you dance with Mira-san! Not in a million years!

You may be able to get everything you want, but not this time.

I will tell you that there are things you can’t get even though you’re a prince!

I braced myself to stop the Prince as he walked this way.



Prince Elion stood in front of me and smiled at me with a dazzling smile.

「Hanna Falsett, would you be my dance partner tonight?」(Elion)


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