Chapter 77 : Blunt Weapons Don’t Go Well With Dancing (part 2)


「If you don’t have good motor skills, there’s no choice other than to make your muscles remember the movements. We won’t stop until you’re able to dance without thinking. If you can do it, you will be able to dance even in your sleep!」(Slad)

「Yes, sir!」(Hanna)

「Repeat it again! Un deux trois, un deux troisー」(Slad)

With Slad-san as my dancing partner, I kept moving my legs following his movements.

He was counting rhythmically, but my legs couldn’t keep up.

Unlike when he danced with Mira-san, I feel like I just swayed around by him.

From other people’s perspective, I don’t think we look like we’re dancing at all.

Slad-san and I might look like a dad who found his delinquent daughter who played outside until late at night, and the daughter desperately resisted from being taken back home.

So awful…




I’ve been practicing for three days but my dancing isn’t getting any better.

Every single day I practiced so hard until I couldn’t move my body by the end of the day because of fatigue.

I did my best, but still…

My lack of talent really frustrated me.

「Mira-chan, there’s nothing else I can teach you. You’re an expert dancer now.」(Slad)

「Waaiiー Thank you very much, Slad-san.」(Mira)

On the fourth day, the day before the Moon Viewing Party, Mira-san’s dancing skills have greatly improved.

She was now very different from the girl who had only danced at a festival in the shopping district once a year.

Mira-san is a beauty, and now that she can dance very well, maybe she will be the belle of the ball at the party.

「….Hanna-chin, there’s nothing else I can teach you too…. I mean, I’ve lost the confidence to teach you…」(Slad)

「Waaii….. I’m sorry, Slad-san…」(Hanna)

If only I had the stamina to practice at least twice as much as Mira-san, maybe I will…..

No. Maybe I will never be able to dance better even if I did that…

「Say, Hanna. You can move really well in battle, but why do you move like a zombie now?」(Slad)

「Slad-san, that’s kinda rude…」(Hanna)

「Well, I’m sorry. I thought you’re used to being called like that.」(Slad)

Of course I’m used to being called like that!

A slime! A vampire! A fish! A dog! And now I’m a zombie!

Hahh… But it’s been a while since the last time my efforts were fruitless.

It reminds me of myself when I was at school…

「Aa-ahh… I wish I could make use of my high blunt weapon level to dance…」(Hanna)

I murmured with the intention of giving up.

Blunt weapons and dancing are completely different things.

If only my sword level was high, I might be able to make use of it to help me with my footwork.

Unfortunately, I can’t use any weapon except blunt weapons.

Slad-san, who might have heard my murmur, put his hand on his chin and started thinking.

「…Hmm… Blunt weapon, huh…? In that case, this might work….」(Slad)

「Slad-san? What are you thinking about?」(Hanna)

Does he get an idea or something?

「Hanna-chin, can you make me something?」(Slad)

「U, Un… What do you want me to make?」(Hanna)

「Dancing shoes.」(Slad)


Does he mean I have to start with the appearance?

The party is tomorrow. We don’t have much time.

I don’t know what he’s thinking…


「Umm… The thing is… I’m very good at making things from wood or metal, but I’m not very good at making leather things.」(Hanna)

「How about glass shoes? You have heard the story about a princess who wears shoes like that, right?」(Slad)

When Slad-san said that, Mira-san’s eyes were shining.

Certainly transparent and glittering shoes might look good on a beautiful woman like Mira-san.


「That kind of shoes will definitely break. It’s just a story, no one really wants to wear glass shoes. It’s scary after all. Do you really want me to make such shoes?」(Hanna)

「Nope. I want you to make steel shoes. A pair of steel shoes that look as beautiful as glass shoes.」(Slad)


That’s an even stranger material to make shoes than glass…

「Make them insanely heavy so that no one can lift them except you. Heavy enough to kill somebody if you kick them with those shoes.」(Slad)

「H, Huhh!? That’s not a shoe, that’s a blunt weapon!」(Hanna)

「Fufufu. Exactly!」(Slad)


I feel like I’m starting to realize what Slad-san was planning here.

「Rather, it will be a problem if those shoes don’t fall into the ‘blunt weapon’ category, because Hanna, you will learn ‘blunt dancing’!」(Slad)

「B, Blunt dancing!?」(Hanna)

As a blunt weapon user, that sounds really cool.

However, I don’t think I can dance brilliantly even if I master such a dance.

Can I really trust this man…?

I’m really worried now…



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