Chapter 77 : Blunt Weapons Don’t Go Well With Dancing (part 1)


Slad-san called a court musician to his room to play the background music for dancing practice.

The musician used a traditional stringed musical instrument called a Viol.

While moving according to the music, Slad-san showed us simple movements.

He moved so flowy with the music, and his footwork was light.

Even though he was dancing alone, he looked like he was dancing with a woman.

When the court musician was called by Slad-san all of a sudden, he looked a little annoyed at first, but then he made an impressed face after watching Slad-san dancing.

「Alright, try to imitate my movements.」(Slad)

When Slad-san nodded at the court musician, the same song started.

Slad-san was clapping rhythmically along with the music to make it easier for me and Mira-san to dance.


Ugh… Gunu, nunununu….. This is really hard….

Am I really making the same movements as Slad-san?

I feel like my shoulders are stretched too much, and my legs are moving stiffly.

「Un deux trois, un deux trois, un deux troisー」(Slad)

Clap, clap, clapー Clap, clap, clapー

Slad-san kept counting and clapping, but thenー

「Un deux, Bwaha!」(Slad)

He could no longer hold back laughter.

Well, I know the reason why he’s laughing…
My dancing is just too terrible…

The court musician also laughed a little, but he didn’t screw up the song.
As expected from a professional.

After a while of dancing, the song is finally over.

It felt endlessly long, but those who endured not laughing must have felt even longer.

「Slad-san, how was my dancing?」(Mira)

As soon as we finished dancing, Mira-san approached Slad-san and asked his impression.

「Mira-chin, your dancing was great! I think you have an aptitude for this. If you practice a little more, you won’t be inferior to any other participants.」(Slad)

「Really? You’re not just flattering?」(Mira)

「I really mean it. Moreover, you’re a beautiful woman!」(Slad)

Saying that, Slad-san gave a thumbs up.

I agree! That’s a very important point after all!

Mira-san was dancing a little clumsily, but she looked cute when she danced like that.
Being a beautiful woman is truly a privilege.

It’s nice that Slad-san is praising her, but if he ever messes with Mira-san, I won’t forgive him even though he’s a legendary adventurer!

Well, I’m not really worried, though.
I believe Slad-san is a gentleman.

Besides, I’m not in a position to worry about others now…

「Slad-san, h-how about my dancing…?」(Hanna)


In contrast to the positive reaction he showed to Mira-san, Slad-san folded his arms and looked at me while narrowing his eyes.

「…..You looked like a dog whose collar is tied to a kennel with a leash.」(Slad)


「When you saw your owner, you tried to run at them, but the leash stopped you. However, you kept trying to reach your owner until you ended up standing on two legs while being pulled back by the leash.」(Slad)

「What kind of analogy is that!?」(Hanna)

He’s so cruel…

I know I’m terrible at dancing, butー!

How could a grown man say something like that to a girl who did her best!?

「To be more precise, you looked like a puppy that stood on two legs and stuck your tongue out to your owner while breathing “haa haa haa”.」(Mira)

「Eh!? You too, Mira-san!?」(Hanna)

「Your dancing was strange, but you looked cute like a puppy.」(Mira)

「You…! You’re such a traitor! I thought we were in the same position! I thought we were friends!」(Hanna)

「I’m sorry. Don’t be so mad, Hanna.」(Mira)

After she said that, Mira-san stretched her hand out toward me.


「I’m not a dog!」(Hanna)

Hahh… I knew this would happen…

I’m bad at moving my body after all.

The likelihood I would be good at dancing might only be as big as a grain of sand.

Moreover, my chest is flat, my height is short, and I don’t have slender limbs.
I won’t look good in a dress…

There’s nothing I can do with my physique.

However, no matter how small it is, I still have a chance to at least be able to dance a little better!

I can’t give up now.

I can’t let the chairman control this country just because I can’t dance!

「Slad-san, you were once Cecil’s swordsmanship master, right? You have the ability to train a stubborn girl like Cecil, so please, can you train me until I can dance decently before the Moon Viewing Party?」(Hanna)

「Eehh… Before the party? Umm… I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think it’s possible with your terrible dancing skill.」(Slad)

「Please! Can you do something about it? I’ll do anything!」(Hanna)

It’s true that I have to stop the chairman, but what motivates me the most is Cecil and Rozelia.

I don’t want them to make fun of me!

When I bowed deeply to Slad-san, he sighed.

「Alright, I’ll train you as much as I can…」(Slad)

「Really!? Thank you very much!」(Hanna)

「But remember not to expect too much. You see, resurrection magic will work on humans who have recently died, but it won’t work on zombies.」(Slad)

「What does that mean!? I was a dog, and I’m now a zombie, huh!?」(Hanna)

But after that, I really felt like I had become a zombie…

Slad-san’s practice session was really tough.

What’s tough about it, you ask?

He kept telling me to repeat the same movements again and again and again and again…..



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