Chapter 58 : It’s Not a Triangle Love Quarrel!


There was plenty of time for Doubt to take over Mira-san’s place because we didn’t go straight to the store.

After we lost sight of Doubt, we returned to the house where Doubt was hiding to wake Obaa-chan up and explain the situation.
We also helped her clean up the room that had become cluttered due to the battle, and promised to rescue her real grandson from Doubt.

Including the travel time, it took us nearly two hours to return to Egg Tart.

That was more than enough time for Doubt to find my home.
Even though he didn’t know my name, he could just ask adventurers around the city, “Do you know where a hammer-using adventurer girl lives?”
Most adventurers in this city know that I’m the only adventurer girl who uses a hammer after all.

Since I could find his whereabouts, Doubt must be thinking to eliminate me.
That’s why he took the trouble to find my home and took over the place of someone who might be my family.


In front of me, there was Mira-san who was expressionless as usual, but I felt like she looked scary for some reason.

Galle-chan was trembling behind me, while I put my hand on my hammer, getting ready for battle.

Slad-san said that Doubt could borrow the memories of the person he turned into a card.
If he really turned Mira-san into a card and took her place, asking questions that only Mira-san knows will be meaningless.

The only way to confirm whether she is fake or real is to hit her with my hammer.

However, I can’t help but hesitate.
Because no matter how I look at her, the girl who’s standing in front of me right now really looks like Mira-san herself.

「ーーHanna, who is that girl?」(Mira)

「W, Who you ask? She’s Galle-chan. Did you forget about her?」(Hanna)

There’s no way she will forget about her.

Could it be, this Mira-san is really Doubt?

But, wait…

He’s supposed to have Mira-san’s memories, right?
But why doesn’t he have the memories about Galle-chan?

Eh…? What does this mean…?

When I was completely confused, Mira-san continued talking.

「It’s not Galle-chan. It’s a different person.」(Mira)


「Perhaps it’s Doubt, the demon you told us about.」(Mira)


Immediately, I jumped away from Galle-chan.
Now I’m standing between them.

This Galle-chan is Doubt?

But when did he….ー Ah!
When Galle-chan turned the corner!

At that time, I lost sight of her.
Other than that, we were always together after all.

「Huhh!? I’m fake you say? What are you talking about, fake Mira-san!?」(Galle)

Galle-chan showed her teeth like a dog threatening a cat.

「Master, don’t be fooled! This fake Mira-san is lying because she’s desperate! If you hit me, it will turn out just as she wanted!」(Galle)

「Y, Yeah, you’re right!」(Hanna)

I turned my suspicion on Mira-san again.

「Don’t be fooled. This fake Galle-chan will attack you from behind when you try to hit me.」(Mira)

「T, That’s possible!」(Hanna)

Again, I turned my suspicion on Galle-chan.

「Geez, Master! Why are you so doubtful? Which one do you trust, me or this fake Mira-san!?」(Galle)

「Of course Hanna will trust me instead of this fake Galle-chan. We’ve known each other longer after all.」(Mira)

「Sure it’s longer, but it’s only a few days different! Besides, Master loves me more than you!」(Galle)

「What are you talking about? Hanna is my girl.」(Mira)

「Kiiiiiiiiー! Master is my woman! I won’t give her to anyone else!」(Galle)

….This is weird.

They were debating about which one is fake just now, but it became a love triangle quarrel before I knew it…

Let’s leave that aside for now.
More importantly, they sound like the real person themselves from the way they speak!
I completely can’t tell which one is fake!

This demon…
What a splendid acting ability…

How did Laney find out when her party member’s place was taken over by a demon?
As expected of Laney…
I respect her even more!

「Aa! Come to think of it, how can you know that Galle-chan is a fake?」(Hanna)

Suddenly, such a question popped in my head.

I can understand if Galle-chan can identify the fake by smell, but Mira-san doesn’t have any sensing abilities, right?

So how could she say that Galle-chan was a different person?

Alright, first, let’s see how she will answer my question just now.

If she answers it vaguely, most likely she’s fake, then.

「That’s because the real Galle-chan will never wag her tail like that when she sees me.」(Mira)

Said Mira-san with full confidence.


Certainly, Galle-chan only wags her tail when she’s in a good mood.

Everytime I talk to her, her tail will definitely wag vigorously, but when Mira-san called her, it didn’t move an inch…

But… if it’s true, I feel sorry for Mira-san…

「When I’m surprised or scared, my tail will be moving too, you know!? So that’s a false accusation!」(Galle)

Maybe Galle-chan said the truth.
If I had a tail, I would feel like moving it when I was surprised.


Both claims are convincing.

By the way, Galle-chan’s tail isn’t moving at all now.

If only I paid attention to her tail when we were talking to Mira-san a while ago, I could tell whether Mira-san was lying or not.
Well, Galle-chan was behind me and I was looking at Mira-san, so her tail wasn’t in sight at that time.

「ーーBesides, she smells different..」(Mira)

When I was thinking, Mira-san added such a statement.

「Huh? Smell?」(Hanna)

「Yes, smell.」(Mira)

Suddenly, Mira-san began to talk like Galle-chan.

I’m even more confused now…

「Ahahaha! Finally you reveal yourself!」(Galle)

Galle-chan laughed triumphantly.

「Mira-san doesn’t have a good enough sense of smell to detect a fake! The only one who has a good sense of smell in this store is me!」(Galle)


Mira-san didn’t say anything and stared at me.

……Ah. I see now.

「Fufun, you should have made a better lie, fake Mira-san! Alright, Master! Go defeat this demon and quickly rescue the real Mira-san!」(Galle)

I nodded to Galle-chan.

「Yeah, you’re right, Galle-chan. I don’t wanna see a demon act as my precious family any longer.」(Hanna)

「Nice! Now hit her with all of your might! Let that demon know how terrifying your hammer is!」(Galle)

「Of course!」(Hanna)

I’m completely convinced now.
Which one is real and which one is fake.

Ahh, really… Why am I so dense?
I guess I will ask the real two to scold me later…

But first, I have to beat this annoying demon.

「Hmph. I understand everything now… 」(Hanna)

I raised my giant hammer over my head andー

「Prepare yourself, Doubtー!」(Hanna)


ーswung it down toward the fake’s head with all my might.



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