Chapter 56 : Mira-san’s Medicine Is Really Amazing!


「Slad-san was right. The only way I can beat Cecil is to find Doubt…」(Hanna)

-On the second floor of the Egg Tart-

While having dinner with Mira-san and Galle-chan, I told them about the conversation in the guild.

「Master, I’ll look for Doubt! If he has many cards with him, I can find him easily!」(Galle)


「Ma, Master? What’s wrong?」(Galle)

「It’s not that I don’t trust your nose, but Galle-chan, if you can find him by tracing the smell of the cards, why didn’t we find him among the puppets today?」(Hanna)

「That’s… Hmm… You have a point… Umumumu….」(Galle)

Galle-chan crossed her arms, thinking.

「Slad-san said that Doubt is not that strong, but maybe he’s very clever. So I think not only has he taken measures against magical power sensing abilities, but also against the sense of smell.」(Hanna)

「Mumuー! What a guy! Does he hate seeing me praised by Master!?」(Galle)

Hearing what Galle-chan thought, I chuckled unintentionally.

If Doubt was really hiding for that reason, then he might not be a bad demon.

「If only Galle-chan had a better nose, Hanna might have found that demon by now.」(Mira)

While sipping soup, Mira-san said something provoking with an expressionless face.

Well, I know she isn’t intending to provoke Galle-chan, though.

「What did you say!?」(Galle)

They’re going to fight again!

「And why does today’s meal taste really strange!? Did you cook it properly!?」(Galle)

Uwah. I have to stop this fight before it gets worse.

「I, Is that so? It’s spicy and delicious, though? Haha…」(Hanna)

Making an awkward smile, I tried to arbitrate for them.

「Yes, but the spice is too strong. The aroma is getting stronger as I eat it.」(Galle)

Hm? She was just saying that to provoke Mira-san, right? But why does she explain it so detailedly?

But, ‘the spice is too strong’, she said?
I don’t think so, though.
It’s Mira-san’s delicious cooking as usual.

「Master, don’t you think it’s too spicy?」(Galle)

「Umm. Not at all.」(Hanna)

「Eh? No way! Don’t tell me… Did you mix my meal with poison or something!?」(Galle)

Galle-chan yelled at Mira-san.

「Galle-chan! There’s no way Mira-san did something evil like that!」(Hanna)

「Yes, I did.」(Mira)


Is she being serious!?

I never thought their relationship would become this bad!

「Ah, don’t get me wrong. I did mix Galle-chan’s meal with something, but it wasn’t poison, it was medicine. A potion that boosts your sense of smell.」(Mira)


Galle-chan hit the table and stood up.

「Wh, What have you done!? Boost my sense of smell, you said!? My nose is already good from the start, you know!」(Galle)

「I know. But it will be better with that potion. I made it all day long today, and I’m proud of myself for making such a wonderful potion.」(Mira)

Said Mira-san without expression as usual, but somehow I could imagine her smug face.

「Why did you mix it in my food without telling me first!?」(Galle)

「If I told you, you wouldn’t eat it.」(Mira)

「Of course! I don’t wanna drink your mysterious potions! What if I get a stomachache!?」(Galle)

「Don’t worry. Galle-chan’s stomach can handle that much.」(Mira)

「How can you know!?…. Aa! Could it be… You think I’ll be okay drinking your strong medicine because I’m half monster, don’t you!?」(Galle)

After pointing and yelling at Mira-san, Galle-chan turned to me.

「Master! This person only thinks of me as her test subject! That’s why she is always expressionless toward me!」(Galle)

「C, Calm down, Galle-chan. Mira-san is expressionless toward everyone, you know? It’s not just you.」(Hanna)

「Mu muuuーIt’s true she is also expresionless toward Master, but…」(Galle)

「Galle-chan, you are not my test subject. You are my stuffedー my family.」(Mira)

「You hear that!? She was about to say ‘stuffed animal’! I might look like this, but I’m still a human being, you know!」(Galle)

Aa-aahh… I tried to calm her down, but Mira-san said something that made her even madder…




-The morning of the last day of the card collecting contest-

After Mira-san sent us off, and we left the Egg Tart, Galle-chan immediately sniffed the air.

Galle-chan’s sense of smell has been improving since last night, and the potion seems to be effective for a whole day.

After sniffing the air for a while, Galle-chan dropped her shoulders disappointingly.

As I thought… Finding Doubt won’t be easy…

But words that came out of Galle-chan’s mouth surprised me.

「Master… I know where Doubt is…」(Galle)

「Eh? Really!?」(Hanna)

「Gu… Gunununu… I don’t want to admit it, but I can find him thanks to Mira-san’s potion… Aa-aahh… This means the one who will be praised by Master is Mira-san, not me…」(Galle)

「So you’re disappointed because of that, huh…? Don’t worry, Galle-chan! Mira-san is just like a support character, today’s main protagonist is you! Even though Mira-san made the medicine, it will be worthless without you, right?」(Hanna)

Mira-san’s medicine could improve the sense of smell, but even if I used it, it wouldn’t be enough to find Doubt.
Well, I may be able to find puppets. Maybe…

Its effectiveness can be maximized because the one who drank it was Galle-chan who had a good nose from the beginning.

「Umm. You’re right. But… will I get praised?」(Galle)

「Of course! If you can lead me to Doubt, I’ll praise you all day long as much as you want!」(Hanna)


Galle-chan’s gloomy expression changed into a bright smile with sparkling eyes.

「Atabou desu! I’ll never break a promise with a girl!」(Hanna)

「Master… By the way, do you mind if I request something? Like… the way you will praise me?」(Galle)

「How I will praise you? Ga, Galle-chan… you want me to do something in particular for you…?」(Hanna)

「Yes! I want you and me to go to the bed together andー」(Galle)

「A, And…?」(Hanna)

「I want you to hug me from behind and pet my head while whispering “good girl, good girl” in my ear for a whole day!」(Galle)


What a cute request.
I thought she would ask ‘something more amazing’.

But… hugging her and whispering for a whole day, huh?
I’m sure my hands will get numb and my throat will get sore later on…

If it can make her happy, numb hands and a sore throat are nothing to me!

「Okay! I’ll hug you and stroke you until you’re satisfied!」(Hanna)

「Yattaー! Alright then! I won’t stop chasing Doubt even if it kills me!」(Galle)

After saying that, Galle-chan immediately started running.
It seems that she completely knows where Doubt is.

I can’t say it in front of Galle-chan, but Mira-san’s medicine is really amazing!




Author :
Donki here~
I’m sorry to make Galle-Mira relationship bad.
But don’t worry, it’s only for the beginning.



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