Chapter 57 : I’m a Dense Girl… (part 1)


After running for a while, we entered the south district.

The roads in this district are very narrow because this is the residential area where buildings are densely packed.
But the road was stone pavement, so it wasn’t difficult for us to run.

Suddenly, Galle-chan stopped and pointed to a two-story house.

「Master, Doubt is in that house!」

It looked like an ordinary brick house.

「In a house, huh…?」

Uhh… It seems my ‘job’ is gonna change from “street terrorist” to “break-in robber”…

Knockー knockー

After I knocked on the door, a gentle looking obaa-chan came out.

「Ara, Ojou-chan. Who are you?」

She completely looked like a normal obaa-chan at first glance.

Doubt could borrow the memories of the original human, so it would be a lot more difficult to tell if the person was fake.

However, I trusted Galle-chan.
I held my hammer and raised it above my head.

「Prepare yourself, you demon! I’ll crush your evil scheme here for good!」

「De, demon? What are you talking about, Ojou-chan?」

「Do you still think you can deceive me, huh!? Blunt Weapon Skillー」

「Hi, Hiiiyy!」

Doubt, who was pretending to be an elderly woman, frightened and stepped backwards.

So he won’t reveal his true identity until the end, huh?
But I’m not going to stop even if he keeps pretending to be this obaa-chan!

But when I was about to swing down my hammerー

「Awawa! Master, wait! She’s a human!」

「【Heavyー【Knock-Out Smash】! 」

Reacting to Galle-chan’s shout, I hurriedly changed the lethal skill,【Heavy Smash】, to a skill that can incapacitate the target without injury,【Knock-Out Smash】as I tried my best to reduce my power.

As a result, my hammer just gently tapped Obaa-chan’s head, and she passed out.

I supported her body and laid her against the wall near the entrance.


「Master, to be honest I don’t want to say this, but you didn’t think about the possibility of other people living here as well, did you?」

「Wh, what are you talking about, Galle-chan? O, Of course I know that…」


Galle-chan stared at me suspiciously.

「Sure you only made her unconscious, but hitting an elderly woman is just too much, you know?」

「Ahaha… B, But, we don’t have to worry about her when we fight Doubt who might be pretending to be her family, right?」

「That’s… Yeah, maybe you’re right.」

If he’s inside this house, that means Doubt might be transformed into one of this oba-chan’s family members.
If so, she will definitely misunderstand when I have to fight Doubt here.
Besides, she might be held hostage by Doubt.
So it’s better to have her sleep.

Stepー step stepー ……

Suddenly, I heard footsteps from the stairs inside the house.

Coming down from the second floor was a boy about 10 years old.

「ーーOh dear, oh dear~ So someone found out that I was here.」

He was shorter than me and looked fragile.

However, his devil-like smile and sinister voice were not those of a normal child.

「I never thought there was an adventurer from this nothing-but-weaklings city who could find me. Khuhuhu… I’m happy that I can kill a young shoot like you before she could come to Demon Land!」

「Doubt… Hah! Why aren’t you pretending to be that child? Have you given up already, huh~?」

「Khufufu. I just don’t like doing useless things. Besides, never mind the Seven Spears, I don’t feel like losing to a little girl like you!」

Doubt took out three cards from a weird-pattern embroidered bag on his waist and threw them at me.

「Come! My servants!」

As soon as they left Doubt’s hands, the cards turned into bats and came to attack me.

Ehh!? He can create non-humans from cards!?

「Fwahahahaー! They are Reaper Bats that can kill you with just a single bite! Even though they are not the real ones, their ability is as deadly as the real thing! Let’s see how you long you can dodge them in this small space!」

Little girl, huh?
What an overconfident demon.
Looks like he doesn’t know how strong I am.

「Blunt Weapon Skill【Thousand Nails】!」

ーStab ーstab ーstab!

The translucent nails shoot down all three bats at once.


Seeing his bats returned to cards in the blink of an eye, Doubt stiffened for a moment.

Then, he immediately put his hand into the bag to take cards out again.
At that moment, the weird pattern on the bag shone.

That weird bag…
I see.
Looks like it’s a magic item that can completely hide the magical power and smell of the items that were put in it.

「…………Kh, Khufufu… You’re quite strong for a little girl… But the attack just now was only a greeting! This time will be my true attack!」

He took a card out and turned it into a big cow-headed monster.
It was so big that its horns stabbed into the ceiling.

From the neck down it looked like a human body.
And it held an axe in its right hand.

「It’s Minotarur! One of my strongest collections! Now you’re scared, aren’t you? Kahahaha!」

「Heeー Surely it looks scary.」

「Right!? Fwahahaha! But it’s too late to run now! Minotaur! Kill hー」

「ーー【Heavy Smash】!」


I crushed the Minotaur’s head into pieces before it could even raise its axe, then it instantly returned to a card.


「Fiuh, that was close…」

If it swung its big axe around, Obaa-chan’s house would be ruined.



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