Chapter 54 : Catching Up


The second day of the card collecting contest.

Galle-chan and I were having a large breakfast so that we can move around the town all day long.

By the way, the one who always made breakfast was Mira-san.
The crispy toasted sandwiches and potato soup she made are very delicious!
I’m sure Mira-san will become a good wife.

「Fufu~n. But today, I’ll show that I’m more useful than Mira-san!」(Galle)

While saying that, Galle-chan ate food Mira-san made deliciously.

「Un. Do your best, Galle-chan.」(Mira)

As she replied with encouragement, Mira-san wiped Galle-chan’s mouth that was covered in bread crumbs with a cloth.

「Yays! ….Wait! Why are you cheering for me!? We are rivals!」(Galle)

「I just want Hanna to win.」(Mira)

「Of course I’ll do my best! But not for you! Pupupu!」(Galle)

Galle-chan swelled her cheeks. >3<

Ignoring Galle-chan, Mira-san handed me a small paper bag.

「What is this?」(Hanna)

「This is wound medicine. Use it if you hit a real human by mistake.」(Mira)

「Aaa! You said ‘do your best’ but you don’t trust me!? If you do, you don’t need to give Master this, right!?」(Galle)

As she said that, Galle-chan snatched the paper bag from my hand.

「Galle-chan! If you say something rude to Mira-san again, I’ll be angry!」(Hanna)

「Ma, master… Huuuu~….. I’m sorry….」(Galle)

Galle-chan’s animal ears hung down apologetically.

She apologized… but to me, not Mira-san.
Hmm….. I wonder what can I do to make their relationship better…

After we finished breakfast, Galle-chan and I went to the Adventurer Guild.
Before Galle-chan can find the puppets, she has to smell the card first.
I hope Slad-san is in the guild right now so I can ask him to let Galle-chan sniff the card.

But before we arrived at the guild, we met Cecil on the way.
Rozelia wasn’t with her. Maybe they promised to meet in the guild.

「Geh…! Cecil….」(Hanna)

「……..Hanna, huh? H, How many cards did you collect yesterday by the way?」(Cecil)

She asked me awkwardly while staring at my waist bag with a curious look.
It seems she really wants to know how many cards I’ve collected.

She looked really tired.
She must have been collecting cards until late yesterday.
That’s why she is really curious.
She wanted to know if her hard work yesterday paid off or not.

Alright, let’s be honest here.
I might be able to make her let her guard down.

「Fufufu. Be surprised! The number of cards I’ve collected isーー」(Hanna)



「Hmph. As expected of my enemy! If you don’t have at least that much, it won’t… be….. interesting………… Wait, what? Zero you say!?」(Cecil)

It seems Cecil has a talent as a comedian…

「Y, You… Don’t screw with me! You think you can fool me, huh!?」(Cecil)

「No, no, no. I really still have nothing.」(Hanna)

「Eh…? Seriously…? Kh…Khu-khuhahaha! Kaaahahahahaー! I win! I wiiin! Kaaーhahahaha!」(Cecil)

Cecil made a villain-like laugh in the middle of the street.

People around were like “What the hell?” and looked at her with disgusted eyes.

Umm… Everyone, I’m not her friend, okay?

「ーhahaha. Haaaー I forgot. No matter how much your fighting ability has improved, you’re still Donketsu-Hanna! You couldn’t find the puppets with your dull senses, right!? Hahaha!」(Cecil)

While still laughing, Cecil took out all the cards she has collected from her waist bag.

「Look! I’ve already collected seven! No matter how hard you try, I don’t think you can catch up!」(Cecil)

Hmm. Seven, huh?
She has more than I expected.

But, she’s really dumb for showing me her cards like that.



After she made a salute pose, Galle-chan jumped closer to Cecil and sniffed her cards.

「W, What the heck is this girl?」(Cecil)

「*sniff sniff* Master!」(Galle)

Then, she raised her thumb.
Looks like she was able to memorize the smell perfectly.

Nice. We don’t need to go to the guild, then.

「Wait…. You…. Have we met before?」(Cecil)

Cecil looked at Galle-chan up close and tilted her head.

This is bad!
Cecil mustn’t know Galle-chan’s true identity!

「Nope. It’s just Cecil-san’s imagination.」(Galle)

Galle-chaaan! It’s nice that you’re playing dumb with her, but her name! Don’t say her name!
It’s weird calling a person you meet for the first time by their name, right!?

Uhhh… This is really bad.
She must have noticed now.

If she found out that Galle-chan is Wize’s daughter who should have died on Ludley Bridge, she would think that I was an evil god believer for sure and spread bad rumors again!

「……Hmm… Well, beastman is a rare race, so if I ever met one, I will definitely remember. Maybe you’re right. It’s just my imagination.」(Cecil)

I know she’s dumb, but I never thought she was THIS DUMB!

Even though Galle-chan has changed a little thanks to Fenrir’s cells, she still has the same face.

「Hmph. Well then, you can do your best, but the one who will win this contest is me. Obviously.」(Cecil)

Saying that, Cecil left us and headed for the guild.

Fiuh…. I was saved by her rotten cheese brain…

「Alright. Let’s go look for the puppets!」(Hanna)

While Cecil is waiting for Rozelia in the guild, we have to get as many cards as possible to close the gap.

「Master, wait a minute.」(Galle)

When I was about to walk, Galle-chan grabbed my hand.

「What’s wrong, Galle-chan?」(Hanna)

「That person smells like the card.」(Galle)


Galle-chan pointed at a woman in her thirties in a fine red dress walking down the street.
At first glance, she looked like a normal person no matter how I look at her.

Galle-chan and I approached her and blocked her way.

「U, Umm… Ma’am?」(Hanna)

「Hm? Yes?」(woman)

「Are you a… human?」(Hanna)

「Ha, Haaahh? What are you talking about? Of course I am. I’m neither an elf nor a dwarf no matter you look at me, right?」(woman)

Hmm. She doesn’t look suspicious at all.
I feel like I really want to apologize already, but I can’t stop here.

「I have another question. What is the typical ingredient of Tiarice?」(Hanna)

「Grilled fish. Just who are you? Why do you ask me such a question?」(woman)

「A, Aha, ha…..」(Hanna)

Uhh, this is so awkward.
She answered the quiz I prepared correctly, so she was likely a normal person. But…

I looked at Galle-chan.
She nodded with her eyes shining.

If she was a human, I would become a criminal if I hit her with my hammer.
However, since I decided to believe in Galle-chan, I have no choice but to try to hit her.

*gulp* I swallowed my saliva, grabbed my big hammer I was carrying, and raised it above my head.

「W, Wait! What are you going to do? Don’t tell me… you’re going to hit me with that hammer!? N, Nooooー! Someone help meー!」(woman)

A woman who fell on the ground and screamed, and a girl with a big hammer who was going to hit her.
No matter how you look at it, the criminal was the girl with a hammer. Me.

But, since I already raised my hammer like this, I can’t just stop!

「I’m sorry, Ma’am! But don’t worry, I’ll treat your wound with a medicine that works really well if you’re a humanー!」(Hanna)


I adjusted my power so that she won’t die, and hit her head.


The woman screamed with a strange voice and disappeared, leaving a card with a complicated pattern.

「Uwaah! She was really a puppet! Galle-chan, you’re amazing!」(Hanna)

Finally, I got my first card!

While I was jumping around in excitement, Galle-chan made a smug face and saidー

「Fufuーn! I told you, you don’t need Mira-san’s medicine. You can leave it to me, Master!」(Galle)

「Galle-chan~ Good girl, good girl~!」(Hanna)

I petted her head.

「Uhyuunn~ Please, praise me more! ….. Ah, that person! It looks like he’s a puppet! No. It ‘smells’ like he’s a puppet!」(Galle)

「Alright! Guide me, Galle-chan sama!」(Hanna)

「Roger! I’ll do my best to be petted by Master again!」(Galle)

「I’ll pet you as much as you want later! Let’s go!」(Hanna)

Cecil! Prepare yourself!
The one who will win is ME! Obviously!



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