Chapter 53 : The Goddess of Victory Has a Good Nose


「Ehh!? The Silver Flash, Cecil vs The Blunt Weapon Princess, Hammer-Hanna!?」
「Yeah! They are competing to defeat the puppets disguised as townspeople! The one who can defeat the most puppets will win.」
「It seems the loser will do whatever the winner says.」
「Which one are you betting on? I’m betting on the Silver Flash for sure.」
「The Blunt Weapon Princess of course. I heard she defeated the Silver Flash before.」
「Eh? Seriously!?」

As expected from Tiaret, the city of adventurers.
The news about the match between me and Cecil had spread throughout the city before I realized.

As time went by, more and more people noticed me, a girl who carries a big hammer on her back, and waved their hands at me.

Because people in this entire city were interested in our match, I could hear them talking about us as I walked around.
Of course, I could also hear information about Cecil.

「Have you heard? Cecil seems to have already collected three cards!」
「Wow, so quick! That’s the Silver Flash for you!」
「Oi, look! Isn’t that the Blunt Weapon Princess? The girl who’s carrying a big hammer over there.」
「Oh, you’re right! Oーi Hanna-san! How many cards do you have now?」

「A, Ahaha… S, Still not many…」

I answered ambiguously and smiled awkwardly at them.

……This is bad…
Actually, I still haven’t got a single piece yet…

「Uwoo… Even though Cecil and her dark elf friend were running, Hammer-Hanna is walking casually.」
「Amazing… maybe this contest is too easy for her.」

Everyone began to misunderstand my situation after seeing me walking normally without rushing.

Guys… you’re wrong…
Even if I want to run, I can’t run…
Because… I don’t know where to go!

For now, I was paying attention to people who were making strange movements or who were not having conversations with others, but…
I have no idea which one is fake.

I cursed my fate of being born with zero sensitivity to magical power.

Alright, let’s just hit all the people who look suspicious!

Nah, kidding… If the ones I hit were really just normal people, it’d be bad.

Dammit…! I have no choice but to do ‘this’, then.
To be honest, I really don’t want to do ‘this’, but it can’t be helped.

I have no more time to waste!

「Hey, you! I have a question for you!」


A middle-aged man was confused because I suddenly called out to him.

「The famous menu from Tiaret is “Tiarice”. What is its typical ingredient!?」
*/ Tiaret + rice

The puppets made by a demon who wasn’t familiar with this city shouldn’t be able to answer this question!

「G, Grilled… fish…?」

「…..Is that your final answer?」

「Y, Yes…」

「………..Ping pong ping pong! You’re correct!」

Hmm, it seems that this man was a human being… That’s too bad…

「Eh…? What the heck…?」

He looked at me suspiciously.
Well, of course….

「I’m sorry for asking you a weird question all of a sudden. Don’t worry about that.」

I bowed down to him and continued walking.

This is bad…
I suppose to look for a suspicious person, but I myself have become one…

And, do I really want to continuously use this method?
It’s extremely inefficient. I will never defeat Cecil with this.

If only I have a friend who is good at sensing magical power like Rozelia…

Mira-san can do that a little, but it won’t be enough to distinguish the puppets.
She’s a pharmacist after all, not a magician.

「Uhh… what should I do…? Think hard, Hanna! There should be a way!」

It was getting dark, and when I racked my brain on the edge of the streetー


ーI was hugged all of a sudden from behind.

I looked at my back and found Galle-chan.

「It’s about time for dinner, you know? You’re so late, so I came to get you.」


I instinctively hugged her.

Ahh~ she’s so warm and soft~ I’m healed~

「Master? What’s wrong? You look so tired…」

「Um… Actually…ーー」

I told her about what happened in the Adventurer Guild, starting from my meeting with Slad-san, I ended up having a contest against Cecil, and I’m troubled because I haven’t collected a single card yet.

「That sounds tough, but I want Master to win. Master’s enemies are my enemies!」

Galle-chan clenched her hands and put them in front of her chest.
Ahh~ So cute~

「By the way, Galle-chan. How did you know where I was?」

If I were on the path between our store and the Adventurer Guild, she could definitely find me.
However, I’m on a street which is far from that path.

So, how did she find me?
It seems that she didn’t look for me randomly, because if we returned together to our store now, the time would be just right for our usual dinner time when we got there.
She must be looking for me while accounting for the time.

「Mmmー I think it’s because Fenrir’s cells influenced my body, so I have a good sense of smell now.」

「Heeー It sounds pretty convenient.」

「But when I’m at our store, the smell of medicine is quite strong for me. It stings my nose, you know?」

After saying that, Galle-chan looked at the surroundings.
After she confirmed that there were no people around us, she put both of her hands on the ground.

When I wondered what the heck she was doing, silver hair grew from her entire body.
She looked like a wolf wearing girl’s clothes now.

「Actually, now I can turn into a little Fenrir like this without eating a magic stone.」

「Uwaaa~~~ So cute~!」

I petted her head which was about waist high.

She looked so different from the ferocious beast I fought at Ludley Bridge a few days ago.

「Mmm~ More~ Please pet me more! 」

She wagged her tail as she begged.

「Galle-chan, instead of a wolf, you look more like a dog…….Wait…」

Suddenly, I got a brilliant idea.

「Galle-chan, can you chase after the smell of anyone other than me!?」

When I asked her excitedly, she seemed to know immediately what I was trying to say.
She sped up her tail movements and nodded.

「Of course! If I smell one of those cards, I can identify the puppets! Leave it to me!」

「Kuuhhー! You’re not only cute, but you’re also reliable! Galle-chan really is my goddess of victory!」

I kneeled and hugged Galle-chan’s soft body.

Now, I have a chance to win this contest!



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