Chapter 50 : A-Rank Adventurer Is Coming!


It’s been two months since I became an adventurer, and now, it’s finally summer in Tiaret City.

Our store, Egg Tart, was running smoothly.
The rumors about an evil god believer running the store had completely disappeared, and regular customers were increasing.

It was hot outside, but it was cool inside the store because we installed a Snow Ogre magic stone (air conditioner) inside.
I bought the magic stone with the quest reward money I got, by the way.

Because of that, there were even customers who didn’t feel like shopping, and came just to enjoy the cool air in the store.
Hahhh… they are more annoying than window shoppers.

However, that’s not a big problem for me now.

Although blunt weapon skills seem to be versatile, there are still many things that cannot be solved by brute force…

「Galle-chan~ Come~」

Furi, furi furi~
*/waving or shaking something

Mira-san shook a bristle grass in front of Galle-chan who was stocking up the medicine.
Of course, with no expression as usual.

「Come~ come~ let’s play~」

Mira-san… did she misunderstand something here?
Fenrir inside Galle-chan’s body is a wolf monster, so I don’t think a bristle grass will work…

Not that!
Galle-chan is a human being!
Treating her like an animal is not good!

「What do you want!? Geez!」

Galle-chan pouted, and as usual, she would come to me after Mira-san teased her.

Galle-chan ran toward me, who was sitting at the back of the counter, and hugged my arm tightly.

「Masterー Please do something about that person!」

「Galle-chan, she’s not “that person”, she’s Mira-san. Can’t you get along with her?」

「But, that person is expressionless. She scares me!」

「Ga, Galle-chan is scared of me…… this can’t be happening……」

Mira-san was depressed.

Hahh… here we go again…

It was kinda confusing because her expression didn’t change, but she was definitely depressed.

「Kuuu~n. Master’s body is so soft~」

On the other hand, Galle-chan was rubbing her cheeks against my body happily.

Ahh~ she’s so cute!

「How nice… I want to join…..」

Mira-san put the tip of her index finger into her mouth while staring at us with puppy eyes.

Uwahh… Mira-san is also cute!

But! I can’t let her fool me with her cuteness!

More importantly, I had to do something about the relationship between these two, or else, it would get worse.

It’s still fine when I’m here.
But the problem is when I’m going out to do the quest from the guild.

It seemed that they didn’t even talk to each other when I wasn’t here.

Galle-chan was very attached to me, but not at all to Mira-san.

If I had to describe their relationship, Galle-chan’s attitude toward Mira-san was like a child who rebels against her parent’s remarriage partner.

I might sound like a self proclaimed person if I say this, but perhaps Galle-chan loves me too much. That’s why she doesn’t like people who are close to me.

Simply put, it’s jealousy.

I know this is not good. But…
Every time Galle-chan cutely shows her jealousy, I feel somewhat happy~

Geh! Me! Stop thinking like that!
That’s why you can’t solve this problem!

Uhh… that’s right… Ahem!

Aside from Galle-chan’s jealousy, Mira-san’s expressionless face might also be the cause.

Galle-chan has been in contact with people with various emotions toward her.
Wize was always angry at her, and the carpenters always smiled at her.
Galle-chan is cute, so perhaps other people also usually talk to her with a smile.

However, Mira-san is expressionless.

Well, I can understand why Galle-chan is scared of her.
But still, I have to make them get along with each other.

When I was about to persuade Galle-chan to get along with Mira-san again, suddenlyー

「There you are! The heck are you doing here!?」

A young male adventurer rushed into the store and called out to an adventurer who seemed to be his friend.

「What? Where I go is none of your business! I’m watching girls flirting with each other now! Don’t disturb me!」

This customer….. He’s free to watch us, but can he at least buy something!?

「This is not the time to be watching girls! You know what? There’s finally a quest with difficulty level A in this city!」

「Seriously!? What’s the content?」

「I asked March-san, but she didn’t want to tell me.」

「Hmm. But, there are no A-rank adventurers in this city, right?」

Adventurers can’t accept the quest with the difficulty level higher than their rank.

And the highest rank of adventurers available in Tiaret was B.

There were no adventurers in Tiaret who could accept that difficulty level A quest.
That’s why March-san didn’t post it on the quest board in the guild.

But, why are they so excited about the quest even though they can’t accept it?

I was a little curious so I kept eavesdropping on them.

「That’s why they are coming here! From the Demon Land! An A-rank adventurer is coming here! And it seems that adventurer is already at the guild!」

「Ehh!? Is that true!?」Hanna

I spontaneously stood up from my chair.

As an adventurer nerd, I can’t ignore this!

「O, Ou. It’s true. Hanna-chan, you wanna go see them too?」

「Atabou desu! (of course)」

I reluctantly pulled my arm out from Galle-chan’s embrace and ran out of the store.

A-rank adventurer is here!
Of course I want to see them!

And he said the adventurer came from the Demon Land, right?
So maybe it was the person I admire. The person who raised me. Sword Princess Laney!

Seeing her again is my goal.
She is the reason why I’ve been able to do my best raising my rank until now.

If it was really Laney who came to the Adventurer Guild, my goal would be completed instantly.

My expectation was increasing steadily as I ran down the street heading to the guild.

Yes. I’m sure it was Laney!
I haven’t seen her for almost five years.
And I’m sure Laney also wanted to see me!

I slammed open the door of the Adventurer Guild and shoutedー




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