Chapter 33 : It’s Hard to Tell, But I Think She’s Angry


To be honest, I don’t really have feelings of hostility toward Evil God Dortos.

Besides, is the god of blunt weapons really evil? I doubt it.

Maybe it was because I could see the god (bears) who resided in my hammer.

『He was speaking ill about us…』
『Can’t be helped. People have always thought of us as bad guys from long ago』bears

I could hear the bears were talking.

I can’t believe that these cute bears are part of the evil god.

I don’t believe in evil god, but if I said something like, “in the first place, do you really believe that Dortos is a bad god?” to narrow-minded people like the chairman and Cecil, no doubt they would believe even more that I was an evil god believer.

「…..Hanna is not a cultist or anything…」

Eh? Mira-san?

When I was wondering what I should do, Mira-san muttered next to me.

I thought Mira-san was overwhelmed by the chairman’s dignity aura, but it seems that I was wrong.

It was hard to tell because she was expressionless, but I thought she was angry. Very very angry.

「That’s why, I was asking how you will prove it」

「We’ll prove it by action. Hanna will do something that makes you embarrassed for calling her an evil god believer」


「W, Wait. What are you talking Mira-san!?」

I was glad she defended me, but I felt like it was going in the direction that I have to do my very best.

「Hmph. Very well. Show me what fleas like you can do…!」

Probably the chairman didn’t expect Mira-san, who wasn’t even an adventurer, to talk back to him like that.

I could totally see his blood vessels bulging in his head.






「Ahahaha! Picking a fight with Bazel Sortlarc? You girls are not bad!」

Medit-obasan, who came to the store, laughed out loud.

「…Oba-san, this not funny at all…」

She was hostile at first, but now she is the number one customer.

Even after bad rumors were spread, she always came to the store day by day to buy various beauty items.
She also wrote us a letter to the chairman, and she seemed to be doing her best eliminating bad rumors without our knowledge.

Her personality was completely different from before. No, not only her personality. She looks younger with her beautiful skin now.

Thanks to Mira-san’s products, she was getting more and more beautiful.

「Hahaha, I know, sorry. But we really can’t ignore this. That man is the most powerful person in this city, so there’s a limit to what I can do. If you can’t turn what you declared to him into reality, I’m sure he’ll bring you into trial」

The trial to judge evil god believers.
It was a terrifying trial where the accused would definitely not end up innocent once they were suspected from the start.
It made me tremble a little.

Blacksmith and carpenters who use blunt instruments wouldn’t go to trial though.
Even though people were calling them ‘cultist’ or ‘heretics’, people didn’t really think that they were evil god believers.

However, it’s different in my case.
Because, you know, my blunt weapon level is 100 million. Yes, 100 million!
It’s an impossible number for a normal human.
It’s no exaggeration to say that I’m on the same level as god, if I say so myself.

Unlike other gods, the evil god was the only god who really existed.
Even though he lost most of his blood and flesh during the war of the gods that occurred long ago, he survived, and he used demons and monsters to rule the Demon Land while he was sleeping in the northernmost part of the land.

Actually, the goal of the trial wasn’t only for punishing the evil god believers, but also to crack down on spies who sell information from human side to demons and monsters.

「Hanna, I’m sorry…..」

「Mira-san, you don’t have to apologize. We have to confront them anyway」

Besides, I was happy when Mira-san talked back to them to defend me.

「But… I wonder what we should do. Hmm… I feel like it’ll be pointless if I only do some guild work like usual…」

In a case like this, we should borrow elder’s wisdom.

With that in mind, I looked at Medit-obasan.

「Hmm. Let’s see… Do you guys know Ludley Bridge?」

「Ludley Bridge? Umm… It’s a big bridge that connects the royal capital, Lavec, and Tiaret, right? But I heard that it was destroyed by the flood a year ago」

I never went to the royal capital because it was in the opposite direction of my hometown.

「Without that bridge, travelers and caravans have to take a roundabout route or use a ship. Thanks to that, the flow of goods between the royal capital and Tiaret became stagnant. However, such an important bridge has not been fixed even after a year」

「Eh? It’s been a year, right? Why?」

I think even a big bridge can be built in a year, and to just fix a broken bridge, I think it only needs a couple months, but why hasn’t it been fixed yet?
Is it because they didn’t have enough carpenters?
If so, I might be useful, but… I’m no longer a carpenter, I’m an adventurer now.

「Every time the bridge was fixed, the monsters came to destroy it, so no matter how many times they fixed it, there would be no end」

「Monsters destroyed the bridge? Moreover, they did it a couple times?」

I wondered why monsters did that, but I started to understand what I should do there.

「So, I will defeat the monsters?」

「Yes. Monsters are the evil god’s servants, aren’t they? The bigger and stronger the monsters, the stronger the protection of the evil god they have. Because they’ve destroyed the bridge several times, there was a rumor that they did it by order of evil god. If you defeat the monsters, bad rumors about you and your store will disappear and your store’s reputation will be restored. Plus, if the bridge was fixed, the prices that have risen too high would also return to their original state, and I think everyone would thank you for that」

Indeed, the prices of commodities in Tiaret have risen tremendously lately.
I used to buy skewered meat for 3 pels each, but now I have to pay 5 pels. Don’t you think it’s too expensive?

If the prices when I was kicked out of the school were like the current prices, I would have died that time.

「If Ludley Bridge was fixed, customers from the royal capital would also come」

Mira-san said that while still being expressionless, but I think she was excited about that.

Well, indeed, that would be great.

But, we have to do something about the bad rumors first.

「So? What will you do? If you can get rid of the monsters, meー no, the Medit Family will do our best to overwrite the rumors. And I’ll make sure that Sortlarc will not be able to touch you for a while. So, will you do it?」

「Atabou desu! Of course, I’ll do it!」

I was grateful to Medit-obasan.

There’s nothing but merit for us if I do it.

「Besides, I can’t ignore people in trouble regardless of the rumors」

Monsters had been destroying the bridge many times.
If it’s true, the carpenters involved in fixing the bridge are the ones who are most frustrated.

I will protect the bridge as best as I can so that their effort will be rewarded this time!



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