Chapter 32 : It Was The Sword Fighting King Who Pulled The Trigger


Anyone who lives in Tiaret knows where the Sortlarc Family mansion is.

There were luxury mansions lined up in the west of the city.
The largest mansion among them, was the ‘stronghold’ of the Adventurer School Chairman, the Sword Fighting King, the man who ruled Tiaret from the shadow… Bazel Sortlarc.

I said it was a stronghold.
Because for me, Bazel Sortlarc is a demon king.

When I arrived at the mansion with Mira-san, two gatekeepers in front of the mansion threatened us with spears.

「Stop! Say your business in this mansion」

「I’m Hanna Falsett. This is Mira Karlight. We’re from Egg Tart. We have something to say to the chairman」

「Egg Tart…..? Oh, the store run by an evil god believer, huh. No way we can let cultists like you through!」

The gatekeepers looked over here with a despised look. Not only at me, but also at Mira-san.

They irritated me.
But if I fought them here, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to meet that person.

「Then, how about this?」

I took out a letter from my pocket.

The old gatekeeper received the letter with a suspicious face, but then that face turned pale after he saw the crest on the red sealing wax that sealed the letter.

「T, This is! Medit Family…!? Why does someone like you have this!? 」

「Medit-obasan is Mira-san’s customer」

Medit Family was a wealthy merchant family who had supported Tiaret for a long time.

Although they didn’t have strong power now, Medit was the family that the Sortlarc Family couldn’t ignore.

The head of the Medit Family was Rob Medit.
And his wife was the angry aunt who complained about her skin to Mira-san.

Of course, she had smooth and shiny skin now, and she had become a captive of the beauty lotion Mira-san made.

The old gatekeeper opened the letter.
The letter said how great Egg Tart was, and how foolish the people who made bad rumors about it were.

I read the contents beforehand , and it was the best complaint letter in the world.
That aunt might be troublesome as a claimer, but as an ally, she was very reliable.

「Khh… Oi, take this letter inside and ask for the decision!」

「Y, Yes, sir!」

The young gatekeeper ran to the mansion in a hurry.

The effect of the letter was very effective.
After waiting for a while, they let us in and wait in the drawing room.

「Uhh… This place is too luxurious…」Mira

Mira-san rubbed her stomach as if she had a stomachache.
It was hard to tell because she was expressionless, but it seemed that she was really nervous.

The ceiling was high, the carpet was soft, and the portraits were displayed everywhere. It gave off the atmosphere of a rich person’s house.
No wonder if Mira-san was overwhelmed by it.

I might have been overwhelmed by the atmosphere too if my sense wasn’t numb with anger.

After waiting for a while, the door of the drawing room opened.

The one who appeared first was Cecil, and Bazel Sortlarc followed behind her.

The chairman sat down in a chair and glared at me intimidatingly.

「So it was you, the flea from a year ago」

Haahh… So those are the first words coming from his mouth, huh…

「Yeah, it’s me. So you remember, huh」

「I want to forget but I can’t forget… I can’t forget your terrible swordplay that can’t even kill an insect」

「Huh. Yeah, right. That’s why I was banished from the school to keep the stupid tradition to graduate students with 100% pass rate. But…」

I took out my adventurer ID and showed it to him in a bragging manner.

「Eh? Eh? Ehh~? How strange~ I passed the adventurer test~」

「Hmph. That ID is the proof that you sold your soul to the evil god!」

Cecil, who was standing behind the chairman, suddenly spoke.

「Otherwise, it was impossible for someone like you to passed the test」

Previously, she accused me of stealing the Rock Dragon magic stone from Rozelia, and now she said that I sold my soul to the evil god?
Which one, oi!?
Haahhh… This woman is really beyond help.

「Chairman. You’re the person who has a high position. But, are you a man who is easily swayed by what his daughter said?」

「Do you think I’m a type of person who will do what the other tells me? If so, you’re a real dumb. The one who wants to destroy your store is me. Cecil was just helping me」

「Hee… Just helping, huh? By using a cowardly way spreading bad rumors about our store, right? What a devoted daughter helping her parents doing a terrible thing」

「I was just telling everyone the truth. What’s cowardly about that?」

「I see. So your imagination turned into belief and finally became truth in your head, huh. I see, I see」

「What did you say!?」


A terrifying bass voice came out of the chairman’s throat.
Cecil shrank by the voice.

It wasn’t just her.
I even felt as if the downy hair on my back stood upright.

And Mira-san… Well, she has become like a statue and hasn’t said a single word since the chairman entered this room.

Now that I had a high blunt weapon level, I could now understand.

Sword Fighting King, Bazel. This person was strong.
He was at the same level as Laney after all.

「Anyone will dry their blanket in the sun if they find a flea on it. It’s the same thing as that. Tiaret is a city of adventurers and also my garden. I found an evil god believer was opening a store in my garden. No way I could ignore it」

「Geez… Old man, Listen. Yes, I do use a blunt weapon, BUT I’m not an evil god believer or anything」

「If so, how would you explain your blunt weapon level? I’ve heard from the guild that you have a ridiculous number in your skill tree」


What Cecil and the chairman said was completely false accusations.

However, I didn’t know how to prove it.

A long time ago, there was a trial for people suspected of being followers of evil god.
They were asked to prove themselves that they were not a cultist or evil god believer.
But they couldn’t prove it and they were found guilty in the end.

If I was on trial as an evil god believer and couldn’t prove that I wasn’t, I would be convicted and would have to live in prison for the rest of my life.



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