Chapter 29 : We Make A Good Start!


「Dear customers~! To commemorate the opening of our new store, you can try the medicines sold at the store for free!」

While shouting like that, I opened the lids of some small potion bottles and handed them out to customers.

Even if my weapons and armor were sold, I can’t say that I saved Mira-san’s store.
Weapons and armor were just the bait.
It was meaningless if Mira-san’s medicine couldn’t be sold.

And for that, giving out samples is the best way.
Persuasion is not as effective as giving them self-experience after all.

「Heeー So we can try it before we buy it, huh. You guys are so thoughtful」random adventurer

Khu, khu, khu. Yeah, drink it and entertain me with your surprised face!

「Hanna… you’re smirking like a villainess…」Mira

「Is that so? I was just looking forward for their reaction」Hanna

But, when the adventurers were about to drink the potionsー


The one who shouted with a loud voice while entering the store was the aunt who was complaining to Mira-san yesterday.

And of course, the scary onii-san was with her.

「People, don’t be fooled! All the medicines she makes are defective!」ugly auntie

「That’s right guys. Look at her skin. Because she drank a strange medicine she bought from this store, her skin became like dried sardines」scary onii-san

「‘Dried sardines’!? Are you mocking me!?」ugly auntie

「Aa, I’m sorry, ma’am. But this is the best way to tell people here how dangerous this store’s medicines are. Listen, everyone! The pharmacist woman, Mira, is a rotten woman who thinks of customers as her guinea pigs!」scary onii-san

Khh! These jerks!

The store was renewed and Mira-san’s expression became brighter.
When I thought everything was going smoothly, these jerks runed it!

「Seriously!? I, Is this also a dangerous medicine!?」
「I see. They baited us with good quality weapons to make us drink this suspicious medicine…!」adventurers

Mira-san looked down at the floor. Her hands were shaking.

Everyone started to say what they like.

Aaahh! I’m getting irritated!
But, even though I denied them, I wouldn’t be able to solve this problem.

I calmed myself down and put my hand on Mira-san’s shoulder.


Mira-san seemed to remember what I said before.

About making an effort to communicate. About making an effort to convey something.
If she doesn’t do it herself, misunderstandings will remain misunderstandings.

It’s not just the appearance of the store that needs a change.
Mira-san herself must also change.

Although she was extremely nervous, Mira-san walked slowly and stood in front of the aunt claimer and the scary onii-san.

「W, What? I said the truth, right!?」angry onii-san

「……..Yes. This aunt’s skin became like this because of me」Mira

「You finally admit it! So take responsibility!」ugly auntie

「But… your skin became like this is the process. After the process is over, your skin will be smooth and shiny」Mira

「Eh?」ugly auntie

「If… your skin doesn’t get smooth in a week, I’ll pay the compensation…. So, please… believe me」Mira

As she said that, Mira-san held the aunt’s hand and looked into her eyes. The aunt flinched a little.

Ahh, I understand that aunt’s feeling.
Mira-san is an extremely beautiful woman.
There’s no way people can stay calm when they are stared at by those beautiful teary eyes.

「…W, Well, if you insist. I can wait for another week」ugly auntie

「Ma’am! What are you talking about!?」scary onii-san

The one who was the most surprised by the aunt’s change in attitude was the scary onii-san.

「Now listen! If so many customers come to this store, she will be able to prepare money for compensation unlike the last time. Well, in the first place, I’m not troubled with money. I just wanted her to show me her sincerity」ugly auntie

「Are you kidding me!? It’ll be a problem for me! I was planning to build a new store in this land, you know!」scary onii-san

「Huh? That’s not my problem. Besides, if we destroy this store now, and my skin really becomes smooth and shiny a week later, I won’t be able to get the medicine anymore. That’s a big problem for me!」ugly auntie

Her selfishness wasn’t changed but it seemed that the aunt believed in Mira-san for now.

「Well then, I’ll come again next week」ugly auntie

After saying that, the aunt left the store.

「Damn it! When I thought I finally found a good land like this…!」scary onii-san

The scary onii-san, who looked really angry, followed the aunt leaving the store.

It seemed that he wasn’t a hired thug. He was just using the aunt to get this land.

Fu, fu~n. Serve you right!

Mira-san’s medicine would absolutely work.
I could imagine a week later, the aunt coming to our store with smooth and shiny skin while smiling brightly.

The adventurers couldn’t keep up with the situation; they were just standing still and holding the small bottles of potions.

Mira-san turned around to the adventurers and saidー

「E, Everyone… The potions we gave are safe to drink. If you drink it, you will be less tired for about three days, so it should be useful for adventure… Please, believe me… 」

And here we go again! Mira-san’s “Please, believe me” attack! Of course, with a cute upward gaze.
It even worked for the aunt who exuded an aura of hostility.
So there’s now way it didn’t work for men.

Stab! Stab! Stab!

I could picture cupid shooting heart-shaped arrows to the adventurers.

「Guys, you know what. I’m drinking this!」
「Of course! Such a cute girl telling us to believe her. Not drinking it is a sin!」
「A beautiful girl made this! I’m totally fine even if I die drinking this! No, dying after drinking something handmade by a beautiful girl is my desire!」
「We can’t call ourselves an adventurer, no, we can’t call ourselves a MAN if we don’t drink this!」

The adventurers drank the potions all at once.

「Hm? Uwoo? Uwooooー! This is amazing!」
「It’s completely kicked fatigue out of my body!」
「Dang! My head is sharp and clear! And I feel so refreshed!」
「I can feel energy spreading to the muscles all over my body!」
「Uooooー! I can feel the powahー!」

And we became really busy after that.

Everyone was incessantly buying weapons, armor and medicines.
The shelves of the store were full of empty space now.

When the flow of customers was a little calm, I looked outside and noticed that there was a group of people hesitating to enter.

I looked closely at them.

They were my former classmates who made fun of me even during the adventurer exam.
Yes. The people who claimed that I stole the Rock Dragon magic stone from Rozelia.

「What’s wrong? You guys don’t wanna go inside?」adventurer A

A senior adventurer who didn’t know the circumstances spoke to them.

「You will regret it if you don’t buy weapons and armor here. If you buy weapons with the same quality at another store, the price will be doubled, you know?」adventurer A

「The quality of the medicines sold here is also great. Even you can’t get high quality medicine like this in the royal capital」adventurer B

「No….. We’re just…..」classmate

Ck! What are they doing standing in front of the store like that? They will get in other people’s way.

Can’t be helped.
I decided to go out and warn them.

「Oi, you guys, don’t stand in front of the store. Go buy something if you have money」

「N, No way I will spend my money on donketsu-Hanna’s store!」
「Th, That’s right! I’m sure weapons and armor here are defective products that will break quickly!」
「Also, we don’t know what kind of adverse effects the medicines have!」classmates

After saying what they wanted to say, they left with a regretful expression on their face.

They came just to stand in front of the store, interrupting our business.

Like usual, they didn’t acknowledge me.

If they want to enter our store the next time they come, I won’t let them in unless they do a diving dogeza and apologize to me.



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