Chapter 28 : This is Our Store


I was very busy after that.

It was already dark, but I went to see Boss and the carpenters and asked them to help me transport building materials to Mira-san’s store.

「Everyone, I’m sorry to make you work at a time like this」

「Please, don’t say that. If it’s for Hanna-sensei’s sake, working like this is nothing」
「It’s been a while since I saw Hanna-sensei’s work. I’m looking forward to it!」

The carpenters said so and laughed.

Well, I can’t show them a boring result then.

「Blunt Weapon Skill…… 【Floor Re-cover】! 【Wall Repair】! 【Roof Repair】! 」

Don! Don! Don! Don! Don! Don!

「Hooー! That’s Hanna-sensei for you!」

「Everyone, can you help me paint the outer wall? The color is yellow. Make it bright and cute」

「「Yes, ma’amー!」」

What a reliable people.

I also can’t rest yet!

Next, I went to Master’s blacksmith shop and asked her for some metal materials.
Of course, I’ll pay her later.

I also borrowed her workshop and started working.

「*inhaling* Suuー……….. Here we go! Blunt Weapon Skill :【Ultra High Speed Smithing】! 」

Don! Dodododododododonー!






…………After that, I kept working, and it was already morning before I realized it.

Finally, I can reーー nope. I can’t rest yet.
There’s an important thing I should do.


「Good work, Hanna-chan. This is the quest reward from the client」March

I reported that I cleared the quest to the guild and received 300 pels from March-san.
It seemed that the reward money was deposited in the guild when Mira-san made the request.

Before climbing the mountain, I thought I should charge Mira-san directly for the reward money.
Ahh, I’m glad that I didn’t charge her because she looked so down and I felt bad for her. If I charged her, Mira-san would be thinking that I’m an ignorant girl.

I put the copper coins in my pocket.
I felt like it was a really small amount after I knew the price of tolf mushrooms.
Still, I was happy because this was my first reward for clearing a quest.
Well, it’ll disappear soon though, because I have to pay for the building materials and metal materials.
But, It may not be enough even if I sell the magic stones from monsters I defeated in the mountain…

「By the way, how many more quests should I clear to move up to Rank C?」Hanna

「You can move up to Rank C from D if you earn 100,000 pels in total from quest reward」March

「That means… If I’m doing the same thing as this time, I have to do it more than 300 times, huh…..」Hanna

I almost fainted.

Although there was no choice but to do it steadily, the number really discouraged me.

Well, aside from that, my job this time gave me something more meaningful than money.
It’s no exaggeration to say that the experience I got from doing this quest will become my foothold for my future adventurers.

「By the way, March-san, are adventurers allowed to paste something on the bulletin board?」

「Hm? Hanna-chan, you want to make a request to the guild?」

「No, that’s not what I mean. I want to promote a store that will be useful for adventurers. So, I wonder if I’m allowed to paste a poster or something」

「That’s….. Could it be… Mira-chan’s store?」

March-san was the one who told me a dubious rumor about Mira-san yesterday, so it’s natural if she had a sense of distrust.

However, I smiled at her who frowned.

「Pu, puー! Incorrect! It’s not Mira-san’s store. It’s Mira-san’s and MY store」





「I’m back~」

「Welcome back, Hanna」

When I came back from the guild, there was a crowd around the store.

People who were walking on the road did a double take after seeing Mira-san’s store and stopped.

It seemed that some adventurers came immediately from the guild after they saw the advertisement.

「What the heck is this store?」
「Eh? A new store?」
「I’m sure there was a drugstore that almost collapse here yesterday…」

A suddenly changed drugstore made people confused.

In the place where a near-collapse drugstore was standing until yesterday, there was a brand new store with a yellow appearance that made you think of an egg. A sign said『Adventurer Store : Egg Tart』was displayed in front of the store.

On the inside, there was a wide passage, and not only medicines but also weapons and armor for adventurers were lined up.

The shelves were custom made by me.
There were drawers at the bottom, and despite its neat appearance, it had a large storage capacity.

On the colonnade that reached the second floor, was a glass skylight which illuminated the interior.
I adjusted the angle of the roof so that the shelves with medicine that were sensitive to sunlight, didn’t get hit by sunlight that came from the glass skylight.

The pillar supporting the center of the store and the counter desk were the same as before because it had memories of Mira-san’s father.
Also, I didn’t touch the dispensary room in the back where Mira-san learned how to make medicine from her father.

Mira-san’s store was reborn with the memories about her father still remaining.

「Well then. It’s time to show our new store to people. Let’s open the store!」Hanna

「U, Un. *inhaling and exhaling* Suuーhaaー…….. W, Welcome to the store」Mira

Although she was a little unreliable, Mira-san stood in front of the store and welcomed the customers.

「Medicines and weapons. We have everything adventurers need in Egg Tart!」Hanna

After we attracted the people around the store, they became interested and entered one after another.

So, why did we name it ‘Egg Tart’?
Egg tart has both soft and hard parts. In other words, medicine (soft) and weapons (hard).
Both of them had good quality that wouldn’t bring shame to the signboard.

「W, What the heck is this sword…! I can tell the quality is different just by a glance…!」
「This shield also! It’s light but very sturdy!」
「And they are really cheap! How come!?」

「Fu, fu, fu…」

I unintentionally made a smug face and grinned.

The weapons and armor that were lined up there were the ones I made last night at Master’s workshop.
Although they were inferior to weapons and armor Master made, they had a quite high quality compared to those on the market.
I didn’t raise my blunt weapon level to 100 million for nothing.

But we were not done yet.
In the first place, the strategy was to lure customers with high quality weapons and armor, and then make them try Mira-san’s medicines.

Well, anyway, I’m glad it’s going well so far.



Author note :
This novel was also about building a store.
And this time, somehow it was developing like the novel title. “A girl who mastered blacksmithing and constructing.”



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