Chapter 21 : A Frog That Is Stared at by a Snake


「Oi, Mira-san. This person said she would forgive you if you give her money as compensation.」

Said the scary onii-san menacingly.

「And that’s only 10,000 pels. Isn’t it cheap!?」scary onii-san

「But I don’t have that much money」Mira

「Huhh!? If you don’t have it, make it! You should sell this shop! Unlike your deceased father, you don’t have business talent anyway! Or you wanna choose to sell your body instead? Even though you’re expressionless, with that body of yours, you can make money easily, you know!」scary onii-san

Don! Don!
The scary onii-san hit the desk while he was yelling like that.

Apparently, this onii-san was hired by the aunt to threaten Mira.

「Listen! Until tomorrow… We’ll wait until tomorrow! If you don’t have the money by tomorrow, I have a ‘plan’ for you. You hear me!?」scary onii-san
「I’ll make you regret ruining my beauty!」fat auntie

After saying that, the aunt and the scary onii-san tried to leave the shop.

「Oi. Are you a customer? You shouldn’t buy medicine at this shop! You will suffer from the side effects of the medicine!」

Said the scary onii-san to me before he left the shop.

After the two claimants left, the inside of the shop became quiet.

The heavy atmosphere made me want to leave as well and I could just come again tomorrow.
But, I couldn’t leave the shop now.
Because the owner of this shop, the beautiful pharmacist girl, stared at me.

「……..A customer?」

「A, Ahh… No, I’m not. I’m an adventurer from the guild」

「You’re the adventurer?」

While still being expressionless, Mira-san stood up and approached me.
And then she looked at my face closely.

「I, Indeed I’m not looking like an adventurer. But you know, even though I’m like this, I can fight in battle」


Mira-san didn’t look away from me. She kept staring at my face.

When I looked away from her, suddenly….. She kissed my cheek.

「Nya!? W, W, What’s that for!?」

「…You’re so cute」

She said such a thing with an expressionless face.

I was frozen.

Is this what a frog that is stared at by a snake feels like?
It’s dangerous to stay here. Yes. That was what my sixth sense told me.

Mira-san went to the back of the shop, took a bottle from a cupboard and handed it to me.
There was a thick purple liquid inside the bottle.

「W, What is this?」

「A token of our friendship」

Th, Th, Th, There it isー!
The mysterious medicine!

This is bad!
It’s okay if I only get stomachache after drinking this. BUT! What if she can control my mind after I drink this!? I will end up as her guinea pig for the rest of my life!

Ughh… I should have brought Rozelia along…

「Hm? What’s wrong? Why don’t you drink it?」

Mira-san tilted her head while staring at me.

Ughh… Maybe I have no choice but to drink it.
If this ends up in the worst case scenario, maybe one of my various blunt weapon skills can handle it… Maybe…

I braced myself and drank the medicine.

「Hmmppー! Gulp, gulp, gulp…!」

Hoeekk… The taste was so bad…

Moreover, the area around my stomach became strangely cold.

As if a bunch of ice cubes were thrown directly into my stomach. Ouch, ouch….!

In the first place, I kinda felt heavy in my stomach since morning because I ate too much last night.
I wondered what would happen to my stomach now…

「……………. Eh?」

It was so sudden.
When I thought that the pain was gone, the feeling of heaviness in my stomach that I had felt since this morning disappeared.

「My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore… And I feel so refreshed」

This must be thanks to Mira-san’s medicine she gave me.

「How did you find out that I feel heavy in the stomach?」

I was sure that I didn’t hold my stomach when I entered the shop.

And then Mira-san answered without hesitation.

「I can tell how people’s physical condition at a glance」

「R, Really!? That’s amazing!」

Isn’t it a very advantageous talent as a pharmacist!?

If Mira-san was an amazing pharmacist, why did March-san tell me bad rumors about her then?

「And could it be, you kissed me earlier was a way to check my physical condition?」

「No. I just wanted to kiss you, so I kissed you」

Hmm… I doubt the rumors but… It looks like it’s true that she is a weirdo…

「But… why did you give that aunt a weird medicine even though you have such an amazing talent?」

Maybe she hates that aunt?

But you can’t just do that to a customer even though you hate them, right?

「A weird medicine? No, I didn’t give her something like that」

「B, But her skin was cracked, right?」

「That’s the process. Her skin will be smooth after a while」

「Eh? Really?」

It didn’t look like it would become smooth at all though…
However, I have no choice but to believe it because I just experienced the effect of Mira-san’s medicine.

「Then, why didn’t you tell her? That aunt really misunderstood you, you know?」

「……I couldn’t… I’m a poor talker. Besides, that onii-san… He scared me」


She didn’t look like she was scared at all tho.
But then I realized.
Her hands were still shaking.

She didn’t show her emotions, but Mira-san was also a human who has emotions.
And her lack of words made her easy to be misunderstood.

In fact, I was completely misunderstood.

Maybe this is why this drugstore has a bad reputation.

「…..Then, I also have a token of friendship for you」

This is a token of friendship plus an apology for my misunderstanding.
I picked up the hammer I was carrying on my back and hit the pillar of the shop with it.


「What are you doing? I didn’t post a quest to destroy my shop」

「Ah, don’t worry. Your shop was tilted, so I fixed it」

Squeaky noises heard and then the diagonally tilted pillar returned to its original vertical position.


「Blunt Weapon Skill :【Central Pillar】. With this, this pillar will never tilt again」

「…..Are you a carpenter?」

「Yeah. A former carpenter though」

「Hee… I’m surprised」

She didn’t look surprised at all tho…
But maybe she really was surprised inside.

「Ahem. Well then, I’m an adventurer, Hanna. Can you tell me the details about your request?」



Author :
Hi guys, it’s Donki, a random novelist who wants to protect the peace of the expressionless heroines.



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