Chapter 2 : Isn’t This a Story About School Life!?


「ーーWhat’s going on here? What’s all the ruckus about?」

A man suddenly appeared. He was over 40 but his muscular body didn’t seem declining.

「C, Chairman…」

The Adventurer School Chairman, Bazel Sortlarc. He has great authority in this city, and there’s no one who didn’t know him.
The classmates trembled. It seemed they still didn’t know what kind of excuses to make.

「Are you even strong enough to make fun of others? In an adventure, self-conceit can lead you to death!」

「W, We are sorry!」
「It won’t happen again!」

The classmates bowed all at once. Some of them glared at me. They must be thinking they got scolded because of me.

Usually, I would be shrinking under his pressure, but I was so happy by the fact that the chairman was protecting me now.
That’s because he is the【Sword Fighting King】, Bazel Sortlarc! One of the strongest adventurers who can fight Laney the Sword Princess equally. He is a living legend who has endless heroic stories.

「Listen. You are learning to be the absolute strongest who can survive any difficulties, not to look down on the weak!」

Ahh~ What a nice feeling that such a person cares about me. It feels like I have a dragon on my side.

「T, Thank you sir!」

I approached the chairman and thanked him.

My classmates might still make fun of me in the future, but I’m sure they will be quiet thanks to the chairman.
There’s no one in this school… no, in this adventurer city, Tiaret, who dares to oppose Bazel Sortlarc!

「Hmph. There’s no reason for you to thank me」

The chairman glared at me with cold eyes and saidー

「I expelled you from the school. Get out of here now」


I couldn’t understand what he said because it was all of a sudden.

「Uwaa… She’s done for」
「She will definitely be expelled once the chairman decides」
「Well, of course, she is Donketsu-Hanna after all. It’s a miracle that she was able to attend school until now」

The classmates were giggling as they whispered to each other so that the chairman couldn’t hear.

「W, Why…? Why do I get expelled…?」

I rushed to the chairman who was about to leave the courtyard.

「P, Please wait! I haven’t done anything wrong! So, why!?」

Actually, the chairman had expelled a number of students, saying that they were not suitable for this school, but that was because they were bad students who skipped classes or didn’t listen to the teacher.
But…… Why me…? I’m sure I was a good student.
I’m taking classes properly, always making an effort, and never skipped class or fell asleep in class.

When I was about trying to cling to the chairman, he kicked me in the belly.
It hurts…
It was so painful that I couldn’t breathe. I kneeled on the ground.

「Don’t know why, huh? It seems not only you have a poor sword skill, but also a poor brain」

Glaring at me, the chairman’s eyes were cold. It felt like I was glared by a snake.

「It’s to protect this school’s good name. No one ever failed the adventurer exam since this school was founded. Do you know why? Because I’ve been expelling fleas like you!」

It shocked me…
Because I heard anyone can become an adventurer by entering this school, a prestigious school that has a 100% passing percentage.
I thought this school had a great teaching method that could make my dream come true if I could keep up with the lesson even if I was slow and clumsy. But…. I see now….

The chairman grabbed my hair and looked into my face.

「Above all, weaklings would rot the school. If there is a weak flea like you, the other fleas will feel as if they are strong and don’t make any efforts. Just because you’re weak, it doesn’t mean you can drag other people down, right? It’s a necessary scam」

「But… That’s cruel! I’ve also done my best after all this time!」

Dragging people down because I’m weak? Bullshit! Your effort has nothing to do with other people! It’s up to how hard you make an effort yourself!

When it comes to thrusting practice, I’ve done three times as much as the other students. Why do I have to sacrifice my effort for those who didn’t do their best!?

「You…… You don’t know anything! You’ve never seen me practice, have you!? You don’t know how hard I’ve been practicing!」

「How hard you’ve been practicing, huh? What a useless excuse for being useless. An untalented flea dreaming of becoming an adventurer was a mistake in the first place」

After he released my hair, the chairman sniffed disdainfully.

I’ve been enduring all these years. No matter how much everyone made fun of me, I wasn’t angry or crying. But this time! I couldn’t hold my anger any longer.

He said all my hard work for two years was useless!
I couldn’t bear that the chairman denied my hard work, because I felt like I was denied by Laney, his fellow strong adventurer.
My chest was so painful.

「………..I don’t care if you are a chairman…. What you said is so absurd… Take back your wordsー!!!」

When I realized, I was throwing my glove at the chairman.

「What is the meaning of this?」

「There’s only one meaning for throwing a glove at someone!」

It was a method for challenging someone to duel. Everyone knows that.

「Ho? A mere flea dared to challenge me to a duel?…… I never thought that I, the Sword Fighting King, would be belittled like this…」

The chairman lifted up his tick eyebrows.

「Oi, oi, oi!」
「Uwaa… She’ll die」

I know this is reckless… I know I can’t win…
This duel is like a race between a newborn foal with trembling legs versus a Pegasus flying in the sky.
But he made me so angry! I have no choice but to do it!

To be able to stay in school. To be able to become an adventurer of my dreams. To be able to go to an adventure with the Sword Princess Laney! I have to do thisー!

「Huh. What’s wrong old man? You don’t wanna fight me because I’m weak and not worthed!?」

「Right. If you think you are worth enough to make me draw my sword, your brain must be quite damaged. But…… Cecil!」

「Yes, sir!」

A girl behind the chairman stepped forward.
She was Cecil Sortlarc, the chairman’s daughter and also the number one student in school.

Blue long hair that extended to the waist, almond eyes, high bridged nose, and a slender body. The silver breastplate and the handguards were custom-made so it won’t constrain her movements. And also a clean white cloak without stains even the slightest.

She was a dignified and cool girl. Her aura was similar to Laney. Moreover, her weapon was also rapier, making me reminiscent of a person I admire.

「You fight with Cecil. If you can hit my daughter with your sword once…… No, even if you only graze her, I’ll allow you to stay in this school」



Author note : The chairman who will pissed us off appeared. I can’t wait to make him pay!



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