Chapter 3 : God, Please Help Me! Just For This Moment!


「Don’t worry father. It’s impossible for her to graze me」

When Cecil pulled out her sword, the air around her seemed distorted by the pressure.
I felt like she, who was already tall, had grown bigger.

「Even Sword Princess Laney can’t keep up with my movements, you know? It’s gonna be easy. Obviously」

My knees trembled by the pressure. I’m really like a newborn foal now.

In front of me was a girl who has everything I don’t have.
Every time I saw her, in my head, I just thought that I really wanted to be like her.

If at least I can get along with a person like her, I’m sure this hellish school life will turn into heaven…..

I was always looking at her from a distance while having such a delusion.

But now… She is the one who will punish me? This is just too cruel!

「…! Hyaaaaー!」

While desperately holding back my desire to escape, I shouted a warcry and stepped forward.

Putting in my two years of effort, I stuck out my sword.
But, Cecile, who was making an expressionless face, dodged my attack quickly.


Suddenly, I felt a shock run on my face.
Apparently, Cecil struck my cheek with the hand that didn’t hold the sword as she dodged my attack.

If your rapier level increases, it’s not your muscle that will gain strength, but your agility that will increase.
That’s why, against me who has level zero in all weapons, Cecil’s speed was like a rabbit, and mine was like a turtle.

「Hyuu~ do your best, donketsu!」
「Fight, fight donketsu! Hahaha!」

I heard some of the classmates were yelling. A yell that wasn’t from the bottom of their heart. The rest of them were laughing in response.
I was just a clown to them…

Well, of course. I must look so lame in front of them.

Cecil didn’t seem to care about my attacks, she didn’t even use her rapier. She was just playing around because she knew she could defeat me anytime she wanted.
Every time I launched an attack, she dodged it easily and then hit my face.
I could tell that my cheeks were swelling more and more.

My willpower was gradually shaved off…
I can’t win…
My lacrimal glands became loose and my vision became blurred…

………My dreams…..will it end here…?
Will it be destroyed so easily like this……?

As I felt the pain, what crossed my mind was Laney’s back when she was leaving and her lonely face while sayingー

『Farewell, Hanna. If we meet again next time, would you call me ‘Mom’? 』

I didn’t know until then that Laney always wanted to be called ‘Mom’.
I was always thinking about myself and was completely unaware of Laney’s feelings.

Laney left me, heading to the north of the continent to the Demon Land that was ruled by the Demon God Dortos.

Elves have a different sense of time than humans.
If I wait for Laney, it might take 10 or 20 years… or maybe she won’t come back until I die…

In order to see Laney again and call her ‘Mom’, I must become an adventurer and head for the Demon Land.

That’s why, God of Sword…
If you really exist somewhere, please!
I’ll stop resenting you, so please just for this moment!
Just a single attack! No matter how lame it is, just a single attack!
Give me your power!


I rushed forward and raised a cry that didn’t suit the delicate and slender rapier I used.

「Hmph… Sword technique,【Wind Aria】」

The sword technique that Cecil used was identical to Laney’s sword technique.
The technique that I admired, but could never do.

When I realized, I was lying on the ground.

「See? It’s impossible for a donketsu like you to touch me. Obviously」

I heard Cecil’s triumphant voice above my head.

Ukhh!? I couldn’t breathe?
Apparently, I was blown away by the gust created by Cecil’s sword and banged my back on the ground really hard.

I tried to get up, but I couldn’t
It wasn’t that I completely lost my will to fight, but my body just didn’t listen to me.

「……..Such a waste of time. This flea is indeed a flea among the fleas. Thinking that such a flea, no… such a trash has been studying in my school until now, makes me wanna puke!」

After saying such cruel words, the chairman left the courtyard.

I lost…
What a terrible defeat…
Overwhelming defeat…

「A-ah, I knew it would end up like this」
「Well, that was fast」
「It’s not even a duel in the first place」
「But she make Cecil use her sword technique though」
「Are you stupid? She did it out of pity, you know?」

I heard my classmates making noises.
But then Sensei clapped her hands and saidー

「Alright, everyone. The sky looks cloudy, maybe it’ll rain soon so enter the school building now!」

I could hear the footsteps of everyone leaving. They seemed to have lost interest in me and left.
It seems I’m no longer even a classmate for them. They didn’t care about me at all.

I was beaten up both physically and mentally and couldn’t stand up for a while until it started to rain.

「God of Sword……… why do you hate me so bad?…….」

I couldn’t hold my tears any longer.
I was frustrated rather than sad.
I was frustrated by how helpless and pathetic I was.
How regrettable…

While enduring the pain on my cheeks as I wiped my tears that mixed with rain, I tried to raise my wet body.

When I returned to the school building, there was a piece of paper pasted to the door.

『Hanna Falsett will be expelled today. Leave the dormitory within a day or two』

And now… my dream was completely destroyed…



Author note : If you wanna see Cecil’s crying face, please bookmark my work!

TL note : for those who were wondering why the heck there’s no hammer or any blunt weapons in an adventurer school?? Or should I say, there’s no adventurer who uses a blunt weapon.
There IS a reason, but I can’t tell you because it’ll be a spoiler.



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