Chapter 87 : Baby Castella


「Welcome, welcome! This is our specialty, onokomiyaki!」
「The children over there, how about some Secard-style skewers!」(stall keepers)

Oji-san, it’s okonomiyaki, not onokomiyaki…

As we walked down the main street, I kept hearing the stall keepers calling for customers.

Even though the feudal lord’s march was over and there was nothing to see anymore, there were still a lot of people here.

There was nothing special with the menu in the food stalls so far.

There were okonomiyaki that seemed to be imitations of our okonomiyaki, and there were ordinary skewers that didn’t look like Secard food at all.

But, those skewers… Hmm… Maybe I’ll ask Dad if he can make Tentacle skewers later.

They named it Secard-style skewer, but even if I eat it, I don’t think my defense will increase.

*/Mark talked about a skewer item in a certain game that could increase defense points, but I don’t know which game.

While thinking like that, I kept looking around the stalls on the main street.

Pamela was also looking around the stalls, but with a somewhat curious face. Perhaps because she rarely went to street food stalls like this.
Well, she rarely went outside after all.

When I was looking at Pamella, suddenly Nicola pulled my arm and pointed to a food stall a little further away.

「Onii-chan, I want to eat that.」(Nicola)

I looked at the food stall she was pointing at and found food that I had never seen before.

It seems that food stalls all over this town have gathered here today, so there were also a few food stalls that were usually open in places I’ve never been to.

After all, even though I live in this town, there are still many places in this town that I haven’t been to.

「Can you go alone? I’ll wait for you here with Pamella.」(Mark)

After I said so, Nicola pulled my arm even harder.

『I don’t have money! You know that I used all my money to buy Delica maid clothes, right!?』(Nicola)

『Ehh… It’s your own fault for spending your money carelessly.』(Mark)

『Oh, come on, can you act like a kind big brother for once!?』(Nicola)

『Huh? I think I’ve been kind enough to you though.』(Mark)

『Then do something that can make me want to say “I love you Onii-chan”!』(Nicola)



「What’s wrong, both of you?」(Pamella)

Pamella looked at me and Nicola, who were glaring at each other, with a confused face.

Immediately after Pamella asked that, Nicola made a sad puppy face.

「Umm… I want to eat that, but… I don’t have money…」(Nicola)

「I see. Then, let’s go buy it and eat together. It’s on me.」(Pamella)


Nicola looked up at Pamella with glittering eyes.

Ahh, I feel bad if Pamella has to buy my sister food…

Can’t be helped then…

「No, Pamella, it’s okay. I’ll go buy both of you that food.」(Mark)

「Eh? But…」(Pamella)

「Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s my token of gratitude for letting us use your rooftop today.」(Mark)

When I looked at Nicola, she grinned at me.

「Pamella-chan, being treated kindly by boys is our privilege as girls, so you don’t need to worry about it.」(Nicola)

「Is that so?… Come to think of it, I remember my mom said something similar before.」(Pamella)

Oh, Camilla-san, please don’t teach Pamella to be a pampered woman…

「Well then, I’ll go buy it, so please wait here for a moment.」(Mark)

When I ran to the stall, I smelled the scent of baked sweets made of flour, eggs, and honey.

The sweets were oval in shape with a length of about 5 cm.

They were not as plump as the ones in my previous life, but they were probably baby castella.

In the stall, there was a young male stall keeper who carefully put the dough on a baking mold little by little.

On the table of the stall, there were small paper bags that seemed to have about ten baby castella in each bag.

「Three bags, please.」(Mark)

「Okay. It’ll be nine bronze coins.」(stall keeper)

It was more expensive than I expected.

After I paid the money and received the goods, I returned to where Nicola and Pamella were.

「Here you go.」(Mark)

「Thank you, Mark-kun.」(Pamella)

「Onii-chan, I love you!」(Nicola)

Nicola said that, but without looking at me, she quickly grabbed one bag of baby castella, opened it, and started eating with a blissful face.

This girl….

I smelled a strong scent of honey from this baby castella, so it must be really sweet.

「Mmmー! So good! So sweet! Onii-chan, I’ll give you one as my thanks!」(Nicola)

I bought them all with my money and she only gave me one, huh?

Well, it’s better than nothing.

Nicola took one baby castella and extended her arm toward my mouth.

「Open your mouth. Aaaann~」(Nicola)

What? She wants to feed me?

「A, Aaaann…」(Mark)

I chewed the baby castella as soon as she put it into my mouth.

Mmm! This is really sweet!

The sweetness of the honey is so rich. It’s a little too sweet in my opinion, but it’s really good.

If they used a lot of honey, then it was only natural that it was a little expensive.

When I was enjoying the sweetness of the baby castella, Nicola approached Pamella and whispered something to her.

And then, Pamella’s face turned bright red for some reason.

Pamella then took a baby castella from her paper bag and nervously stretched her arm toward my face.

「Ma… Mark-kun… A, Aaann…」(Pamella)

Ah, she wants to feed me too? That’s so cute.


I opened my mouth, but she didn’t put the baby castella into my mouth.

Looks like she was embarrassed.

Because it took too long, I took the initiative and devoured the baby castella from Pamella’s hand.


When I did that, my lips touched Pamella’s finger a little.

Then, her bright red face became even more red.

She looked down and stepped back a little.

Looks like she couldn’t stand the embarrassment.

『Isn’t she cute!? How’s that? You’re glad now that you bought us these sweets, right?』(Nicola)

『Oi… Don’t tease Pamella too much.』(Mark)

『Tease? Hahh… How can you be so insensitive?…. More importantly, there are several boys approaching us. Maybe because they saw us flirting with each other… What should we do?』(Nicola)

Boys? There are a lot of people here though.

Perhaps Nicola used her detection ability.

Uhh… I hope they’re not bullies like Jack…



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