Chapter 86 : The Feudal Lord’s Army


-The next day-

「Excuse meー It’s me, Markー」(Mark)

It was still early in the noon, but me and Nicola went to Iris Bar

As soon as I knocked on the front door and shouted, the sound of the door being unlocked was heard, then Pamella came out from the inside and smiled shyly at us.

「Welcome, Mark-kun, Nicola-chan.」(Pamella)

「Hello, Pamella-chan!」(Nicola)

「Pamella, we’ll be in your care today!」(Mark)

「Un. Please come in.」(Pamella)

Nicola and I went into the store.

As usual, the interior was dimly lit and had a faint smell of alcohol.

Is it the residual scent from last night? I wonder how long this shop was open last night.

We proceeded to the backyard and climbed the stairs to the rooftop.

「Ohh! We really can see it from here.」(Mark)


From here, I could see the main street extending straight to the east gate.

Because the capital is in the east, it seems that the feudal lord usually entered this town from the east gate.

If you follow that street, you will reach the center district where the mayor’s mansion and the town guards’ dormitory are located.

Seems like the feudal lord would go to that district first to meet with the mayor and visit this town’s facilities.

The reason why we came to the rooftop is, of course, to see the march of the feudal lord’s army.

When we were preparing food yesterday, Camilla asked me about my plan for tomorrow.

After I answered her that I was planning to see the march of the feudal lord’s army, she told me that I would be able to see it clearly from the rooftop.

Certainly, we will be able to see the march very well from here since it’s near the eatern main street.

「Uwaa… Onii-chan, there are so many people there… I’m glad that we can see it from this rooftop.」(Nicola)

「You’re right.」(Mark)

By the way, Nicola should be practicing how to cook with Dad by now, but she clinged to me and begged Mom to allow her to come with me so that she could escape from cooking practice.

The area around the main street was full of people, there were even some temporary food stalls around the street.

It looked like a small festival.

Even so, there was no one standing on the main street itself except the town guards.

Well, if you stand there, you will get in the feudal lord’s way.

There was no one in this town who dared to make the feudal lord disappointed.
Aristocrats are scary after all.

After looking at the crowd for a while, I asked Pamella something that bugged me.

「By the way, where is your mom? I didn’t see her at the store earlier.」(Mark)

「Ah, she is still sleeping.」(Pamella)

「I see.」(Mark)

Well, Camilla was working until late at night after all.

「So, did you always make food for lunch by yourself when she was sleeping?」(Mark)

「Nope. She usually gets up right before lunch, so we normally eat lunch together.」(Pamella)

Looks like being a mother is quite hard.

Come to think of it, I wonder where Camilla’s husband is…

But, umm… I feel like I shouldn’t ask her this kind of question…

After the three of us chatted for a while, I heard people’s lively cheers from the main street.

Looks like the feudal lord and his army have arrived.

Pamella, Nicola, and I then looked at the main street.

After a moment, the soldiers appeared from the gate.

No, actually they are not ordinary soldiers.

They are dressed in silver armor, riding horses with matching silver horse equipment.

Yes, they’re not soldiers, they are knights!

Unlike the parade I saw in my previous life, they were not waving at people.

The knights just kept moving, going down the main street as if they didn’t care about the crowds.

However, the people look very excited. They cheered while raising their hands.

The feudal lord usually visits this town every five years, but it seems like this is the first visit after the former feudal lord had been replaced.

In other words, this feudal lord is the new feudal lord.

Maybe that’s why people are so excited.

「Ah, look. We can now see the carriage.」(Pamella)

When I turned my gaze in the direction where Pamella was pointing at, I saw a carriage surrounded by knights going down the main street.

It was a very luxurious carriage. It couldn’t even be compared with the cheap carriage we used when we went to Secard Village.

Because there were several knights surrounding it, the feudal lord was probably in that carriage.

After the knights and the luxurious carriage passed the gate, the soldiers on foot with spears in one hand came in.

I saw some soldiers waving in response to the people, perhaps because they were less disciplined than the knights.

There were several normal carriages following the soldier on foot.
Perhaps those carriages were loaded with food and other supplies for the journey, and apparently, they seemed to be at the very end of the line.

I didn’t count accurately, but I feel like there are about 100 people in the march.

It might be a little small for a march, but it would cost a lot of money if the feudal lord brought thousands of knights and soldiers, so I think 100 is a reasonable number.

Besides, they might be stronger than they look since they were escorting the most important person in this territory.

When the last soldier passed the gate, the cheers of people gradually diminished.

I took a deep breath after watching the whole march.

「Ahh, that was amazing.」(Mark)

「Honestly, I was a little scared.」(Pamella)

「Me tooー」(Nicola)

『Onii-chan, why did you say such an old-fashioned impression!? Normally, you should say, “They are so cool! I also want to be a knight someday!”, something that a normal child would say.』(Nicola)

Uhh, she’s right.
I should learn to act more childish.

Oh right, I can’t see them but the other Wolf Team members must be watching from the area around the main street.

While thinking like that, I saw the town guards were removing the “Don’t Enter” signs from the main street, and then people began to move around, leaving their spots.

「Pamella, what do people usually do after the march is over?」(Mark)

「Umm… nothing in particular.」(Pamella)

「Isn’t there will be a festival or something on the main street after this?」(Mark)

Pamella shook her head.

「According to my mom, while the feudal lord was doing the inspection, his guards and the town guards will be guarding him, so there will be no festival. The guards can do their job more easily that way.」(Pamella)

「Ah, I see.」(Mark)

Well, that’s too bad there will be no festival after this.

However, a lot of people were still wandering around the main street.

There was a couple walking down the main street while holding hands, a child who was begging their father to buy a toy sword at a toy stall near the main street, children who were running around, playing swords with tree branches, and there were still people with stalls who hadn’t left the main street yet.

It seems that the excitement has not cooled down yet.
Even birds on the top of the stalls were still singing as if they were sending the march going to the central district.

「Onii-chan, let’s go buy some food there!」(Nicola)

Nicola was pulling my arm, begging me to go with her to the main street.

Looks like she just didn’t want to go home and practice cooking.

Hahh… this girl…

「Okay, okay. Stop pulling my arm… Pamella, do you want to go with us?」(Mark)

「Un. Actually, my mom gave me some pocket money this morning. She told me if Mark-kun wanted to eat at the food stalls, I should go with him.」(Pamella)

So Camilla predicted that I would go to the stalls, huh?

「I see. Let’s go then!」(Mark)


Pamella and Nicola looked at each other and smiled.

Looks like they were happy that I decided to go with them.

I’m happy that they’re happy.

Well, honestly, I also want to go there.

I wonder if they sell any strange food like Tentacles there.



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