Chapter 71 : Splitting The Money


It’s been a few weeks since Nicola and I came to the Adventurer Guild to get the reward money for defeating the bandits.

90 gold coins is too much for children to spend, so I asked my parents the good way to spend the money, but they told me that we could use it as we wanted.

After discussing with Nicola, we decided to divide the money into three.

We gave 30 gold coins to Gauche oji-san and Delica.
Gauche oji-san declined at first, but after I convinced him that he deserved it because he was the one who guided the guards to arrest the bandits, he finally wanted to receive the money.

After that, we gave another 30 gold coins to our parents.
Mom hugged me and Nicola with a smile on her face.
She looked happy and proud of us.

And then, we split the remaining 30 gold coins in half.
15 for me, and 15 for Nicola.

I was surprised that Nicola agreed to distribute some of our money.
She always steals my snacks and slacks-off all the time, but she’s actually a kind girl.




Right now, I’m pouring my mana to the field on the roof of the bathhouse where I sowed the seeds of Segilia +1 a while ago.

After I appraised the grasses, it seems that all of them are Segilia Grass +1.

This means I can now mass-produce grade-D potions!

Apparently, Segilia Grass +1 grows a bit slower than the ordinary Segilia Grass, but thinking that I can make 7 gold coins for each bottle of grade-D potions, waiting for a couple of weeks is not a big deal at all.

If I can sell the potions at the market price, surely I’ll be able to make a lot of money.
It made me think that the 90 gold coins I got for defeating bandits is not much at all.

However, I’m still 8 years old so I can’t sell the potions to the Merchant Guild yet.

Celine sometimes buys my potions, but she can’t afford to buy expensive grade D potions all the time.

Well, it’s not that I need a lot of money now, so I guess I’ll store them in my item box for now just like when I made grade E potions.

Segilia Grass +1 sucks more mana than the ordinary one, so it’s perfect for magic practice.

When I was pouring my mana to the field, I heard a girl’s voice from behind.

「Mark, what are you doing up there? Taking care of your herb field?」

A girl with a red ponytail wearing a black-and-white maid uniform put her hands on her waist and looked up at me.

「What’s up, Boss.」(Mark)

「Jeez! I told you not to call me ‘Boss’ when I’m working! I’m hired by your parents, so don’t you think calling me ‘Boss’ is strange? Instead, I should maybe call you Mark-bocchan from now on. 」(Delica)
*/ Bocchan = young master

「Geh!… Okay, I’m sorry, Boー…. I mean… Delica….」(Mark)

Delica started working at our inn yesterday, and I was banned from calling her ‘Boss’.

Mom agreed with that. She told Delica to call me ‘Mark-bocchan’ to tease me if I don’t stop calling Delica ‘Boss’.

I don’t want to be called ‘bocchan’, so I reluctantly agreed.

I called Delica with ‘Delica onee-chan’ at first, but then she told me to just call her ‘Delica’.

By the way, Delica’s maid uniform was actually custom made.

Nicola went to the clothing store the other day and used up all of her 15 gold coins to order that uniform.
Although her money was gone, she was satisfied because she could see Delica in maid uniform.

「So, what’s wrong?」(Mark)

「We’re running out of Tentacles meat. Can you bring some to the kitchen?」(Delica)

I bought three big Tentacles in Secard Village, and it looks like the first Tentacles is almost gone, so I have to take out the second one.

I think it will last for quite a while, but maybe it’s better if I go to Secard Village to purchase Tentacles meat soon.

Well, let’s think about it after I put out the third one.


I climbed down from the roof of the bathhouse and walked toward the kitchen with Delica.

In the kitchen, Nicola was cutting vegetables while Mom and Dad were nervously watching over her.

Recently, Mom told Dad to teach Nicola how to cook.

When Mom was young, she never learned how to cook and she regretted it.
She didn’t want Nicola to be like her.

Nicola was planning to make me provide for her and live an easy life, but there’s no way she can tell our parents about that.

Thus, she reluctantly practices how to cook.

By the way, I also practice how to cook, but unlike Nicola, I’m now at the level where Dad allows me to help him cook sometimes.

「Mom, do you need some Tentacles meat?」(Mark)

「Yes. Can you put it in the fridge?」(Mom)

「I don’t think it will fit the whole thing. Wait a second, I’ll cut it first.」(Mark)

I put out one big Tentacles from my item box onto the food processing table.

Delica who was standing beside me made a disgusted face.

We serve Tentacles everyday, so I hope she will get used to it soon.

I grabbed the kitchen knife placed on the table and enveloped its blade with wind magic.

And then, I started cutting the Tentacle carefully so I didn’t accidentally cut the table.

Because I was using wind magic on the blade of the knife, I could cut the meat very easily.

I could even cut a thick bone without a problem with this.

Magic really is amazing.

After I finished cutting the Tentacles into fillets, I put some of them one by one in a magic tool that looked like a refrigerator, and then I put the remaining fillets into my item box.

Suddenly, Mom clapped her hands and made a face as if she just remembered something.

「Ah! By the way, Mark. I haven’t paid you for the Tentacles!」(Mom)

「I bought it because I wanted to eat it, so you don’t need to pay me.」(Mark)

「No. As a parent, I can’t use my son’s money to make profit. Wait, I’ll go get the money.」(Mom)

Mom went to the dining hall to get money from the reception desk, and returned.

「Here. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」(Mom)

She gave me 2 gold coins.

A Tentacles costs 5 silver coins, so it will be 15 silver coins for three.

Two gold coins is just too much.

「But, Mom… this isー」(Mark)

「That includes your and Nicola’s pocket money. Share it with her, okay?」(Mom)

After Mom said that, I heard Nicola’s voice in my head.

『I don’t want pocket money! I just want to escape from this cooking practice! Onii-chan, help me!』(Nicola)

『Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. Good luck~』(Mark)

「Un! Thank you, Mom! I’m going to play outside, then!」(Mark)

「Okay~ Be careful~」(Mom)

When I walked to the door, Nicola glared at me with a look full of envy while cutting cabbage.



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