Chapter 70 : Zero Calories Because I Have No Money


Nom nom nomー

I’m now enjoying my okonomiyaki.

Not only do I enjoy the taste, but I also feel the joy of eating this.
Maybe because Dad used the cabbage I grew for ingredients and Tentacles meat I bought with my pocket money.

While I was eating, Liza took a sip of water from her wooden cup and talked with Celine.

「Celine-san, the cabbage used for this okonomiyaki is not ordinary cabbage, isn’t it?」(Liza)

「Fufu~n. That’s right. It’s magical cabbage!」(Celine)

Celine replied proudly as if she was the one who made the okonomiyaki.

「Eh!? They used magical cabbage!? Then, isn’t it supposed to be more expensive…?」(Liza)

The okonomiyaki sold at the food stalls was about 4 bronze coins, while our regular okonomiyaki was 8 bronze coins, and 12 bronze coins for the Tentacle one.
I think it’s expensive enough, though.

「Mark is cultivating magical vegetable fields for magic practice. He said it’s technically free because it’s just a by-product from his magic practice.」(Celine)

「Free, you say!? Other farmers would be at a loss for words if they found out this high-quality cabbage is free!」(Liza)

「Umm, actually, there’s something in my mind. If you grow magical vegetables you can practice magic and make money at the same time, right? So why don’t people do that?」(Mark)

When I jumped into the conversation, Liza sighed and looked at me.

「Mark-kun, normally, it’s not something that is easy to do, you know? An ordinary magician would be tired and unable to move for a while from just sprinkling their mana onto a small field.」(Liza)

「But, you know what, Mark was already growing magical tomatoes at the age of five when I first met him.」(Celine)

「What did you say!? At the age of five!?」(Liza)

「Bwahaha! I’m not lying!」(Celine)

Celine laughed, seeing Liza’s surprised face.

Liza then looked at me with a curious look.

「….How should I put it… you’re out of the ordinary…」(Liza)

Wait a minute…

It was Gill oji-san who told me to grow magical tomatoes, and he wasn’t so surprised at that time.

Hmm… maybe because Gill oji-san can’t use magic, so he didn’t know how hard it was to grow magical vegetables.

I’m happy that Liza praised me, but on the contrary, I also feel pressure.

Maybe it’s time to think about a new magic training method.

When I was thinking, Liza dropped her shoulders and sighed.

「I didn’t know that there was such a wonderful dining hall like this in this town… Aa-ahh… I wish I found this place sooner…」(Liza)

「Fufufu. Not only is the food here delicious, but this inn also has a bathhouse!」(Celine)

Again, Celine said as if she was this inn’s owner.

「A bathhouse!? The place I rent to stay has only a shower room, and the rent is kind of expensive… Ahh, maybe I should move to this inn.」(Liza)

Celine can stay in our inn because she makes a lot of money.
She’s a C-rank adventurer after all.

But I don’t know how much a guild employee earns.

「Liza onee-chan, to stay here you have to pay 5 silver coins per night. Breakfast included. And the bath costs 2 silver coins… Are you okay with that?」(Mark)

「Ghu…! It’s still fine if I only stay for a night or two, but I’ll be broke if I have to stay for a long period of time…」(Liza)

Liza rested her elbows on the table and sighed.

「Can’t be helped. I think I should give up on moving to this inn. But I will come here everyday to eat lunch and maybe I’ll use the bath sometimes, so I’ll be in your care from now on.」(Liza)

Liza raised her thumb and winked as she said that.

『Oh, yes! A bathe with Liza onee-chan! I’m looking forward to it, uhehe~』(Nicola)

I’ve been ignoring Nicola’s telepathy because she was lecturing me, but she finally changed from ‘preaching mode’ to ‘pervert mode’.

Her eyes were shining as her saliva leaked out of her mouth.

「Well then, it’s time to get back to work. Mark-kun, Nicola-chan, see you tomorrow~」(Liza)

「Un. Thank you for sending us home.」(Mark)

「Liza onee-chan, see you tomorrow~」(Nicola)

Liza waved at us and went to the counter to pay for her okonomiyaki.

After Liza went out of the building, Celine muttered.

「I bet the male employees in restaurants around the guild would be sad if Liza had lunch here every day.」(Celine)

Come to think of it, I saw a male restaurant employee looking sad when he saw us walking away from the guild.

I feel sorry for them but this is how business works, right?



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