Chapter 69 : Anger


While looking at Nicola with disgusted eyes, I release my mana from the wall I made and put it into my item box after it turned to sand.
If I left the wall as it was, it would be a nuisance to the people who live around here after all.

Liza opened her mouth while watching me doing that.

「Mark-kun, I never knew you’re really good at magic. Not only can you use earth magic, but you can also use detection magic. Moreover, you have an item box…」(Liza)

The one who used detection magic was Nicola, though.

I don’t really know about detection magic, but it seems that Nicola’s detection magic can identify whether the people around us are hostile or not.

It would be troublesome to explain, so I just smiled at Liza without saying anything.

After that, we continued walking to our house.




When we entered our house from the front entrance, Mom approached us from the reception counter.

「Ara? Nicola, Mark, I thought you would play outside for a while after taking the prize.」(Mom)

「We bought a customer. This is Liza onee-chan. She is a receptionist in the Adventurer Guild.」(Mark)

「Ara ara, welcome! Do you come to eat? Or you want to stay?」(Mom)

「I want to have lunch here.」(Liza)

「Understood~ Mark, can you guide her to her seat?」(Mom)

When I looked around the dining hall to look for an empty seat, I found Celine eating alone.
She noticed us and waved at us.

She seems to know Liza very well, so I decided to guide Liza to Celine’s table.

「It’s rare to see Liza here. Did something happen?」(Celine)

Celine said she was off today, so she is wearing a white dress instead of her usual black dress now.
She said that she prefers to wear white clothes when she’s not working.

「Nicola and I got reward money for defeating bandits yesterday. We came to the Adventurer Guild to take the money, but because it was a lot, this Onee-chan escorted us home.」(Mark)

「I see. Come to think of it, yesterday you said you were attacked by bandits. By the way, how much money did you get?」(Celine)

「Celine-san, the bandits these children defeated were not ordinary bandits. They were from the Snake Wolf Bandit Group. Mark and Nicola got 90 gold coins for defeating three of them.」(Liza)

「Heeー Well done, both of you! You got lucky being attacked by those bandits! Hahaha!」(Celine)

I don’t think you can say that you’re lucky if a group of bandits were attacking you…

「Now I know why Celine-san likes Mark-kun. Earlier, he made a stone wall in an instant, and it amazed me.」(Liza)

「Right~? This child has a promising future.」(Celine)

Celine patted my head, and then she prompted Liza to sit down.

「Well then, let’s eat together. I recommend you to try this inn’s new menu, Tentacles Okonomiyaki.」(Celine)

「Tentacles? They are lake monsters, right? Are they edible?」(Liza)

Liza made a suspicious look as she sat on her seat.

As expected from a guild staff member, she knows about Tentacles.

「Ufufu, you should try it once. Since you are a guild staff member, it won’t hurt to know how they taste, right?」(Celine)

「Umm… you’re right. There are certainly delicious monsters and beasts even though they look strange. Mark-kun, one Tentacles Okonomiyaki, please.」(Liza)

「Right away~」(Mark)

I left the table and headed for the counter.

Before I knew it, Nicola was sitting next to Liza.

Perhaps, she was afraid if Mom would tell her to work if she went to the counter with me.

Hahh… can’t be helped.
Should I ask Mom to prepare lunch for me and Nicola as well?

「Mom, Liza onee-chan ordered one Tentacles Okonomiyaki. And can you please prepare two more for me and Nicola? We will eat lunch together with her.」(Mark)

「Alright~ Ah, Mark, before that, can you take these plates to that table?」(Mom)

I knew it.

Well, I’m not Nicola who doesn’t want to work, so I’ll gladly help.



After helping for a while, three servings of Tentacles Okonomiyaki I ordered were finally ready.

I brought them to the table where the girls were sitting, and ate with them.

「Okonomiyaki is really popular these days. I’ve eaten some at food stalls, but this is the first time I’ve eaten one in a dining hall.」(Liza)

Actually, our inn was the first to serve okonomiyaki in this townーNo, this world.
But okonomiyaki itself originated from my previous world, so I can’t claim that it was my idea.

「It was like the other okonomiyaki, but we put Tentacles meat in it. Try it.」(Mark)

Liza nodded and cut the okonomiyaki into a large piece with a knife, and brought it into her mouth.


She opened her eyes wide and raised an indescribable voice, and then she started eating quickly.

「*Nom nom nom nom nom* MMmmm~~~!!!」(Liza)

She finished the okonomiyaki in a blink of an eye.

After that, she exhaled with an ecstatic look on her face, and then held my hand.

「The dough, the meat, the sauce! Everything is completely different from those at the food stalls! Even without Tentacles, the okonomiyaki itself tasted exceptional! It goes really well with Tentacles meat! The texture of the meat was chewy and the taste was great! It brought the deep taste of okonomiyaki higher through synergistic effects! I’m grateful for the encounter with this wonderful food today! Thank, Mark-kun!」(Liza)

「A, Ahaha… Glad you like it.」(Mark)

I don’t understand half of what she said, but it looks like she really loves it.

「By the way, Liza, you love eating, but you don’t know about this dining hall? That’s unexpected.」(Celine)

「I’m sorry, I may sound rude, but I thought the food here wasn’t that great since it was an inn. I was wrong… I have to check all the inns with dining hall in this town!」(Liza)

Liza was burning with a new determination.

Now, it’s time for me to enjoy my okonomiyaki~

But when I was about to take a bite, I felt a gaze from Liza.
She was staring at the okonomiyaki on my plate.

「Umm, Onee-chan? Do you want more?」(Mark)

「Well, I really want to eat more, but I’m afraid my lunch break will be over before I can even eat if I order now.」(Liza)

Liza lowered her eyebrows as she said that.

「I see. Would you like to eat some of my okonomiyaki?」(Mark)

「Eh? I’m happy, but Mark-kun, this is your lunch, right?」(Liza)

「My dad made my okonomiyaki with the portion for an adult. It’s too large for me to eat alone, so I’ll be grateful if you help me finish this.」(Mark)

「Is that so? T, Then…」(Liza)

I cut my okonomiyaki into quarters and placed one of the pieces on Liza’s plate.

「Th, Thank you, Mark-kun.」(Liza)

Liza thanked me with a slightly blushing face, and she ate it slowly this time.

「Mmm~ So good~」(Liza)

She ate the okonomiyaki with a blissful face.

I hope she will become our regular customer.

Suddenly, Nicola’s angry voice echoed in my head.

『Onii-chan, what are you doing!?』(Nicola)

『Eh? I can’t share my okonomiyaki with her?』(Mark)

『Not that! Why didn’t you feed her!?』(Nicola)

『Huh? What are you talking about!? As if I can do that! That’s so embarrassing!』(Mark)

Nicola face-palmed and shook her head.

『Onii-chan… just imagine her face when she shyly open her erotic mouth, waiting for you to put the food in! We just missed the great opportunity to see that face!』(Nicola)

『Is it that great…?』(Mark)

『Of course! Haahh…. I’m disappointed… Looks like you still have a lot to learn. I will give you a serious lecture about this.』(Nicola)

『Oh please, give me a break!』(Mark)

Suddenly, Liza poked my shoulder.

「Why are you staring at Nicola-chan like that? If you don’t eat it quickly, your okonomiyaki will get cold.」(Liza)

「Ah, un!」(Mark)

Nicola kept lecturing me using telepathy, but ignored her and enjoyed my okonomiyaki.

Un. It’s delicious.



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