Chapter 53 : Secard Village


After about an hour since we continued our trip, I saw something that looked like a waterside in the distance.

I heard that there’s no sea around here, so it might be a pond or a lake.

The surface of the water reflected the sunlight and shone brilliantly.
It was really beautiful.
If there was a rowing boat for sightseeing, I would definitely like to ride it.

When I was thinking like that while looking at the waterside, Delica explained to me.

「That’s Lake Secard. You know? The people in Secard Village often hunt the monsters in that lake to make bizarre foods…」

Said Delica as she made a disgusted face.

「Hee… So there are monsters in that lake, huh?」

That’s why there’s no rowing boat for sightseeing, huh? That’s too bad…

「Yeah. By the way, because monster meat is not suitable for preservation, they don’t distribute it to another village or town. You can only eat it in that village.」

「I see. Boss, you really don’t like it, huh? But since it’s a rare opportunity, I’d like to try it at least once.」

「Ughh… Well, it’s up to you.」


After proceeding for a while, I saw a row of houses surrounded by fences made from logs that were driven into the ground.

Looks like that’s Secard Village.
The village was built on the shores of the lake.

There were tall fences at the entrance but unlike our town, there was no gatekeeper, so our carriage could immediately enter the village.

We are going to go to the village mayor’s house first to say hello, and after that, Gauche oji-san will start working.

As our carriage ran down the village street, the villagers working on the farm near the street were looking at us.

It seems it was unusual for a carriage to enter this village, but after Gauche oji-san waved his hand at them, they waved back and continued working.

Looks like they know Gauche oji-san.

「My dad has been to this village many times, you know?」

Said Delica, a little proudly.

「He usually sells timber, furniture, and helps repair houses in this village. When my dad told the village mayor about seesaw, he was interested and asked my dad to build them here.」

「I see. The village mayor seems to be a person who likes children.」

But, if Gauche oji-san needs to visit this village very often, does that mean there’s no professional carpenter here?

While I was thinking like that, our carriage stopped in front of a house that was one size larger than the other houses.

Apparently, this is the village mayor’s house.

Gauche oji-san parked our carriage and took the horse to a simple stable next to the house.

There were no other horses inside, but it was clean.
Perhaps it has been cleaned because Gauche oji-san will be using it today.

After putting the horse in the stable, Gauche oji-san headed to the door of the house as we children followed behind him.

「Excuse meー It’s me, Gauche from the construction store. I came to deliver the seesawー」

I heard footsteps from the inside and thenー


A bald old man opened the door vigorously.

「Ooh, Gauche-san! Welcome to the village! I’m counting on you for the seesaw!」

「Yes, leave it to me! Also, I’m bringing my daughter’s friends today.」

Saying that, Gauche oji-san tapped Nicola’s and my shoulder.

「Hello, my name is Mark, please to meet you!」

「My name is Nicola, please to meet you, ojii-san!」

「Ohh! What adorable children! Do you want candy?」


Nicola answered immediately.

Then, the village mayor went back into the house for a moment, returned with three candy balls in his hand, and handed them to Nicola.

「Thank you, ojii-san!」

「You’re welcome.」

He smiled at Nicola and returned his gaze to Gauche oji-san.

「Are these children going to stay here today?」

「Yes, they will be in your care. Delica and I will set up the seesaw, so… Mark, Nicola, you can take a walk around this village, but make sure you’ll return to this house before the sun goes down. Do you guys understand?」

Apparently, we’re going to stay at the village mayor’s house.

「Understood. But, is it okay if we stay here?」

The village mayor stroked my head as he answeredー

「Don’t be hesitant, boy. Having two more children guests is not a big deal! Now, you can go play outside!」

Then, he pushed my back, sending me to play outside.

He’s a bit rough, but he’s surely a kid-loving old man.


After the village mayor went back into the house, Gauche oji-san headed to a hut in front of the house, and borrowed a cart that was left there.
Then, he packed the seesaw materials into it, and pulled it, heading for the village square.

We didn’t know where to go, so Nicola and I followed him for now.

When we arrived at the village square, I saw children were running around, chasing each other.
Even though there are children playing, I don’t see any playground equipment here.

While I was looking around the square, Gauche oji-san was talking to a villager.
They seemed to be discussing where to install the seesaw.

After talking with the villager for a while, he moved the cart toward the edge of the village square.

「Alright, let’s set it up here. Delica, you help me. Mark, Nicola, you can watch us if you want, but since you’re here, why don’t you both take a walk around the village?」

I’ve seen Gauche oji-san setting up seesaws several times in town, so it won’t be interesting anymore.
Well, I guess I’ll take a tour around the village, then.

But before thatー

「Gauche oji-san, can I make a slide here?」

「Oh! Of course! That’ll be great! But it seems that the center part is used for village meeting, so make it a little on the side.」


Alright, I got permission from Gauche oji-san.

Because the village mayor let us stay at his house, I wanted to do something to thank him.

Besides, as the creator of the park in the vacant lot, I can’t just stay still and do nothing after seeing children playing in this empty space.

After finding a good spot, I activated earth magic.

The design is… Hmm…
Let’s make an elephant shaped slide.
I don’t know if there’s an elephant in this world, though.

First, I created the base by combining the soil made from my mana and the soil from the ground, and then changed the shape according to the design that I imagined.
I made the nose of the elephant as the slippery part, and the tail as the stairs.

After it turned into the shape I wanted, I carefully solidified it and made the slippery part as smooth as possible.

Alright, it’s done now!

「Oi, look at that boy!」

Suddenly, the villagers around the plaza started making noises and approaching me.

When I created something in the vacant lot in my town, people would just watch me without saying anything because they were used to seeing me using magic.
However, people in this village were surprised and started surrounding me.

To be honest, I’m a little happy.
I feel like a celebrity now.

Suddenly, there was a tanned girl, who seemed to be older than Delica, rushing toward me from the crowd.

「Neeー neeー You just used magic, didn’t you!? Amazing! Sugooi~! Are you both from Fatia?」

O, Ohh…
I can’t deny that I’m happy because the people here are amazed by my magic, but I didn’t expect one of them would be so amazed.

「Y, Yeah, we’re from Fatia. Onee-san, are you a resident of this village?」

「Yup! Nee, neeー Would you like to have a talk with me? I’d like to hear about your stories!」

I looked at Gauche oji-san and Delica.
They waved at me as if saying, “you may go, have fun!”

「Okay. But please tell me about this village in exchange.」

「Of course! I’ll show you around this village as you tell me your stories! Let’s go!」

It’s abrupt, but since we need someone to accompany us touring around the village, let’s just gratefully accept her offer.



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