Chapter 52 : Lunch Time


After a while, Delica stopped arguing with her dad, and the carriage was filled with silence.

Delica, who seemed to be tired from talking too much, was looking outside with her mouth in the shape of へ (hé).


ーPaka paka paka paka
ーGoto goto goto goto
*/clip clop & rumble rumble

I heard nothing but the sound of hoofs and wheels that sounded rhythmically like a lullaby.

ーPaka paka goto goto paka paka goto goto……

Ahh… I’m getting sleepy…

I’m sleepy but I can’t fall asleep because of habit.

In my previous life, I was told that sleeping in the passenger seat was considered rude.
Because of that, I can’t fall asleep in a vehicle even though I’m sleepy.

ーPaka paka goto goto paka paka goto goto
paka paka goto goto paka paka goto goto kyuruuuuu~


Suddenly, I heard a strange sound.
Thanks to that, I felt awake.

That was a sound of someone’s stomach growling.

Gauche oji-san looked back at me and grinned.
Delica also looked at me.

That wasn’t me, okay!

I looked at Nicola.
She raised her hand straight as if she was saying, “Sorry, it was me.”

However, from her plain face, I could tell that she wasn’t embarrassed at all.
Yeah… it wasn’t embarrassment.
I feel like her face was saying, “It’s you guys’ fault that my stomach growling. When we’re going to eat?”, something like that.

「A, Ahh… We left the town early in the morning after all. Shall we have lunch, then?」

Looking at Nicola’s ‘I’m hungry!’ face, Gauche oji-san stopped the carriage.

It’s lunch time!

When I got off the carriage, the beautiful scenery of meadow spread in front of me.

The breeze was soothing. It felt comfortable.
Perhaps because I was inside the carriage all the time.

「Mark, I didn’t bring anything since Delica told me that you will prepare lunch for us, but do you need my help?」

「Don’t worry, I can do it myself. Wait a minute. I’ll make a table and chairs first.」

I made a round table and four chairs using earth magic.

After that, I poured water into a bucket using water magic and brought it to the horse for her to drink.

I walked back to the table, took out a large pot and a large lunch box I had made using earth magic from my item box, and put them on the table.
Inside them was food Dad made for us yesterday.
It was still hot because the time stopped in my item box.

Actually, not only the pot and the lunch box were made by using earth magic, but also the plates, spoon, forks, and many others.
Mom told me to use real tablewares, but it will be troublesome to wash them later.
If I make them with earth magic, I can just throw them away. Easy.

Because they were made from my mana, they weren’t dirty at all.
Well, they look stony, though.

I put the stone tablewares for each of us on the table, and opened the large pot.

There was soup, white bread, cabbage, and tomato salad.
But the main dish was hamburger steak.

I don’t think these are dishes people eat during a trip, but since I have an item box, I don’t wanna eat portable meals.
I wanna enjoy eating Dad’s delicious meal in the middle of a beautiful meadow like this.

Watching me preparing lunch, Gauche oji-san, who rarely saw item boxes, made a surprised face with his eyes rounded.
Next to him, Delica made a smug face for some reason, while Nicola was holding a knife and a fork in her hands, ready to devour the meals.

「Heeー Item box is really convenient… Mark, please consider positively about marrying Delica, okay?」

Saying that, Gauche oji-san was glared at by Delica, while I was pouring water into his cup with an awkward face.

「Alright, everyone. Let’s eat!」

With Gauche oji-san’s voice as a signal, we grabbed our knives and forks, and started eating.

「Mmm! This is good!」

After taking a bite of the hamburger steak, Gauche oji-san raised a voice of admiration.

「Your mother is not only beautiful, but she’s also good at cooking, huh? Very different from my wife. Jean-san is very lucky to have a wife like her!」

No, the one who made these dishes was Dad.
Mom’s cooking tastes terrible…

But I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful image of Mom, so I didn’t tell Gauche oji-san the truth.

「Dad, if Mom hears what you just said, I’m sure she won’t make meals for you anymore…」

「She’s not here, so it’s alright. Don’t tell her, okay?」

「Umm~ Let me think about it~」


Delica and her dad are really close.

We were talking and laughing, enjoying lunch time together until we completely finished the dishes.

By the way, Nicola ate 1.5 times more food than me.

I picked up the used stone tablewares, threw them on the ground, and let go of my mana from them.
Then, they returned to sand as the remaining soup and oil soaked the ground.

After that, we decided to take a break for a while because it wouldn’t feel good to get on the carriage right after eating.

「Don’t go too farー」


While Gauche oji-san was lying down on the grass, taking a nap, us children took a short walk.

「Nicola, are you okay not taking a nap too?」

「Un. I’m not sleepy!」
『Taking a nap with Boss’ dad will be awkward after all…』

Yeah, right.

There seems to be no monsters around here, but it would be a bad idea to leave Gauche oji-san alone, so we were not going too far.

But after walking for a while, I’ve seen nothing but a mountain in the distance.
Well, we’re in the middle of a meadow after all.

Thinking that I wouldn’t find anything, I became too lazy to walk, so I stopped and sat down on the ground.

Delica also stopped and sat down, but it seems that she still wanted to walk more.

Nicola on the other hand sighed lightly and made a face as if saying, “Finally I can sit”.

As we were bathed in the warm sunlight while gazing at the meadow for a while, the drowsiness assaulted us.

I laid down, unable to resist it.

「Ahh~ I might fall asleep…」

「I’ll be sleeping too, then~」

Nicola, who was sitting on my right, laid down, imitating me.

「M, Me too! I have nothing to do if I’m the only one awake!」

And Delica, who was sitting on my left, decided to take a nap too.
But for some reason, her face turned red a little.

If you’re too embarrassed to sleep next to me, you can just sleep with your dad, you know?……

While I was thinking like that, my consciousness was overwhelmed by the drowsiness, and eventually I fell asleep.




「Ooi~ Lady-killer who has two cute ladies in both arms~ It’s about time to get up~」


After I heard someone whispering in my ear, I opened my eyelids slowly.
There was a face of a macho man right in front of my eyes.


「Uwaa,! ……….Gauche oji-san? You’re surprising me!」

「Hahaha! Gotcha~! It’s about time to go.」


Because I was screaming, Nicola and Delica woke up.

「…Mmm.. Onii-chan, are we going now?」

「Yeah. Boss too, let’s go.」


We stood up slowly and followed Gauche oji-san to the carriage.

I looked up at the sky.
It doesn’t seem like much time has passed.
But my head is quite clear now.

After we got into the carriage, Gauche oji-san sat on the front seat and shoutedー

「Are you guys readyー!?」


Then, our carriage began to move toward the village again.



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