Chapter 48 : Five Gold Coins Bath


I went to the bathhouse in the backyard.

Even though it was in the corner of the backyard, it had a strong presence.

Come to think of it, this bathhouse has become a splendid building.
At the beginning, I only made the roof from the scrap wood I got from Delica’s store because I was worried it might collapse if I made it with earth magic.
But since I was confident with my magic talent, I had remade it into a solid flat roof with earth magic.

And at that time, I came up with an idea of making a flower bed to grow herbs on top of the bathhouse since the roof was flat.
And of course, I made a staircase on the wall of the bathhouse so that I could climb up to the roof.

Actually, that’s where I sowed the seeds of segilia grass +1 this morning.

I entered the hut and started cleaning first.
I rubbed the bathtub lightly with a brush and washed it with water magic.

Because the hot water used in the bathtub contained mana, I’ve never seen any stain in the bathtub, so I just cleaned it lightly.

After that, I stretched my right hand on top of the bathtub and produced hot water by using water magic and fire magic at the sametime.
My hand looks like a hose now.
It was an unlikely sight in my previous life, but since I’ve been living in this world for 8 years, I’ve become accustomed to this kind of sight.

And then, I took out 5 bottles of grade-E potions from my item box, and poured them into the bathtub.
Because the color of the potions was thin, the color of the hot water didn’t change that much.
However, it was really effective.

When Mom and Celine tried the potion bath for the first time, they looked more energetic than ever, so I could conclude that it was effective for relieving fatigue, but to be honest, I don’t know if it can make you more beautiful, because from my point of view, both of them are already young and beautiful.

Anyway, the potion bath is now complete.

I went back to the dining hall and told Celine that her bath is ready.

「Celine, the bath is ready.」

「Thank you, Mark! I’ll go right away, then~」

Looks like she’s finished her okonomiyaki.

She put the money on the counter and headed to the backyard while skipping.

「Celine onee-chan~ Wait for me~」

Nicola tried to follow her, but Mom, who came to the counter before I realized, grabbed Nicola’s head from behind.

「Niー coー laー… Where are you going~? Hmm~?」

「Ma, Mama….」

「I’m going back to work~ *whistle*」

Celine seemed to have predicted this would happen.
She turned around, smiled, waved her hand lightly at Nicola, and then continued skipping, heading to the backyard alone.




After the busy dinnertime was over, Nicola and I were washing dishes at the kitchen.
Meanwhile, the helper oba-san was getting ready to go home.
She’s Adele obasan, a neighbor lady who works part-time at our inn since Nicola and I were born.
She usually works from lunchtime until dinnertime.

「Well then, I’m going home now…… Ugh, aww, aww…」

When she was about to go, suddenly, Oba-san rubbed her back and frowned.

「Oba-san, are you okay?」

「Aah, I think it’s because I lifted some heavy objects a while ago. I hope it will be cured by tomorrow…」

「I see. Wait a minute.」

I wiped my wet hands with a cloth, approached her, and put my hands on her back.
After that, I casted recovery magic.

「……..How do you feel now?」

「Ara? It doesn’t hurt anymore! I knew that Mark-chan could use earth magic, but I never knew you could also use light magic…」

「Ahaha… Well, because I rarely use it in front of people.」

「Ahh, I kind of envy Jean-san and Leona-san for having children they can be proud of. Compared to both of you, my children are pathetic. The older one has never come back home since he became an adventurer. The bottom one became a disciple of a blacksmith, but then he quitted and went home. He whined and said that the job was tough. Hahh… In that respect, Mark-chan, you’re good at magic, so you can be a court magician in the future. And Nicola-chan is cute and smart, she can marry into a wealthy aristocratic family. The future for both of you is bright.」

Court magician, huh…?
Somehow, I have a feeling that getting involved with aristocrats is kinda troublesome.
And it seems that Nicola has the same thought.
She might be smiling with a cute smile as usual, but I know that she does it just to hide her bitter expression.

Dad doesn’t even know what to say.
He just scratched his cheek and watched us from the corner of the kitchen.

Oba-san’s usual conversation partner is Mom, but she is cleaning the dining hall right now.

「Ah, I’m sorry for talking too long. Well then, if you will excuse me.」

Oba-san went out from the back door, and headed home.

After that, there were only me and Nicola washing dishes, and Dad putting the cleaned dishes in the cupboard.

And after a while, Mom came to the kitchen.

「Eh? Did Adele-san go home already? She said that her back was hurt, so I thought I would ask Mark to heal her back after I’m done cleaning, but…」

「Ah, don’t worry Mom. I’ve healed her back before she went home.」

「Is that so? Thank you, Mark~ …….Hahhh…. Lately, I feel like managing this inn has become more and more tough even with Mark and Nicola’s help. Maybe it’s time to hire another helper.」

Mom sighed lightly while Dad nodded with a pondering face.

「Oh, that’s right! If I’m not mistaken, it’s about time for the oldest students of the church school to start apprenticeships, right? Mark, is there any good children who want to work at our place?」

Children in this town are usually going to Sunday School until they are 12 years old.
After that, they will be working at someone’s place or helping their parents.

But… Hmm…
The only seniors I know really well are Delica and Jack.

Jack has become an adventurer and often went out of town with his older brother, Luck, so he rarely came to Sunday School anymore.

But Delica still attends Sunday School until now, and we still play in the vacant lot like usual, so maybe I’ll ask her next time.

「Umm.. Maybe Boss? I’ll ask her next time.」

「Boss? Ah, you mean Delica-chan? She is an energetic girl, so maybe she will work really well. But Mark, you shouldn’t call her like that.」

「But Boss herself told me to call her this way.」

「Is that so? But, she’s already 12 years old, right? ……..Oh, well. Anyway, please ask Delica-chan next time. I’m counting on you, Mark~」


Actually, Delica herself didn’t seem comfortable anymore to be called ‘Boss’ recently.
However, it looked like she didn’t have the courage to tell us to stop calling her like that since she was the one who asked.

To be honest, Nicola and I found it funny seeing Delica make an awkward face every time we called her ‘Boss’.

Ah, I just remember.
She once said that she wanted to be a town guard or adventurer.
Maybe I’ll ask about it too when we meet tomorrow.



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