Chapter 44 : Making Potions


「Mark-chan, Nicola-chan, bye bye. Thank you for the medicine」

「Bye bye~」

The young wife and Ricky waved their hands at us, and we returned it with a wave of hands too.

It’s almost evening, so maybe we should go home too.

I looked at Nicola. She nodded.

Then I called out to the Wolf Team members who were chatting around the table in the hideout.

「Guysー we’re going homeー」

Delica was surprised and raised her voice.

「Aa! I didn’t realize it’s already this late! It’s Gill oji-san’s fault for not coming today!」

Gill would usually tell us children to get home when it was getting late, but he didn’t come today.

「Well then, Moonlight Wolf Team meeting is over! Let’s return to our home now!」

At Delica’s command, everyone stood up all at once like trained soldiers.
And then we all left the vacant lot.


After Nicola and I arrived at home, we helped the inn until dinner.

I was doing cleaning-related works such as sweeping the front of the store and wiping the tables.
As for Nicola, she was helping Mom serving customers as a waitress because the customers would be more happy if the one who brought them their food was a cute girl.
W, Well, I’m not sad or anything okay? Of course I can’t compete with Nicola in terms of popularity.

After I was done helping, I had dinner and then took a bath.

Then, I picked some segilia grasses from the flowerbed, took the mortar and pestle from the kitchen, brought them to the children’s room, and started mashing the herbs.

Gori gori, gori goriー


Gori gori, gori gori


Gori gori, gori gori

「I wanna sleep…」

Gori gori, gori gori

「Okay, good night」

Gori gori gori gori gori gori gori goriー
Gori gori gori gori gori gori gori goriー
Gori gori gori gori gori gori gori goriー

「Nghh! What I was trying to say isー so much noises, I can’t sleep…!」

「A, Ahh… Well, sorry about that」

I continued the work outside the room until I got ten small jars of ointment.

Alright. Tomorrow, let’s make potions with this.




The next morning.

When I woke up, I felt severe muscle pain in my arm.
It seems I was mashing the herbs too much.

I immediately used recovery magic to my arm.
The pain disappeared, but the lassitude still remained.
Apparently, recovery magic wasn’t all-purpose.

Nicola and I went down to have breakfast and then helped prepare the inn.

After that, we were free.
Nicola immediately went up the stairs.
It looked like she wanted to go to the children’s room for a second sleep.

When I was about to say “You sleep a lot, huh”, I remembered that I was the one who made her sleep less than usual last night, so I held back the words from coming out of my mouth.


When she was in the middle of the stairs, she stopped, turned her face, and glared down at me.

Ah… right…. I forgot she can read my mind…

Then she continued climbing the stairs.

I stepped on a landmine, but, oh well…

I headed for the kitchen to start making potions right away.

There was no one in the kitchen.
Dad went shopping, Mom was doing the laundry, and the oba-san who usually helped the inn, was probably serving customers in the dining hall.

I searched the cupboard for a container that I could use to make potions.

I wanted to observe the process, so a transparent container would be good.

We usually used ceramic or wooden tableware in the dining hall, but when serving a little expensive sake, we used glass cups, so let’s borrow it for now.
It was transparent and also, speaking of potions, the container must be transparent, right?

I put a glass cup on the table and put a one small jar of ointment in it.

After that, I poured water with water magic, and injected it with light attribute mana.
Then, the glass glowed faintly, and the ointment melted in the water as if it was ice poured with hot water.

If it melted so easily like this, I didn’t have to mash the grass too hard…..
What a wasted effort…

While regretting using too much muscle power to mash the grass last night, I kept injecting light attribute mana.

After a while, I felt like I couldn’t inject mana anymore.
Apparently, it was already full.
I let go of my hands touching the glass.

「Nice….. It’s done!」

The glass now was filled with light green liquid.
The potion itself didn’t emit light anymore because I stopped injecting mana, but it was shining brilliantly by the sunlight pouring into the kitchen from the window.
It looked very beautiful.

I would like to store it whole with the glass, but the glass belonged to the kitchen, so I couldn’t use it.

Can’t be helped then, let’s just make a container out of soil.

I used earth magic to make a container for the potion.
I already pro with it, so even if it gets wet, the water wouldn’t get muddy by the surface of the container.
The shape was like a medicine bottle that usually sold in convenience stores in my previous life.

After that, I put it in my item box.

『Grade-E Potion・Segilia Grass』

Grade-E, huh…

I don’t know much about potions, but I do know that the potions are divided by grades.

When I patrolled the town with Delica and the others, I saw a shop with potions lined up in the front.
The label of the potion described they were Grade-F potions.

Apparently, what I made was one grade higher than the ones I saw that time.
Well, if the information provided by my item box was correct though.

In the first place, I’ve never tried to find out whether the appraisal function of my item box was legit or not.

But… yeah, maybe it’s legit.
It was a gift from God after all.
Besides, it could even appraise whose used-hot-water in the bathtub after I stored it.

Therefore, this potion was definitely grade-E potion.

On the label of the grade-F potions that I saw at the shop that time, there was a precautionary statement that said it was effective for scratches, hangovers, and fever.

Well, it’s weird that there’s a medicine that works for both injuries and illnesses, but, this is a fantasy world, everything can happen.

By the way, the price of a grade-F potion was 3 silver coins.
It’s quite expensive.

Hmm, I wonder how much a grade-E potion will be.
I’m also curious about the effectiveness.
It will exceed the grade-F one for sure.
…..What should I do to test it?

I should ask Nicola at a time like this, but…
She might get mad at me even more if I wake her up…

Celine seems to know about potions, but she had already left for the Adventurer Guild this early morning and immediately went outside the town to clear the quest.

Oh, right!
Gill used to be a merchant, right?
If potions were also included in the items he sold, I think he maybe knew about potions.

Alright, let’s ask him.

He didn’t come to the vacant lot yesterday, but he rarely didn’t come for two days in a row, so most likely I could meet him today.

It was still early to go to the vacant lot, so I decided to make more potions for a while before going there.



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