Chapter 43 : Making Ointment


The next morning.

I was curious about the flower bed because it was shining last night, so I went to see it.

I looked at the flowerbed closely and found small flowers were blooming on the segilia grasses.
I see. So what was shining faintly last night were these flowers.
No doubt about it.

Maybe because it grew by absorbing mana in the soil?
No… If that’s the case, the magical tomatoes I planted in the vacant lot should have been shining at night too, but I had never heard about it shining from the neighbors.

Or maybe because it was a herb used for making potions, so it had a high affinity with light attribute mana?

Anyway, now that the flowers began to bloom, it seemed that the seed could be harvested soon.

With this, it can be said that segilia grass cultivation is successful. Right?




Another week had passed.

Now I can harvest the seeds, and then sow them on the new flower bed I made.
After that, I harvested the first planted segilia grass.
First, I decided to try to make ointment with this.

I went to the kitchen, grabbed a mortar and a pestle, and then grinded the grass in the corner of the kitchen.
By the way, today Nicola was with me as an advisor.

Gori gori gori gori gori goriー

I kept grinding the segilia grass until the sticky water oozed out from the grass.

「Mark, what are you doing this time?」

Mom curiously looked into the mortar.

「I’m grinding the herbs I planted the other day」

「Ahh~ It’s been a while since you made the flowerbed, but I didn’t know what kind of grass it was. I see, so it was herbs」

Come to think of it, I didn’t tell Mom.
Well, because it would be difficult to explain if she asked when and where I got the herbs.

But now, maybe she won’t ask, so let’s just tell her vaguely.

「Un. I got some herbs, so I tried to cultivate them」

「Hee~ Mark, you can do various things. What a clever son~ So, what is this herb for?」

I stopped my hands after hearing Mom’s question.

Now that she mentioned it, I also didn’t know.
Sister Lina once told me, but I forgot.

『It’s a herb that contains mana, so it’s usually used to heal injuries such as burns, scratches, and abrasions』

Oh! Nice Nicola!

I told Mom what Nicola told me.

「Maa! Then it might be good to keep it in the kitchen. If you make a lot, would you like to share some to Mom?」

It was rarely to happen to Dad, but Mom sometimes got hurt in the kitchen.
At a time like that, I always healed Mom with my recovery magic.
But, considering if she got hurt when I went out, it should be better to have wound medicine ready in the kitchen.

「Of course. But, Mom, please be more careful not to get hurt, okay?」

「Oka~y. Mark is a kind son~」

「Mama~ what about Nicola?」

Nicola hugged Mom, acting like a spoiled daughter.

「Of course, Nicola is also my cute and kind daughter~」

Mom stoked Nicola’s head.

In the meantime, the grinded grass in the mortar turned into a thick green semi-solid substance.

For now, I took it and put it in the item box to appraise it.

『Segilia grass ointment』

It seems it turned into ointment properly.
But, I still didn’t know how effective it would be.

I wanted to see the effect, but I was a little scared to cut my finger to experiment.

When I was thinking like that, Nicola grabbed my arm and shook it.

「Onii-chan, if you’re done with your work, let’s play at the vacant lot~!」

She cutely begged to play with me.

Ahh, I see now.
There might be an opportunity to try this ointment at the vacant lot.

I made a small jar about 5 cm high with earth magic and put the ointment inside.
Then, I put the jar in the item box, and went to the vacant lot with Nicola.

When we arrived at the vacant lot, I saw the usual group of young wives were chatting, and their children were running around in the park space.

While doing my usual magic practice in the field, I watched the situation in the park space.

Among the children who were playing foot race, there was a blonde boy who fell while running.
It was a common sight in the park.

A young wife who noticed it, immediately rushed to the little boy.
But not only the young wife, I also ran toward him.
Nicola followed me from behind.

The little boy held his knee and was about to cry, but because the young wife, his mother, soothed him, he managed to endure it.

「Hello. Are you okay?」

The young wife turned to me.
She looked very young. It looked like she wasn’t yet 20 years old.

In this country, many people get married at a young age, so it was common to have children at such a young age.

「Ara, Mark-chan and Nicola-chan. Look, Ricky. Onii-chan and onee-chan are here. You want to show you are a strong child to them, right?」

Ricky nodded while holding the tears from flowing out.

「You can use this to Ricky-kun. It’s a wound medicine」

I handed the jar of ointment to the young wife.

「Ah, thank you, Mark-chan!」

The young wife unconditionally believed that a mysterious thing given by a child (me) was really a medicine.
Maybe because she recognized me as the owner of the park?

Before applying the ointment, I used water magic to wash the wound.
After that, the young wife gently applied the green-colored ointment to Ricky’s wound.

Surprisingly, it worked immediately.
The blood stopped flowing and the wound began to close.

「….Ah! Mama! It’s not hurt anymore!」

「Maa~ Ricky is really a strong child…… Eh? The wound is healed already!?」

The young wife was surprised. She looked at Ricky’s healed knee with her eyes wide open.

「I made a lot, so do you want one?」

Actually, I only made this one, but I gave her anyway as a thanks for letting me use her son to test the ointment.

I’m sure parents with a child around this age will need something like this.

「So you made this medicine? Mark-chan, you’re really an amazing child…. Well then, I’ll gratefully take it. Thank you, Mark-chan!」

The young wife stroked my head.

Ricky looked at me with an envious gaze.
The young wife who noticed it, immediately stroked Ricky’s head and saidー

「Ricky too, you’re really a strong boy!」

I smiled while looking at them.

Nice. Apparently, the ointment worked very well.
Since it was made from segilia grass, which had better quality than ordinary herbs, I thought it had an effectiveness of high quality product.

Even though I made just by grinding the grass, the effect of ointment was very great.
I wonder how effective a potion, that is made by also injecting light attribute mana, would be.

Curious… but I’m also kind of excited to make it.



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