Chapter 42 : Cucumber


It’s been a few days since I planted the herbs.
Apparently, it grew in my flowerbed without any problems for now.

The soil around the pond at kobold forest, where the herbs were growing, was also containing a lot of mana, so indeed the existence of mana in the soil was important.

I was concerned about the herbs, but I also didn’t forget about the cucumbers and cabbages.
Since I got the seeds from Sister Lina, I also grew them properly.

They grew so fast in the magic field, especially the magical cucumber. It could be harvested in only about 3 days. Twice as fast as the magical tomato.
But to be honest, it’s kinda troublesome having too many cucumbers.

Of course, the taste was delicious, but cucumbers could only be used as a side ingredient for meals.
It seems to be a good snack for drinking alcohol, but our inn didn’t serve alcohol much.
Gill also told me that normally, one cucumber is enough for making meals daily.

Therefore, I decided to share the cucumbers with Sister Lina who gave me the seeds.

On the day of Sunday School, as usual, Nicola and I went to Delica’s house to go to church together, but before going to church, we stopped by the vacant lot.

When we arrived at the vacant lot, Delica muttered.

「……Our hideout is literally hidden now…」

50% of the area in the vacant lot was used for my magical fields, 40% was public park, and 10% was the Wolf Team secret base.
I wanted to say, “Isn’t it what you wanted in a sense?”, but I stopped, because I felt like it would get her in a worse mood.

「B, But, you don’t have to worry, because I won’t expand the field more than this」

「Fuun. Well, okay then. But Mark, eventually, you might be able to build a farm outside the town someday」

「Outside, huh. I heard the land is quite cheap」

「…..Because it’s outside the wall, there’s a risk of being attacked by monsters. That’s why it’s cheap」

Yuuri shyly taught me.

「Well, for now, this is good enough for me. Besides, when I looked at the farmer oji-sans working at the farm, their job seemed really tough. I don’t know if a child like me can do that much」

If I extend it to the level of a farm, I feel that I have to work until the sun goes down.
Well, if I sold the harvest, I might be able to make a living, but as a 6-year-old-child, I want to have a bigger dream.

For now, let’s just think of farming as magic training.

While thinking like that, I picked the cucumbers and put them in a colander.

By the way, there was no one in the park space yet.
Perhaps the young wives who usually bring their childs here were still busy with housework.

When I looked at the park, Delica talked with a loud voice as if she just remembered something.

「Oh, right! Seesaw! My dad said he got a lot of orders!」

Among the playground equipment in the park, there was a seesaw that I made last year.
It was quite difficult for me to make the part that connected the fulcrum and the board with only earth magic, but now, it was a popular playground equipment besides the slide.

Delica’s house was a building store,『Gauche Building Store』, and the owner was Delica’s dad, Gauche.
He heard about this park from Delica and Yuuri, and he once came to visit.
He seemed very interested in the playground equipment I made with earth magic.
After he saw the seesaw I made, he thought for a while and asked me for permission if he could make a seesaw and sell it.

I only made it with earth magic, but, by using wood materials and metal fittings, Delica’s dad might be able to make it as close as the original seesaw from my previous life.
I also didn’t have any particular reason to refuse, so I gave him a yes.

He said he would sell it to wealthy parents with small children who live in a house with a garden.
I’m glad that his business is going well.

「That’s why, my dad said he wanted to thank Mark! But he didn’t know what to give, so he asked me to ask you!」

「Ne, Nee-san… he told you to ask Mark while keeping it a secret…」


Delica hid her mouth with both hands in panic.

Heeー It’s rare to see Delica make such a cute gesture.

「Ahaha, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that」

By the way, I don’t know if I was the first to create a seesaw ever in this world.
In the first place, I don’t know whether seesaw exists in this world or not, but when I asked Gill about the intellectual property rights, he said there was no such thing.
However, Delica’s dad didn’t want to earn money using a child’s idea without permission.
And I can understand why he wanted to thank me. But…

「Hmm… I don’t really want anything right now, so his thank you is enough for me」

『Onii-chan, don’t tell me… in the future, you’re going to say, “I came to collect your debt to me that time! So, give me your daughter Delica!” aren’t you?』

I ignored Nicola’s stupid telepathy.



After filling the colander with the cucumbers, we headed to the church.

Because I wanted to give the cucumbers to Sister Lina before the class started, we parted with Delica and Yuuri at the entrance of the church, and then Nicola and I went to the backyard.

There was a possibility Sister Lina was still at the orphanage, but fortunately, she was watering the field before class started.

「Lina sensei, good morning! I have this for you」

I called her and handed her a colander full of cucumbers.

「Maaー These are nicely grown cucumbers! Thank you, Mark-san!」

Sister Lina received it with a dazzling smile.

After seeing that innocent smile, I wanted kick my own ass when I thought it was kind of a sexual harassment to give a sister cucumbers.
*/ TL : If you know, you know ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Class was about to start, so we parted with Sister Lina and headed to the classroom.

When we entered the classroom, Jack looked at us and raised his hand a little.
I returned it by raising my hand too.

I wonder if Luck scolded him hard after coming back from the forest.
But I’m glad that he didn’t seem to be avoiding us anymore.

After that, Nicola sat at her own seat while I walked toward Lang’s seat.
I told Lang that he didn’t have to bring the herbs anymore because I already got it.

With this, my personal businesses here were done.
Now, all I need to do is enjoy the fun lessons.

After Sunday School was over, as usual, I spent my day at the vacant lot, and then helped Dad and Mom at home.

Before I went to bed, I looked at the flowerbed outside.
It was shining dimly.

I wonder if the glow was from the flowers of segilia grasses.

The glow was very beautiful.



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